My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 66

When Lara Jean saw the envy in the eyes of her classmates, she felt extremelroud inside. In fact, when she went to find Yolanda Lane just now, she was still uncertain about it. After all, she was surprised to see Yolanda when she came to sign the contract last time. Plus, they weren’t closed at all.
However, she did not expect “baller” to ignore her, so she attempted to find Yolanda instead. When she went over, she happened to overhear her on a phone call. She then tentatively asked and Yolanda surprisingly agreed to it. Lara was happy. She paused to think and justified Yolanda’s act with her identity as the tenant of Yolanda’s plaza. She rented a shop in her plaza, why would she not do a favour in return?
If she hadn’t agreed to it, Lara had already thought of stopping the next renxtension. Lara then walked in with Yolanda. Yolanda was wearing a light blue dress, exposing her snow-white calves, looking fresh and attractive. The boys in the class were watching, almost drooling.
“The campus belle Yolanda is the manager here! Since when did Lara become so powerful that she could ask Yolanda over?” Someone asked in surprise.
“Lara opened a store here and she is also one of the tenants of Yolanda’s plaza. It’s not surprising that she would be able to ask her over,” the other student answered.
“I think it’s more likely that Lara knows Yolanda in person. If it wasn’t the case, even if she’s a big shot, Yolanda could have ignored her. Lara is not bad!” Another classmate commented. The students were all talking about it, many of them praised Lara. After all, she wable to call Yolanda over, which solved their problem! The smile on Lara’s face became even happier.
Yolanda walked to the front desk, she only said a few words, the receptionismmediately changed his attitude and said that there was a big private roovailable and would arrange it immediately.
The class monitor and the students in the hall all looked delighted.
“He was tricking us! He just wanted us to spend more on two rooms! If it weren’t for Lara and Yolanda, we would have been deceived.” the class monitor said.
“Yeah, we’ll need to let Lara have the chance to sing a few more songs later.
Without her, we would be tricked.” A student suggested.
“Yes, yes, yes, Lara has made so much contribution today!” a student agreed.
Yvette Jordan nodded to Yolanda. Yolanda was smiling throughout the time, she left immediately after handling thatter.
Lara was satisfied, Yolanda cooperated with her well today. Lara said loudly, “Yolanda, I’ll treat you to dinner another day.”
“No, thank you! That’s what I should do. If you need anything, ring me. You can cale anytime.” Yolanda smiled and looked subconsciously at Chuck Cannon who was at a corner.
Lara was even more proud of herself, the words were satisfying to hear. Yolanda left. The students then gathered around her.
“Wow! Lara, you’re awesome! How did you get so close with Yolanda? You caven order her around!” One of them exclaimed.
“Exactly! Tell us, how does it feel to order the campus belle around?” anothetudent asked.
“I’m sure it’ll be awesome!” Someone answered even before Lara did.
“If you want to know how it feels, you have to know Yolanda first. Lara, you’re so cool!” an answer popped up.
They discussed it noisily. Lara was laughing so hard that her laugh line almost etched into her face. She had never been flattered this way by her classmates. She was very happy in her heart, at least the people she knew were useful.
“Oh yeah Lara, Yolanda was so polite to you. How many stores did you rent?” onf the students asked.
“Yea! Tell us about it, we can support you!” the other student said.
“Just one. The best one at the entrance of the elevator on the first floor. Thenovation will probably start in the next few days,” Lara said.
“We’ll definitely come and show support then!” The classmates said with a smile.
“Wow, the rent must be very expensive, isn’t it?” A student asked.
“It’s just so-so.” Lara shook her head.
“You’re amazing! We are still in school and you are already able to open a store!”
“It’s nothing. I just found a place I liked and opened the store there. There’s nothing much to think about. I just wasn’t being overcautious,” Lara said.
“Lara, share with us some tips. We also want to open a new shop in the future.” her classmate said.
“No problem,” Lara affirmed.
A group of students surrounded Lara and followed the waiter into the private room. They had completely regarded Lara as their idol. Being able to open a store here and ask Yolanda to come and go, how awesome is that?
Chuck smiled while thinking that Lara was interesting. After the classmates had gone inside, Chuck took out his mobile phone and checked his WeChat. It was full of Lara’s texts asking for help. There was another photo sent over, which was very sexy. The photo was sexier and more revealing than before. In accordance with the increasing level of revealing, Lara soon would not be able to keep the last piece olothes on her body. To be honest, seeing the photos of Lara, Chuck was seduced as if he was watching a stripping dance. Her clothes were taken off one by one. In fact, it was a little exciting.
