My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 677

Karen li feels that it is no problem to do this, but it is difficult to control how many people are killed. This is a problem!
Therefore, Karen li feels, don’t do this for now.
“Cer, you can do that, but there are others?” Karen li asked.
Chuck thought again, “Uh, mom, I can’t think of it.”
“Well, in this way, don’t you have the handle of You Tianle? You are like this…” Karen li’s voice was low, and Chuck was shocked after hearing it!
Sure enough, my mother’s ideas are much more mature than yourself, and you still have to learn more! !
“En!” Chuck nodded.
Karen li didn’t say much, just looked at You Tianle, who begged, and narrowed her eyes.
“You can let me do anything, don’t kill me.” You Tianle is desperate, Karen li is too strong, the bodyguard she trusts so often, in front of Karen li, it is so vulnerable!
Chuck shrugged, “Why would I kill you? Waiting for my good news, right, don’t expect to ask me for a mobile phone, because, after I go back, I will copy the video in my hand, and then copy it, If you intimidate me, I might copy it to your family member’s mobile phone, so don’t blame me then!”
“No, don’t do that!!” You Tianle feared.
This is what he is most afraid of. Thousands of people must be pointed out by the people in the family! ?
“Just don’t, then you continue, we won’t disturb, remember that the phone is turned on at any time, I will contact you, if you don’t turn on, then I can only hit your home, then don’t blame me… “Chuck said.
“Relax, absolutely boot, as long as you don’t show things to the people in my house, let them know, I will listen to you everything,” You Tianle said in a panic.
“Remember what you said, then you continue.” Chuck shrugged and walked outside.
Karen li, the boss behind the scene, and the black rose went out.
Only the wailing three bodyguards, the desperate Yu Tianle, and the crying and fearful woman were left in the room. “Tianle, you took the phone back, let the people in your family know, we are dead!”
The woman was scared and her makeup was crying.
Snapped! !
You Tianle slaps her face in exasperation, and the woman screams and falls to the ground.
“Shut up, after you go back to me, be honest. If you show a little bit of trouble, I’ll die for the first time!” You Tianle said.
The woman nodded in horror and panicked. How dare she speak?
“Chuck, Chuck! You Tianle was overshadowed by you!” You Tianle is full of regret. What does Chuck want to do?
He was uneasy.
The wailing of several bodyguards made him think more and more angry. He took two wine bottles and crashed on the heads of two bodyguards.
“Waste, you all die!”
You Tianle perverted into a terrible roar. She was angry just now. At this time, he was going to get back on these three people.
The two bodyguards covered their heads and didn’t dare to resist. The screams were more than that. The woman was more frightened. Why would she be seduced by a perverted person like You Tianle? ?
She fell into regret…

Chuck was waiting in the car. At this time, he had arrived at the boss’s house behind the scenes.
Mom and the boss behind the scene are talking, while Chuck and Black Rose are waiting in the car.
“Isn’t you injured just now?” Chuck asked.
Black Rose’s face is not very good, after all, he just led so many people out, and some of them will be hurt a little!
It’s just that the black rose was silent, didn’t say it, she was used to it.
When I was alone, I was used to nobody caring.
So she wouldn’t reveal these at all.
“No.” Black Rose was indifferent.
“Why not? You look at your hand, it’s not natural, is it hit?” Chuck cares.
“No,…hey, what are you doing? Chuck, do you believe me shot you?” Black Rose was annoyed and Chuck was actually checking his arm.
Yes, because of too many people, Black Rose was punched by a person’s fist and hit her shoulder. At this time, she had no consciousness on her shoulder.
Chuck touched, and Black Rose’s eyes were beating, and she was hurt.
“Don’t move,” Chuck said.
He wouldn’t do anything else. Seeing that Black Rose was hit on the shoulder, then rubbing it, activating blood and dissipating blood stasis, these policies still understood.
At least the black rose will not be so uncomfortable!
“You are far away from me, otherwise I will shoot you!” Black Rose was angry.
“I’m good to kill, I don’t mean anything else, just to press you and make you feel better.” Chuck didn’t stop even if he was pointed at by the gun, because Chuck knew that Black Rose wouldn’t shoot.
“You!” Black Rose was furious, and she couldn’t shoot!
But Chuck! Actually! !
She was angry.
“Oh, I got a punch here, right? Forbear me, I will help you to promote blood circulation and blood stasis,” Chuck seriously found the red swelling on Black Rose’s arm. This punch is very heavy!
Before Logan taught Chuck’s basic rescue methods, Chuck handled Loganjiao’s treatment.
“You, pain, lightly! Would you do it, don’t torture me!!” Black Rose was annoyed, Chuck, where is blood circulation and blood stasis, it is simply torture, take the place where you are injured, and pinch the soft persimmon? !
“Yes, you bear with it, are you afraid of pain?” Chuck said.
Black Rose’s beautiful blue eyes widened and she gritted her teeth. “I’m not afraid of pain.”
“Isn’t that enough? I will deal with it for you soon.” Chuck continued to deal with it, and the injury was still serious.
Black Rose closed his eyes and endured, this bastard!
Did you use yourself as a test product? !
How long will it take to die? !

