My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 661

Alice is struggling!
She was particularly desperate. For the first time in this situation, you must know that she believed her friend, so she came here!
But I didn’t expect that I was stabbed by my friend’s back and gave myself something. This is a friend I trust!
Alice struggled, angry, desperate!
She was exhausted and lying on the ground in despair.
The beauty glanced at Alice and said coldly, “Brother, you’re yours, I’m out.”
“Okay, sister, go out soon!!!” The man laughed, his eyes were about to shine.
He has loved this Alice for too long, he has got too many women, but Alice alone, because it is the four major families, the reason for the head of the Luofu family, has never been able to get Alice!
The less he can get, the more he wants to get!
Now that he got it, how could he be willing to waste his time? ?
“Huh, haven’t you seen a woman?” The beauty was angry.
“Sister, you don’t understand. I haven’t gotten her, but now I get it, but I’m satisfied in my heart,” the man laughed.
“Your men are really perverted, I’ll go out,” the beauty walked in with her long legs swaying.
Alice hugged her, desperate, “No, how can you do this to me?”
“That’s right for you? You want to clarify your relationship with me. You are not my friends anymore, so why can’t I treat you like this?” Beauty laughed.
Alice is desperate and desperate, “You jerk!”
“I am an asshole, who called you the head of the Luofu family? I want you to help, so you know, not to mention, my brother is a few years younger than you, you still take advantage of it, I didn’t say you, You are still like this, everyone is a woman, what are you pretending to be?
Although you have been divorced for so many years, but you are divorced, it does not mean that you are missing a man…Now let my brother be with you, it is cheaper for you,” beauty sneered Said.
Alice is angry, she has been single for a long time, but she has never done anything!
Her daughter is so old, or is the head of a family, how can he go to find a man? ?
“Don’t pretend!” The beauty kicked Alice.
Swayed his long legs and walked in.
Alice is desperate!
The man smiled slightly, “Alice, I like you for a long, long time, and today, I will…”
“Dare to touch me, I will kill you, and I will kill you!!!” Alice said hoarsely, keeping her last sober.
This voice used her strength!
“Kill me? Haha, you are with me, this is your handle, and you still want to kill me? Do you want the world to see what you Alice looks like? Haha!!!” The man laughed.
“I will kill you, I will!”
“Haha, haha!” The man threw himself.
Alice closed her tired eyes in despair, tears of despair came out, cold, desperate…
Alice thinks about it, absolutely kill this person!
But she wanted to cry, especially wanted to cry!
But no, even if this is the case, be strong! !
She wept!
In despair, she suddenly heard the door kicked open, and then a familiar and annoying voice,
“Alice, you, why are you here?”
In a flash, the desperate Alice froze, was he? !
He was stunned and then angry!
What is he angry about?
Is it for yourself? ?
How is it possible that he has something to make him angry?
However, his expression is angry!
Alice froze, remembering this face rushing in her head, angry face for herself!
In despair, this person brought her a new light of hope, her. . Moving!
“C! Who are you? Get out!!” The man was angry!
A good thing is about to happen, and was disturbed by a kid, he was so angry! !
Chuck saw Alice, he was instinctively angry, men want women, but why use such a method? ?
Sure enough, he thought he was right. The people of the Ok family wanted to win over the Luofu family, but Chuck didn’t expect it. This method was actually used!
Chuck’s fists clenched!
Fight hard, uh, hit it with one punch!
“Damn it! Seeking to death, Lao Tzu is the young master of the Ok family, do you dare to do it with me?” The man was irritated and sneered with a punch!
Karen li knows, what has the Ok family been studying?
Study the limits of people, also study the kind of serum people.
However, with the current technology, it is impossible to study serum, but a anaesthetic has been developed to numb people’s pain.
As a young master, he also has this enhancement!
The pain has disappeared a little, then it means that the ability of people to fight against resistance will increase linearly! !
Seeing Chuck suddenly coming over, he sneered and greeted Chuck with his legs raised!
Wow lala, Chuck and him were together!
The black roses who rushed in together were stunned. On the ground was the head of the Luofu family, Alice. She knew that in this case, something was dropped? ?
The black rose is also a woman. Seeing this scene, the fire is at its extreme! !
She rushed angrily, “Chuck, I will deal with this person, you take Alice to the hospital!!”
Chuck is indifferent. According to his fighting skills, this man is not Chuck’s opponent at all.
After all, Chuck now has Karen li’s true fighting story!
It’s easy to beat him, but it seems he doesn’t feel pain!
Chuck, this is an accident! !
“Why doesn’t he seem to have pain, and doesn’t know the pain?” Chuck asked. Black Rose has been in the market for so many years and must know something!
“The Ouke family has a researcher-strengthening serum, but it has not been successful. It has only been studied. It can paralyze pain. It is similar to an anesthetic, but the difference is that it can be maintained for a long time! I will deal with this person. You take Alice to the hospital.
Alright! Or wait for me in the car!” Black Rose explained.
Chuck thought for three seconds, Black Rose is stronger than himself, so don’t delay the time, Chuck nodded, hugged the young woman and ran out? !
The man was so annoyed that this fat flew to his mouth!
“Black rose, you are really kind. At that time, I paid 50 million to let you protect me. You don’t want to do it. Now this is to protect this kid?” the man said angrily.
“You are shameless! Protecting him is ten thousand times better than protecting you!” Black Rose said coldly.
Although Chuck is annoying, it is at least respectful of women!
It will not be used by women for this kind of tricks!
Black Rose hates these!
“Huh, you’ve delayed my big event, get away, did you hear that!” The man rushed in exasperation.
Today, I want to force Alice to deal with Karen li together for her own family. But unexpectedly, it was actually destroyed by the black rose! brush! !
The man punched violently, and the black rose was indifferent. “Don’t look down on women!”
The black rose was irritated, so annoying!
Originally she was in a bad mood, and she still sees someone treat her so badly, she is really upset! !
“You are dead!” The man’s fists burst!
Against the crazy attack of Black Rose, he did not know the pain, and Black Rose could not bear it! !
Black Rose took out his dagger indifferently and attacked the past…

“Alice, are you okay? I will take you to the hospital.” Chuck said busy. At this time, Alice was already the same as Fo Tan. Chuck knew that she was really unconscious.
“No, don’t take me to the hospital, someone else knows about me,” Alice was still awake.
Chucksi came and went, “So send you home?”
“No, you can take me to a place, can you?” Alice’s eyes were confused. At this time, Chuck held her.
She suddenly felt that this man is very masculine!
She has been single for so long, and no one has walked into her heart, but now, what does she say.
Chuck rushed in when she was desperate, gave her hope, and gave her a touch that she had not felt for a long time!
Perhaps, women all have heroic plots to save beauty!
She is particularly confused, why is this so? Is it the reason you just drank?
“Well, then I will take you to a hotel and let you rest…” Chuck thought that the young woman was afraid that Emily would see it, so she proposed to find a place outside.
Chuck opened the car door, took her in, and when she came out to drive, Alice held Chuck to prevent Chuck from leaving. Her eyes were very confused and Chuck was stunned…

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