My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 672

Chuck wants to call, and the boss behind the scenes shakes his head to stop, “Don’t fight first, this time, in fact, you don’t necessarily have to catch him and act by chance. In case you find a handle for You Tianle, threaten him more than catch him. , More effective!”
This is what the boss behind the scene had just thought of. She just analyzed it carefully and found that she still underestimated the hidden family. The bodyguard around You Tianle, her people may not be able to solve it.
Therefore, it is better to be cautious! !
Chuck thought, okay! Just listen to her.
Chuck didn’t make this call, but You Tianle suddenly came out. Who is this to see? !
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“Then let’s go now,” Chuck couldn’t wait to go.
To take the initiative, it is indeed necessary to take the initiative!
“What’s the hurry? You just made me angry,” the boss behind the scene hummed.
Chuck was speechless, “Well, why are you not angry?”
To be honest, the accident with Alice last time made Chuck afraid and even resisted being with other women.
What’s more, Chuck still feels that the boss behind the scene is still deliberately teasing himself.
After all, she is such a woman, who can make her really like it? ?
She is different from Yvette. Yvette is particularly loyal, and she often goes out to play.
This difference is obvious! !
“What do you say?” The behind-the-scenes boss smiled charmingly, with all kinds of styles.
Chucksi came and went, and said seriously, “I will not be tempted!”
“Go to death!” The behind-the-scenes boss patted Chuck’s forehead. This heavy weight, Chuck yelled, and the boss disappeared behind the scenes, rubbing his forehead for Chuck, “Little lover, why don’t you talk this time Alright?”
Chuck was speechless.
“Okay, you don’t like me. Forget it, forget it,” the boss behind the scene took a drink and Chuck coughed. “Sister, don’t make trouble, okay?”
“Who made trouble with you? Really, really, I want to hit you, but don’t want to hit you, be good, I will let you hug again, this time I will not ask about your heartbeat,” the boss behind the scene is serious Commanded.
Chuck couldn’t refuse, he was obedient.
“Sister, you seem to be fat,” Chuck said truthfully.
“Go to hell!”
The boss behind the scene struggled angrily, patting Chuck’s forehead, but when it was about to be photographed, she was reluctant, she hummed, “Go, now go and see.”
Chucksong said, “Sister, although I don’t like you, I still listen to you.”
“Listen to a fart, too obedient, I hate to know? Let you hug me, you really hug?” The boss behind the scene glared at Chuck.
Chuck was speechless.
He coaxed the boss behind the scenes before she agreed to come out.
Chuck called Black Rose.
“What are you doing?” Black Rose’s voice was cold.
Why have you been doing this for so long?
Black Rose just waited for irritability.
“I’m going to a place with her.” Chuck said truthfully, after all, Black Rose protects herself.
“You just go and tell me what to do? Are you worried that I am not following you, right? Rest assured, I will follow!!” Black Rose was exasperated.
“No, where did I go to visit Tianle?”
The angry black rose was stunned, “How do you know You Tianle?”
Chuck didn’t say much. He said that the boss behind the scene saw You Tianle.
“This will not work. You must tell your mother Karen li. The people around You Tianle are absolutely great. Don’t take risks!” Black Rose never took it seriously! !
After she was subdued by Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard last time, she realized how terrifying the bodyguard of the secret family was.
Therefore, Karen li was not present, and Black Rose absolutely disagreed with Chuck.
“But I also have to exercise myself!” Chuck now has a few bombs in his hand, and his fighting strength has also improved a lot compared to when he was at home.
Chuck is self-confident, but definitely knows himself.
Growth is to improve in danger. At the very least, Chuck feels it himself. After experiencing the desperate situation of the wanderer last time, Chuck felt that his strength was beyond ordinary.
It’s really not close to death, and I don’t know how much potential I have.
“Chuck, exercise, I won’t say you, but if life is safe, if you die, what else do you exercise?” The black rose’s voice was not cold, and it actually softened a little, to say the same thing.
“Well, then you told my mother that this matter is good, I am going with the boss behind the scene now,” Chuck compromised, and Black Rose was right.
It’s better to talk to my mom. At least if you can’t solve it, you can do it anymore. Otherwise, there is only one life. If you die, you’ll be gone.
“it is good.”
“and many more,”
“What else?”
“You told me so much, did you care about me?” Chuck asked.
“Caring about you? Do you think there is something wrong with my brain?” The black rose was irritated.
“Ah,” Chuck was busy hanging up the phone. Yes, the indifferent woman like Black Rose, who was able to protect herself, also completely looked at his mother’s face.
If one day surpassed her, she would definitely leave without hesitation.
How can she care about herself in this situation?
I’m thinking about it myself! !
But to put it this way, Chuck’s picture is a bit strange, that is, the last time she saw a photo of black roses, she…
Well, what are you thinking about!
Chuck took the car behind the boss, but the boss drove, and Chuck didn’t dare to look at her.
After all, she was pretty.
Here, the black rose immediately called Karen li and said this, Karen li certainly agreed and said to come over immediately.
Black Rose felt at ease now, snorted, and drove to keep up. Of course, if she knew, she forced Chuck to think of her picture just now, and she would run away immediately! ! after all. . It’s been a long time since I got along with Chuck. Chuck didn’t mention that matter.
Black Rose himself forgot his picture. He was seen by Chuck…

Luxurious room!
You Tianle is waiting, who is he waiting for?
Wan Ziwen! !
The door opened and Wan Ziwen came in.
You Tianle smiled slightly, “Please sit down.”
“What are you going to do?” Wan Ziwen asked indifferently.
The way she came up with was to force Chuck into desperation, then Chuck would beg for herself, after all, she felt that the last failure was to give Chuck not enough despair at that time! !
“This is confidential, but Miss Wan Da asked me to meet, I am very happy, do you want a meal?
Together?” You Tianle invited with a smile.
Wan Ziwen frowned, “I don’t want to hear that again.”
You Tianle was annoyed in her heart, but she could only hold back her anger, because the strength of Wanjia was really better than that of Youjia.
“You let me come, it seems that you really like that Chuck!” You Tianle is very unhappy!
What does Chuck have? ?
Wan Ziwen, who could not get himself, liked him.
You Tianle is jealous, why? ?
Seeing the perfect Wan Ziwen, You Tianle is envious of jealousy and hate!
Such a woman should get it by herself, Chuck’s rubbish, also worthy? ?
“Yes, I am in love with him. In the future, he will be my man, and will change his surname Wan!” Wan Ziwen said indifferently.
You Tianle snorted, “Huh, then he was really shit, you let me come over, wouldn’t you let him go? You also saw what he did in my home, let me travel home with majesty Lose, Chuck, absolutely dead!”
“He can’t die, because he will be my man, my words are not clear enough?” Wan Ziwen’s voice was cold.
“What are you doing? Tell me to let him go?” You Tianle was furious! !
“I don’t want him to die!” Wan Ziwen said, sitting lazily on the sofa.
“What do you mean? What the hell do you want to say?” You Tianle was annoyed, but he suddenly understood, sneered. “Oh, I understand, do you want me to make a whole strategy, right? Then you come out to save him?” ”
“Wrong! I will not save him, he will beg me, please understand?” Wan Ziwen said indifferently.
You Tianle was stunned, “Got it.”
“It’s up to you, you should know how to do it.” Wan Ziwen was not interested in staying.
Get up straight and go outside.
“Wan Ziwen, are you worth this? He is just rubbish, not worthy of you!!!” You Tianle said jealously.
“He’s not garbage, it’s my Wan Ziwen’s man,” Wan Ziwen was suddenly indifferent again.

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