My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 664

Emily was particularly stunned. Why did her mother Alice mumble? ?
“Mom, why are you talking to him? Why are you suddenly going to treat him?” Emily didn’t understand.
Even if it is a partner, her mother must hate Chuck! !
Because at that time, Chuck almost made a non-divided request to his mother!
She knew that her mother must hate Chuck in her heart, but she had to co-operate with Chuck.
“No, I didn’t say that just now? He is your life-saving benefactor.” Alice shook her head, not feeling confident.
“But, Mom, he said on Amazon that he was going to sleep in my face…” Emily reminded.
What happened to your mother? ?
Today is not right.
She couldn’t see what was wrong.
“Emily, don’t say it, is it okay? Chuck is my partner, he has potential! So, I changed him,” Alice touched her daughter’s hair.
“He…” Emily pouted, “What potential does he have?”
But she said that, but she knew the potential of Chuck!
At that time, she locked Chuck, and ordinary people had already collapsed, but Chuck was so forgiving, and she still caught herself and escaped into the deep forest with that kind of head injury.
Chuck is expressionless in that horrible forest! !
This is simply not what the average person can do.
“Okay, Mom, I won’t say anything, even if I fight him, I won’t do anything,” Emily smiled slightly, and she agreed.
“Well,” Alice was relieved. There was a voice in her heart that made her want to ask a little question.
“Daughter,” Alice arranged Emily’s hair.
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Emily was stunned. Her mother rarely did this!
It seems very dazed.
“It’s okay, I just want to ask you, can you accept that I have a man?” Alice couldn’t actually ask herself.
She felt guilty about Chuck in her heart, because it was her Chinese medicine, and then pulled Chuck to hold it. At the age of more than ten years, Chuck and Chuck had something that should not happen at all.
This is too big for her to hold back.
Not to mention, in front of his daughter.
“Mom, do you have a boyfriend?” Emily was surprised.
Of course she can accept it! !
She saw it at a very young age. Since the divorce, Alice has been a lonely person every day, and she can’t bear to be a daughter.
Because Alice is perfectly maintained, so beautiful, how can no man like it? As long as you like, people who like Alice are really going to go to the moon.
Rich, good figure! The charm is particularly good, is this what men like?
But Alice has always rejected!
Still that kind of special exclusion! !
As a daughter, she didn’t want to see Alice as lonely before. She had tried it carefully and introduced Alice to a few high-quality American men!
But Alice refused directly!
She can’t help it! !
Now, Alice is suddenly encountering true love?
She is really happy for her mother.
“No, no, I and he are just…” Alice was at a loss, thinking of when she was with Chuck.
“Just what?” Emily was excited to die.
“Nothing, then did you accept it?” Alice was very sad in her heart. Why did she ask this question? ?
“Accept. Of course. Accept, Mom, when will you bring him over to meet me?” Emily couldn’t wait to say her thoughts.
From the perspective of her mother Alice, she can make Alice like it. It must be the American, and it is the kind of good quality American man who is about to become extinct.
It must be like this.
How does Alice answer? ? Chuck must not have been here recently.
What’s more, even if she came, she dared not “introduce Emily!!!”
“Mom, why don’t you talk? Do you want to surprise me? Are you already secretly married?”
Emily asked expectingly.
“Of course not, I just talk to you casually.” Alice shook her head quickly.
Marry Chuck? ?
This is simply impossible, and she doesn’t expect too much. At this age, she only needs a heartwarming comfort. She doesn’t need any other marriage certificate.
Besides, she didn’t dare to ask, which would hurt Chuck.
Being able to be together occasionally, Alice already felt very satisfied, but it should be impossible, because when Chuck was leaving, he felt so guilty about Yvette…
Under such circumstances, how could Chuck come to find himself?
“Don’t tell me why?” Emily was anxious.
“Really speaking, I’m going to rest, and you go back to the room,” Alice said seriously.
“Okay, but if you really have someone you like, you must tell yourself!”
“Yes,” Alice was stunned herself. like?
No, it’s temporarily out of the question.
It should be said that it was an accidental encounter, and then, as the second man, he walked into Alice’s dusty heart without the thought of both of them.
Emily can only go back to the room. Alice was stunned for a long time, and finally sighed, “This is destiny…”

The Ok family is so stunned that two of his family are actually dead? What’s happening here? ?
What did the Luofu family do?
When they were shocked and annoyed, suddenly one thing, a meteor flew over at night, and…
A mushroom cloud was born not far from their home…
Numerous deaths and injuries were caused by the Ok family. !
Immediately check who did it!

Karen li was in the room and suddenly felt the ground vibrate. She was stunned. What happened?
She is actually preparing to go to the Oak family, first of all to control the serum laboratory of the Oak family, which is to accept and strengthen her strength!
But before she set off, she felt the earthquake.
When she was stunned, she called Betty and asked what happened.
After a while, Betty also came a little bit stunned.
“Mr. Li…” Betty stunned.
“What happened just now? This kind of vibration is not an earthquake, and I haven’t heard of an earthquake nearby, then…” Karen li said here, she also thought of a place, according to her previous experience! !
“Bomb, a place in the Oak family suddenly exploded just now!” Betty was shocked when she heard the news!
Why is this happening? It doesn’t make sense!
Now people in the whole country know that Karen li is fighting with the Ouke family!
Even some people were shocked by Karen li’s hidden strength. After all, the Ouke family is one of the four major families in the world. Now, Karen li, who was kicked out by the Li family, has been defeated. This is daunting! !
“Who did it?” Karen li took a breath. She thought about it just now, and only a bomb can cause such a shock.
“In terms of shock, the bomb should be a V-bomb of the Luofu family,” Betty felt even more shocked.
When she analyzed it just now, she thought it was a mistake. Why did the people of the Luofu family throw this thing to the Ok family? !
This is not a complete reversal with the Oak family. Torn the face? ?
The reason why Betty is like this is because when Karen li dealt with the Ok family, the Luofu family has always been neutral, but suddenly changed his mind. This is really something that Betty, including Karen li, did not expect. why! ?
“Alice?” Karen li stunned, “Why?”
“I don’t know, but according to the shock just now, it should be the Luofu family,” Betty was puzzled.
Karen li’s eyes are blinking, why?
“Will it be the cause of the young master?? After all, the young master cooperated with her, and it seems that she is willing to cooperate with the young master,” Betty said what she wanted.
“It should not be, even if Ceer and she are cooperating, it is a secret cooperation, and it will not be revealed. How can this make Alice openly do things with the Ok family?” Karen li felt impossible!
What’s more, the relationship between Chuck and Alice was already bad, she knew.
So it is even more impossible.
So what caused Alice to do this suddenly? why?
Karen li questioned to the extreme! !

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