My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 685

You Tianle laughed arrogantly, Alice could not come out?
Just flatten her Luofu family! !
Several bodyguards of the Luofu family looked at each other, and a tall bodyguard swallowed the fear and said, “My boss let you…”
“What do you want me to do?” You Tianle sneered. In this case, still not coming out to meet? ?
Alice came out to greet you, and You Tianle would find it interesting, otherwise what would he do in person?
Just to tease Alice!
“Let you roll in!” the bodyguard continued, cold sweat perched on his forehead in an instant.
After all, You Tianle’s aura is not so strong! boom! !
Before he finished, You Tianle’s bodyguard looked cold, “Dare you dare to talk to my young master like this?”
He has smashed a punch!
The man screamed and flew out, and then fell to the ground and stopped moving.
Other bodyguards have changed their looks! !
The expression on You Tianle’s face changed, and the cold appeared, his eyes were like snakes,
“Alice, you are looking for death!!”
In the eyes of You Tianle, the four families are nothing!
It’s too simple to destroy, but this Alice, let yourself get in? !
Ha ha ha! !
After so many years, this is the first time a family dares to talk to themselves like this!
He suddenly felt novel, but decided to torture Alice after entering, letting her know that what she just said is absolutely not allowed to be said to herself! !
“Master, do you want me to call someone now?” the bodyguard asked.
You Tianle still has a lot of weight in Youjia. In a word, you may be able to send Youjia out and destroy the Luofu family! ?
“No, since Alice wants to play, why don’t I have fun with her?” You Tianle laughed to a terrible level.
“Yes!” The two bodyguards said nothing more.
“Alice, come and meet your nightmare!!!” You Tianle strode inside!
Two bodyguards followed closely! ?
The greasy smile was already full. You Tianle thought abnormally about how to torture her.
When she entered the room, he first saw Alice.
He smiled.
“Alice, are you playing games with me, right?” You Tianle strode in!
But in an instant, a wide slap in his face, fanned fiercely! !
You Tianle screamed and fell to the ground!
Two bodyguards are shocked!
“Look for death! Whoever hit me, I want him to die!” Xian Hao appeared on You Tianle’s face, he was extremely angry!
Was his British face slapped? !
The moment he looked up, he saw a faceless man standing in front of him!
No fear! ?
Like a sculpture!
Stand in front of him!
The air is freezing! ! call!
Alice was shocked, Chuck shot too fast, she couldn’t stop it!
A slap hit You Tianle’s face like that, she saw You Tianle’s expression, from cold to twisted, and then to horror! !
Alice’s heart was shaking, her eyes were too terrified, Alice sighed, her home was over, and Chuck was going to be struck by herself.
How can I be involved in Chuck? !
Alice guilt! but!
When Alice was desperate and guilty, she froze! !
You Tianle’s expression is changing again, terrifyingly shocked, and then incredible!
“Chuck, why are you here?” You Tianle was stunned!
His two bodyguards ready to shoot were also stunned!
“You let Alice greet your nightmare, right?” Chuck eye cold!
“No, misunderstanding, why are you here?” You Tianle was angry, but he didn’t dare to do it yet? !
But Chuck has his handle!
He dare not move!
What, misunderstanding? !
Alice was stunned. what happened? Why did the young master of the secret family, You Tianle look like this? !
Is this afraid of Chuck?
In an instant, Alice thought of the three words Chuck had been saying, “Trust me!”
Alice is in a daze!
“Why can’t I be here? What are you going to buy a bomb for? Oh, come and secretly kill me, right?” Chuck walked step by step! ?
“Of course not, you misunderstood!” You Tianle shook his head, the anger on his face was gone.
“Misunderstanding?” Chuck slapped out!
You Tianle fell to the ground, he climbed up angrily, “Chuck, how dare you?”
“Oh, what am I afraid of? You seem to have a bad memory. Do I have to remind you?” Chuck stepped closer.
You Tianle fears, “No!”
Snapped! !
Slap, Chuck hit out!
You Tianle didn’t dare to fight back at all. If you fight back, then his handle will be passed out, and then he will be dead.
Twenty slaps!
You Tianle’s face has swollen into a pig’s head. What’s ridiculous is that when he came in just now, he was still so arrogant! just now? !
“Chuck, don’t fight.” You Tianle begged, and then fight, he would become a fool.
“Kneel down and apologize to Alice!!!” Chuck yelled, his voice thunderous! ?
The voice of the master of fighting, shocked You Tianle to kneel down!
This look is like a sculpture!
You Tianle actually felt a little fear! How is this going? !
Doesn’t he have his own handle in his hand?
Why are you afraid? !
“Kowtow!” Chuck’s voice was like electricity!
You Tianle Kowtow!
The head hit the ground and knocked.
His two bodyguards were shocked, “Master, you!!!”
Indescribable, my young master, actually kowtow to admit his mistake? !
Alice was shocked!
Is this a dream?
You Tianle of the hidden family actually gave himself a kowtow? !
Alice was sure that it was not a dream. She looked blankly at this man who warmed herself. In an instant, she burst into tears and was moved to the extreme!
This second man is very kind to himself.
You Tianle feared, Chuck grabbed his neck, “Dare to come here again, I will die you?!”
In fact, Chuck wanted to kill him today. When Chuck came, my mother said that you can let You Tianle act.
So Chuck still had to let him go! !
“Don’t dare, don’t dare!” You Tianle’s ears were dazed, he was beaten up.
“Go back and get a good night’s sleep. I will wake you up tomorrow!”
“You, what do you want me to do?” You Tianle feared.
In his opinion, Chuck’s voice was too bad.
This is to make yourself die!
“To wake you up tomorrow, I will tell you! Get out!” Chuck kicked him on the stomach! !
You Tianle screamed and ran out in fear.
The two bodyguards chased out.
The bodyguards of the Luofu family at the door were shocked. They actually saw You Tianle, who had swollen pig heads. What happened just now? !
The two bodyguards chased You Tianle. He got in the car and saw his ugly appearance. He was exasperated, “Chuck, I must break you up!”
“Master, he has your handle, Master!” said the bodyguard.
You Tianle gave this bodyguard a slap in her anger.
“Shabi, don’t I know?” You Tianle got angry.
The two bodyguards dare not put one.
“Chuck, your unwilling look just made me scared. What do you want me to do?” You Tianle thought hard!
He saw it and felt it. Chuck wanted him to do a big thing!
Suddenly he regrets, is he about to be caught by Chuck in his life? Want to listen to Chuck for life? !
I am the young master of the secret family!
This kind of thing is absolutely not allowed! !
“Go back!” You Tianle hummed!
You have to go back, but you have to deal with this face immediately, otherwise you will be seen by people in your own family, and you still have a face? ! he is gone!
The bodyguards of the Luofu family at the door looked at each other, “What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know, that Chuck hit!”
“What? This person didn’t fight back?”
“Just because I didn’t fight back, I felt scary!”
A few bodyguards became more shocked!