“You…” Karen li was outside the car. She wanted to ask the boss behind the scenes something.
“What are you? I went back to bed,” the behind-the-scenes boss didn’t want to say much and went straight into his house.
“Wait, thank you.” Karen li said.
Behind the scene, the boss was stunned and turned back. “Why thank me?! This is not your character!”
“My character, you haven’t understood it for a long time. It’s your reason for Ceer to catch You Tianle this time, so thank you.” Karen li looked serious.
The boss behind the scene was silent for three seconds, “No!”
“Wait, what are you doing so urgently? I still have something to say.” Karen li came over.
“Then you say!” the boss snorted.
“The bomb, you gave it to Ceer?” Karen li asked.
This important thing, the boss behind the scene actually gave Chuck. .
“Yes, I gave it, I like to give it to him, will it work?” The boss behind the scene is angry, what is this, question?
Why did Karen li question me? !
“Well, then I hope you just like to give him, and not for other reasons.” Karen li is meaningful.
The boss behind the scene was annoyed and understood Karen li’s meaning. This was to remind himself not to pay attention to Chuck.
“What if I have other reasons?” The boss behind the scene was angry.
“Yes, that is your business. I have no right to interfere with you, but I can interfere with my son.”
Karen li was serious this time.
Does the boss really mean something to Chuck? is it possible? !
“How do you interfere? Beat him? Scold him? Or don’t let him come out? If you do this, I will never finish with you!!!” The boss behind the scene was angry.
“I won’t beat him, I will not scold him, and I won’t even shut him. I need to tell him this, he will know how to do it, so…” Karen li stopped.
“Stop, I know!” The boss behind the scene looked cold.
Karen li was stunned. There was a strange look in her eyes. She was quiet for three seconds.
“You, the real countermeasure, have… thought? Are you serious?”
“I’m not serious, what is your business?” The boss behind the scene was angry and went home.
Karen li froze for three seconds and smiled bitterly, “Of course it has something to do with me…”
Karen li looked back and saw that Chuck was treating the wound of the black rose. Karen li was helpless. “This child is unintentionally good to others, but he doesn’t know that he wants to control the distance…”
She didn’t know whether it was joy or worry, she could only sigh.
“Okay, isn’t it painful now?” Chuck breathed a sigh of relief.
“Nice, tortured by you.” Black Rose groaned.
Chuck was speechless and didn’t explain much, “I tried my best…”
“You did your best just now,” the Black Rose pointed out. If you don’t do your best, you will hurt yourself so much? !
Chuck smiled wryly.
At this time, the mother came back, Chuck asked, “Mom, what did you tell her?”
“Nothing, go back first.” Karen li didn’t say much, and drove back.
Chuck didn’t ask much, Black Rose said nothing.
In the house!
The behind-the-scenes boss saw Chuck leaving through the window. Her eyes were sad, and Karen li’s reminder let her know the shame!
I also felt that it wouldn’t work like this, but I finally had someone I liked!
How did that happen? !
Behind the scene, the boss is absent-minded and can’t sleep at all, only drinking boring…

After returning home, Chuck went to Yvette’s room, where Black Rose rested.
Protect Chuck at any time.
In fact, Chuck wants to ask his mother, now that you have the handle of You Tianle, how high is the possibility of dealing with Youjia?
Anyway, after thinking about it for a few days, Chuck made a decision. If you really can’t deal with Youjia, then you have to find Wan Ziwen yourself.
After all, you can’t hurt your family!
People can’t just live for themselves! There are many people around you who care about yourself, and you have to think about these people!
But Chuck didn’t ask this question, because the mother was very worried.
As for the things that let You Tianle do things, the mother will tell herself how to do it, and Chuck is not in a hurry.
Anyway, Chuck also thinks that Youjia will have a big move recently? !
Chuck sighed and took a look at Logan while he came out to drink. He saw Logan resting quietly. He also felt at ease and went back to the room, embracing Yvette and fell asleep.
On the second day, Chuck exercised when he got up, but Yvette was obviously absent-minded, and she went out to deal with the things in her house.
After exercising well in the morning, Chuck received a call from Du Peixin, saying that the decoration was over there, and wanted to let Chuck look over.
Chuck said that she had no time to let her handle it.
The casino side will open soon if it is quick, and at that time, the opening ceremony will be greatly held! ! Let all Americans know that there is a new casino to open!
Chuck’s answer made Du Pei happy and worked harder on the decoration of the casino.
Chuck’s consideration of the casino is only after the decoration is completed, and it is enough to choose a good day to open.
Yvette went out. After Chuck worked out, he went to see Logan and found that Logan was a lot better. Chuck wanted to take her out to relax. After all, Logan held her in the ward for a long time, and she should have gone out for a walk.
Logan didn’t refuse, she smiled and agreed, she was actually much better.
Also look forward to getting along with Chuck.
Of course, when Yvette is not present, if Yvette is present, she will definitely keep her distance from Chuck.
Chuck brought Logan out. In fact, after Logan recovered, the kind of smile that appeared before appeared again. Chuck felt comfortable and wanted to stay with Logan.
It’s just a pity that now you are about to deal with Youjia, and may be defeated, and you may even marry Wan Ziwen. Therefore, Chuck’s mood is very heavy? !
That’s fine, but Chuck didn’t go anywhere else, so he went to the decorated casino to take a look.
By the way, let’s see what happened!
After all, Chuck still has great expectations for this casino? !
Logan certainly won’t refuse, “En, Ceer, wherever you say we will go.”
Chuck shrugged and drove Logan.
Black Rose still followed, expressionless, wherever Chuck went, she followed, but she looked at her arm beautifully, after last night, it really didn’t hurt, Black Rose muttered, “So try my best, it hurts me To die, you deliberately! Hum!”

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