My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 703

You Shiwen frowned, Chuck was stunned, how did the black rose come out?
In the face of Chuck’s silly stunned eyes, the black rose was angry. “What do you see?? I told you not to be out of my sight, and you still come out? Do you want me to find it right?”
Chuck was still stunned.
Black Rose is also too dedicated, but how does Chuck feel weird? She actually said such things to herself, rare!
“I don’t want you to look for it. I just ordered a few dishes, and the two of us ate together,”
Chuck shrugged.
“Who made you cry?” Black Rose glared at him, Chuck had nothing to say.
What can you say? First of all, you called me out. Besides, if you are hungry, you can’t ask for food? ?
Black Rose started staring at You Shiwen, “Don’t touch him! I must protect his life?!”
“Black Rose? You can’t protect it!” You Shiwen shook his head indifferently, full of coldness!
Chuck shuddered, and pushed two people away, and these two people should not fight, after all, Black Rose is still injured!
Definitely can’t help Youming Shiwen Da! !
Chuck knew that You Shiwen was particularly, very, and extremely angry because he killed the people of Youjia.
However, when she just fought, Chuck saw that You Shiwen didn’t have that kind of murderousness, so she didn’t want to kill herself, maybe she was too angry, just kicked herself.
“I can’t protect? You try to move him? See if I don’t kill you!!!” Black Rose was exasperated.
You Shiwen sneered, “You are hurt, why should you fight me?”
“No matter if I am injured or not, as long as you move Chuck, I will deal with you!” Black Rose has already made a state of attack! !
You Shiwen’s beautiful eyes are cold!
Two women are struggling!
On the go!
At this time, the ordered food was delivered and the waiter was shocked. What is the situation?
Two women fighting for a husband? !
The waiter was envious!
These are two beautiful women who have reached the extreme!
He immediately regarded Chuck as an idol, which is too great!
Admire it!
“Sir, your dish is here, you see…” the waiter said weakly.
“Why don’t you take the two wives to the room? It’s not a problem in the corridor of this hotel!”
The waiter was envious.
Are Chinese men attractive? ?
Can you fascinate such two big beauties at the same time? !
“What are you talking about?” Black Rose was furious!
You Shiwen kicked the waiter angrily, “Will you see it? I am his wife? Is she her wife?”
The waiter was terrified. He is just an ordinary person. Where can he stand such a kick?
Why did the beauty start the fire, so scary?
Fortunately, Chuck knew that he couldn’t stand such a kick, and Chuck pushed him away.
Let him escape the disaster, otherwise he wouldn’t wake up even if he didn’t lie down for ten days and a half months.
The waiter was frightened and ran away after putting down the dish.
“Don’t run, make you talk nonsense!” You Shiwen is angry?
“Don’t run! Don’t run!” The Black Rose was also so angry that it was awful!
“Don’t eat first!!” Chuck took them both and walked into the room, otherwise the two masters of fighting would chase them over, wouldn’t this waiter be killed by them? !
“let go!”
“Let go! Who made you catch me!” The two women kicked and kicked Chuck!
Chuck endured the pain and almost cried, pulling them both into the room.
Come in with the food!
“Don’t fight, if you have anything to say after dinner, and then hit the blind man to turn his face!”
Chuck looked serious rebuke!
You Shiwen and Black Rose sneered!
“Delicious rice and delicious dishes!” Chuck said while eating.
“To shut up!!”
Two women scolded at the same time!
Chuckmei continued to eat, but You Shiwen came from all over the place all night and she was hungry.
Black Rose was injured last night, weak, and she was hungry.
Seeing Chuck eat so loudly, is it really so fragrant?
The two women swallowed at the same time.
Chuck smiled and took the two of them to sit down and gave them tableware.
“Come, eat, eat!” Chuck smiled.
The two of them glared at each other, and Chuck gave them food, and they hummed.
Chuck smiled, is this good? !
All three were hungry, and all the dishes were swept away. At last, Chuck also competed with You Shiwen for a braised pork. In the end, the two of them were half of each other before they stopped each other! !
“Full,” Chuck was satisfied and could go back.
Black Rose was injured, she had a meal and felt much better.
“Chuck, come out, let me say a few words to you,” You Shiwen stood up and walked outside.
Chuck shrugged, You Shiwen must have found something else for herself, so come here.
Chuck shrugged and wanted to know what You Shiwen came to do.
But the black rose said coldly, “Can’t go out! You must be in my sight!”
Chuck was speechless.
“You Shiwen, look…” Chuck shrugged.
“I’m waiting for you outside for three minutes. If I don’t come out, I’ll call in. You can do it!”
You Shiwen went out.
Isn’t it necessary? How can I have dinner just now? !
“Black Rose, I will go out and talk,”
“Just you. But I won’t let you out of my sight,” Black Rose said indifferently.
Chuck came out, and Black Rose followed the door.
You Shiwen was annoyed, glaring at Black Rose fiercely, and went directly to the theme,
“Chuck, how about your mother?”
“My mother? Are you afraid of my mother? Last time you ran so fast?” Chuck was stunned.
What did You Shiwen want to do? !
“I’m not afraid of her, but I don’t have the strength of her now. When I meet her, the possibility of death is too great. Can I not run? You still say this, and I get angry when I speak, obviously it is between you and me. You actually called the parents, is it interesting?” You Shiwen said angrily in his heart.
Chuck was embarrassed, too.
But there is no way, I can’t kill her, only let my mother come.
“But didn’t you run away?” Chuck muttered.
“Run? It’s very annoying to be betrayed. Run? I want to kill you!” You Shiwen was angry.
“Uh… what are you doing with my mother?”
“Do you know my grandpa?”
“Know, dying, good thing!” Chuck couldn’t avoid it.
The old man in Youbatian was dying, so my mother had this plan. Let Youtianle be the head of the house and confuse the Youjia, but unexpectedly, You Shiwen was so powerful that she almost broke the mother’s plan.
“What are you talking about?” You Shiwen immediately became furious!
“I asked about the situation of my grandfather. I suspect that your mother was a ghost, and something was done on my grandfather, so I want to see her!”
“Really? I tell you, as soon as my mother comes, you will definitely die!” Chuck doesn’t matter.

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