“No problem, I’m going out!” Black Rose didn’t shoot from start to finish!
Just now if You Tianle shot two bodyguards, would she pull the trigger without hesitation? !
Just not.
“Well,” Chuck nodded, “hard work.”
Black Rose went out indifferently!
What Chuck was thinking, at this time, shocked Alice came, “Chuck, what the hell is going on?”
She is unbelievable!
The young master of the secret family of the Tangtang was just beaten by Chuck!
“I have his handle in his hand, so he dare not touch me.” Chuck shrugged.
“What handle? Did he not dare to do it?” Alice was shocked!
Chuck smiled and said this handle, Alice was stunned, “You…”
“So he didn’t dare to fight back… By the way, the two of us did not get photographed last time, right?” Chuck joked to ease the atmosphere.
“No, don’t scare me, okay,” Alice was terrified.
If this was taken by someone, then she really can’t face Emily.
“Well, don’t scare you,” Chuck shrugged.
Alice has recovered, and she looks at Chuck tenderly, “Thank you.”
Without Chuck today, she will definitely be insulted and abused by You Tianle without dignity!
She could not fight back, for the Luofu family, some insults, she must bear it alone!
But today, Chuck rescued her.
She really realized the feeling of being protected by a man.
“Thank me for what? It’s too much.” Chuck shook his head.
“Me.” Alice looked down.
“The two of us have a little relationship, don’t you?” Chuck said.
“Well,” Alice sighed, “I think you are guilty, me…”
“Don’t say that, it was an accident, an accident that you and I can’t control,”
“Well,” Alice was in a much better mood. “Come back, don’t let Yvette find out, otherwise I will be more guilty.”
Chuck fell silent, and he felt guilty, but when things happened, escape was not the way. After all, at the beginning, with Murong Qing, Chuck escaped, so those things happened.
In this case, Chuck will admit.
“I treat you too…”
“No, I guilt you, you are so young,” Alice sighed.
It feels the same as dreaming, but the warmth Chuck gives her is real.
“Don’t say it, you have a good rest,” Chuck is about to go back. Alice grabbed Chuck’s hand and took out something that was ready for You Tianle. “Here, this kind of thing, I only do it for you.”

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