My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 683

Alice was helpless, “Don’t hug me, wait until Emily comes in, she will be seen.”
If this is seen by her daughter, then she really has no face and is even more unable to face her daughter!
You know, letting her daughter see herself with as many men as she is is enough for her to face.
What’s more, she also knows that her daughter also treats Chuck…
She sighed and panicked, struggling.
Chuck shook his head, “I see it, what do I see? Can’t see anyone?”
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Dare to dare to act? This is not Chuck’s character.
Because Emily will know it sooner or later, knowing it better than knowing it now.
“Never, Chuck, please don’t let my daughter know,” Alice panicked.
Pleading in front of Chuck.
Chuck was silent for three seconds, compromising, “Okay, I won’t let her know, but I will give you a chance, before Emily returns, tell me, who hit you?”
“Don’t, I don’t want to say,” Alice panicked, she didn’t want to be involved in Chuck.
Youjia is a hidden family, even if Chuck is even more powerful, how can it be an opponent of the hidden family?
Chuck will definitely be involved.
Just bear it yourself, why bother Zhang Ze! ?
“Then you wait to be seen by Emily.” Chuck shrugged.
“No, Chuck, don’t treat me like this.” Alice shed tears.
Even when the first man treats her like this, she will definitely get angry immediately, and even say go! !
But Chuck was so “tempting” her, she couldn’t be angry, how could she be angry? Only begging, this is met with a small enemy.
She was at a loss!
Chuck couldn’t bear it either, “Alice, I’ll help you. Just tell me, I heard the footsteps, and Emily is coming back with water,”
Alice also heard, she panicked, “Chuck, I don’t want to harm you, do you understand?”
“Did you like me? So you don’t want to hurt me?” Chuck asked.
Alice was stunned and fell in love? !
She is coming here, but she also feels confused. She likes Chuck?
She was lost for three seconds, and her heart was affirmed, yes, I really liked it.
The accident together broke the relationship between the two.
Otherwise, how could you make Chuck so hug?
Still threatening, can’t be angry?
This should just be like it.
“I…” Alice supports us, how do you say this? She felt shy.
“Do you like it?” Chuck asked.
Alice lowered her head, her voice sounded like a mosquito, “Yeah.”
When she nodded softly, she was like a young girl, like a first love, without any sense of disobedience.
“Then tell me, Emily is in.” Chuck said suddenly.
“Ah, no, You Tianle…” Alice was frightened, and she struggled with helplessness.
After subconsciously speaking, she regretted it very much, because after she saw Chuck’s confusion, her face sank after an accident! !
At this moment, she felt very moved. Chuck’s face was cold and angry, and she was moved. She finally had someone to rely on.
She has been in charge of the Luofu family for so many years, no matter how well she manages, no matter how strong she is, but she still has an indelible fact that she is also a woman, and there are times when she is helpless and wants to rely on it.
Now, Chuck gave her this long-lost feeling.
But she panicked, why did she say it!
Can’t say!
This hurt Chuck!
“You Tianle hit you? Why did you hit you?!” Chuck was really angry, actually You Tianle hit Alice? !
“No, I was wrong, not him.” Alice shook her head hurriedly.
“I heard clearly, it’s him, believe me!” Chuck is very serious!
Believe me three words, into Alice’s ears, she suddenly, this sense of security, gave her warmth.
She is addicted to it! !
For many years, there is no such feeling.
In a trance, she nodded, “Yes!”
Chuck wanted to hug her, but Emily was back with water in her hand.
Alice hurriedly sorted out her clothes. She was hugged by Chuck just now and the clothes were wrinkled.
“Drink, I got it from my room, but it’s snow and water.”
Chuck took it, took a few sips, and felt sweet. Emily was interested, and went to her room to get water for herself.
“Does it taste good?”
“I still have a lot in my room, I’ll give you a few boxes later,” Emily said. Yes, her room is too big and contains everything. Drink too much water for detoxification! So she bought a lot in the room.
“No, I was thirsty just now.” Chuck shook his head. He had no requirements for water, as long as it was clean. This water looks expensive, no need.
Emily was disappointed, but stunned, why did her mother’s eyes red again? !
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Emily asked with concern.
“It’s okay,” Alice shook her head.
“When will he come?” Chuck asked.
“Five days later.” Alice said blankly, and she regretted it.
“Okay, then I will come early in time,” Chuck shrugged.
You Tianle, this guy is looking for death. Dare to hit Alice and threaten her? ?
Chuck got angry. You know, women like Alice don’t dare to say that it shows how wronged she is in her heart.
If Emily is away, Chuckzhen will comfort her.
“Don’t, don’t come here.” Alice shook her head, her eyes flushed.
“I will come over, rest assured, believe me!” Chuck finally looked at Alice and turned around.
Alice wants to chase it out and doesn’t want Chuck to face You Tianle!
“Mom, I send Chuck,” Emily has run out.
Alice stopped talking, sighed, and fell into regret. How did she say it just now? !
“Chuck, Chuck, who really hit my mother?” Emily, who chased him, asked Chuck.
She was really annoyed. When she saw Alice, she knew that since she had memory, she hadn’t seen Alice.
It seemed to be forced to a dead end.
“Five days later, you will know.” Chuck didn’t say much, and got on the bus when he finished.
Driving away, the black rose waiting just now also drove away.
Emily left in amazement.
“Why would mom tell him not to tell me? Why?” Emily was at a loss and couldn’t understand!
You know, you are Alice’s closest person? !
He didn’t say it himself, but told Chuck, what happened when he went to get water just now? ?
Emily ran back, and Alice looked red, dazed, regretted, she hurt Chuck.
“Mom, mom!!” Emily yelled at Alice at a loss.
Alice came back, “Emily, what’s wrong with you?”
“I asked. What did Chuck say to you just now?” Emily was particularly serious.
“Nothing to say!!!” Alice shook her head immediately. How could Emily know this?
If you know, Alice doesn’t know how to face her daughter.
“Nothing. But how did you tell Chuck? Didn’t tell me?”
“Don’t tell you, I’m afraid you are worried.”
“Then you told Chuck, don’t tell me.” Emily was angry.
“Don’t make a fuss, go back to the room yourself,” Alice shook her head and was forced to ask Emily so surely she would be naked.
“Tell me who the hell is.” Emily cried, and she grieved for her mother! !
Suddenly she didn’t help at all, she felt useless.
Alice sighed, “People who travel to the secret family.”
“What?!” Emily froze.
The chin is about to fall. She is the only daughter of Alice. She must know these things. She understands why her mother is helpless. It turns out that it is because of the secret family!
But why do people in the secret family do this?
“Mom, tell me, what is going on?” Emily cried anxiously.
Own family, is this offending the secret family? !
Now that Alice has spoken, of course she has told the story completely, and Emily is annoyed,
“How can this happen? If you want a bomb, why hit someone?”
Emily was angry.
Alice sighed, “I hurt Chuck…”
Emily wondered, “Mom, how do I think you are not normal with Chuck!”

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