“Don’t you want to go in?” Yvette asked coldly while she walked over.
“Queenie is not yet here. I’ll wait for her.” Chuck replied and quickly put away his cell phone.
Yvette’s expression turned cold. She had just found out Chuck’s WeChat account.
She then wondered whether he was chatting with Queenie Carson and why hadn’t he added her yet.
“Yvette, I…” Chuck wanted to say something, but she already headed inside. So Chuck rushed over and said, “Yvette, I’m sorry. It was…”
“It’s alright. Just wait for your Queenie.” Yvette opened the private room door and went in after finishing her words.
Chuck couldn’t do anything to help and couldn’t understand why Yvette was sngry. And so, he waited. After a while, Queenie ran over. Chuck’s eyes looked a little absent-minded. Queenie was running in a hurry but the act of her gasping at the same time looked delicate and pleasant. And her body had a springy movement. The curve… She really had a good figure but Chuck quickly dispelled the idea. Queenie is a pure-minded girl, he couldn’t bear himself to have such thoughts on her.
“I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” Queenie said gasping with her hand on her chest.
“It’s okay, let’s go in,” Chuck replied.
“OK!” Queenie answered.
Both of them opened the door and entered. Their classmates inside had already started. They sat relaxedly on the couch. The place to make song requests was also packed. They were all preparing to choose their favourite songs.
Chuck also wanted to sing but seeing the queue, he decided to take a seat first.
Yvette and several other classmates were chatting, and she didn’t even want to look at him. He was helpless, he thought, “Wasn’t I just didn’t car-pool with her? I really couldn’t understand why Yvette would ignore me so much.”
Sitting next to him, Queenie’s chest hadn’t stopped heaving yet so Chuck could only look elsewhere.
At this time, a waiter came in with some good quality beer. Since they were altudents, there was not much alcohol order. The rest were some fruit plates, snacks and so on. However, after all these were sent, a secretary pushed a cart in. There were three bottles of red wine on it and a super big fruit platter. There were all kinds of delicious and expensive fruits in it. They were beautifully arranged to colour and looked classy.
“Wow, this is the Emperor Fruit Platter. A waiter recommended it the last time I came. This platter costs 1,000 dollars.” A student said.
“And this red wine seems to be Lafite!” The other student suggested.
Suddenly, there was a lot of discussion going on in the private room. After all, they are students who only had a limited amount of money. Who could afford it? Despite the Emperor Fruit Platter, these three bottles of red wine can cost up to five or six thousand dollars!
The class monitor stood up and the private room quieted down immediately. The monitor frowned and said, “We didn’t order these.”
In his opinion, this must be their tactic in KTV! They really couldn’t afford such an expensive service. He did a rough calculation, he had collected slightly more than 3,000 dollars, and Yvette topped up a thousand, that added up around 4,000 dollars. Having a private room, wine and snacks had lefhem with only a few hundred dollars. They would still have to call a car to go back to school later in the evening. How could they afford these things?
The secretary smiled and left the things.
“Who ordered it?” The monitor was a little unhappy. The secretary put it dowirectly, implying that someone must have ordered it. Who the fuck ordered such an expensive thing? Didn’t he know that the collection only added up slightly more than 4,000 dollars?
“Yeah, who ordered it? It’s too expensive!” another classmate asked furiously.
“It costs a few thousand, isn’t it? We are just students who can’t afford it. Whrdered it? Admit now!” the class monitor scolded.
“I won’t chip in more money. Will 200 dollars even be enough for this? Who ordered it?” another classmate raged.
For a moment, they all looked at each other but no one stepped forward to admit it. Yvette also frowned and sighed. It must be among her classmates who ordered it. It was so expensive… She decided to pay the bill all by herself since no one was ready to stand up.
The secretary smiled slightly and said, “No one ordered it. It’s a treat from our store!”
“What?! A treat?” They were all surprised.
“Why? Does anyone know the KTV’s boss?” A voice came through. The students in the private room were all excited and surprised. The set would cost more than 10,000 dollars. All of a sudden, everyone in the private room was looking at each other again. But this time, they were wondering who knew the boss of the KTV and would be given such a great treat.

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