My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 667

This night is destined to be uneven A place in the Ok family was given a gift, and less than half an hour, everyone in the country knew Shock Yes, the Americans were shocked, Karen li was playing the Ouke family, they shocked Karen li’s strength But I didn’t expect that at this juncture, someone suddenly intervened.
Who did it The entire American people who know this matter are wondering who this “giving gift” is to the Ok family But few people know There was a lot of talk, and even long talks throughout the night, because this sudden news was really awesome What is the end of the Oak family?
Compared to the Americans who are curious, the people of the Ok family are already excited Because they are ready to release the research results of the Ok family, those are all beasts without pain.
These are dead They were all taken out of the laboratory. They had muscles like steel, even skinless frogs, and they were so scary.
These people are mercenaries who are lunatics who killed people before Everyone in the Ok family bought their lives for 10 million dollars I have been studied by the Ok family for the rest of my life and listen to any instructions from the Ok family They feel the physical changes, which is a powerful These are the excitement of murderous lunatics There is no pain, then they are steel, they are killing machines, any fighting master is dead The people of the Ok family saw the research results of their family and they were excited When these people let go, Karen li’s family will die.
“Although I don’t want others to know about the research results of our Ok family, but this is the point.
The owner of the Ok family murmured to himself, and soon he shot coldly coldly, “You guys listen, I want to let Karen li, her son, and all the family die.”
“Rest assured we know how to do it, Karen li, we have long wanted to kill” These people, led by a strong bald head His eyes are as sharp as the tip of a knife Yes Karen li is now the world’s second-ranked combat master, killing her, then this is a kind of satisfaction
“Good to wait for your triumphant return” The people of the Oak family were excited.
“Bring Karen li’s head back”
“Damn, I want to see her head, let the world know, what is the end of dare to beat me Oke family”
The people of the Oak family sneered.
These painless subjects nodded and smiled coldly, it would be easy
“Go,” the head of the Ok family commanded indifferently
“Yes go”
Lead the bald head, raise your hand, the people behind follow, go out The car has been parked outside, now they just need to hurry up and drive Karen li The cold laughter echoed in the large hall of the Ok family, the people of the Ok family laughed, and these murderous machines laughed. why Because after going out, as long as Karen li is found, then Karen li will definitely die.
Haha But at the moment when the laughter sounded, a slight noise came from somewhere.
Then it’s so quiet The cold smiles of the Ok family stop These painless killing machines that had just arrived at the door stopped, and a person touched his forehead subconsciously, as if feeling a mosquito bite.
There was a trace of tingling.
Hey, why is there water running down?
Still red I can’t see it.
When this man was puzzled, he suddenly felt powerless and fell to the ground, convulsing like an electric shock I want to get up, but I don’t have the energy to climb up, my eyes are heavy, my things are blurred, my brain is blank, he didn’t move anymore Suddenly Shocked by other killing machines This motionless person has a lot of blood flowing out of his head Dead The pungent bloody smell permeated the huge hall.
This taste tells people at the scene that someone is dead
“Damn, someone fired, someone fired” a robust killing machine roared Peng This man’s voice just fell The sound just sounded again, everyone heard clearly this time, this is the sound of pulling the trigger A bullet came over Got into this person’s eyebrows and shot directly He touched his head, why did his eyes turn red? what happened
“Ah, I was shot, I was shot”
The man screamed in fear, fell to the ground, and suddenly fell in a pool of blood, twitching, twitching, and still not moving
“IC has a sniper”
The headed bald head was angry, and immediately yelled, everyone immediately looked for cover There are still sneers on the faces of the Ok family, and they are all terrified.
This is my own home, copper walls and iron walls Actually a sniper came in his bodyguards, but he has not found Are your bodyguards dead?
What’s happening here
“Cover, cover” bald roar Peng A bullet came over But the shot deviated Bald sneer, “Who are you, who is she?”
Outside, no one answered But there was a sound of pulling the trigger Peng The bullet fired and hit a cover-up killing machine head Headshot Cracked watermelon The owner of the Ok family is angry and kills in his own home Who
“Who the hell are you bodyguards, bodyguards, are you all dead?” The head of the Ok family was deafening, and he was growling
However, at this time, the out-of-date screams suddenly sounded outside All the Oak family were stunned Because this screaming voice is the voice of the captain of the Ouke Guard Actually, screaming, this is dead The captain is dead, then it means that the others, in silence, are dead How is this possible They were shocked The headed bald head is angry, “Damn, let me know who you are, you must take your skin off”
Too angry to be forgiven The sound of pulling the trigger continued, Peng A minute passed, and the killing machine that the Ok family was proud of, five people, were shot with a headshot This person has today, the money the Ok family spends on them, but it starts from hundreds of millions of dollars Now it was solved by a bullet Ouke family head was furious, “Who the hell are you?”
“You do not know who I am”
Outside, this is a particularly soft voice.
“Karen li, you are Karen li”
Oke family head shocked The rest of the Oak family was stunned, their jaws falling off.
They just prepared to call the killing machine to kill Karen li, but how could they think that Karen li actually came to the door at this time?
Shaved head is also dumbfounded This Karen li’s marksmanship is too accurate She is looking for death
“Karen li, you’re looking for death” the head of the Ouke family snarled
“No, it’s you who killed you. The bomb just made you panic. Then I have to seize this opportunity so that you don’t panic. Knowing what to do if you don’t panic is particularly simple.
I will send you a bullet and lie down. Then you won’t panic”
Yes Karen li came here all night Her assassination is unmatched Among thousands of people, coming in, for her Karen li, it just took a little more time.
“Kill, this Karen li is outside, kill me, who killed this Karen li, I will give him 10 billion” the owner snarled roaringly He is hoarse Shaved head excited, 10 billion Haha, then it’s too easy to make this money He took a sniper rifle and confronted Karen li outside But he was quick and frowned, because Karen li was hiding so well Peng It was the sound of pulling the trigger again, and someone fell in response.
One minute later, the bald head had not yet found out where Karen li was hiding, and the three murder machines lay in the pool of blood Bald head angry
“Damn, there’s a kind of heads-up, see if I don’t tear your skin”
In this way, Karen li, who is like a god of fire, will kill all the killing machines. They have no pain, but there is no more pain. The bullet hits the body, or the head, then it is a dead one.
He was forcing Karen li out, but the sound of pulling the trigger rang again

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