My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 706

Chuck, Black Rose and Betty are waiting outside.
How to say, Chuck is still a little worried, not worried about his mother, since the mother is here, then it must be ready, but worried about You Shiwen! !
When my mother came over, you must have thought of killing You Shiwen. Chuck could see it, but what can you do with the diploma?
Can’t carry it!
Therefore, Chuck was worried that You Shiwen was dead inside.
“Master, don’t worry,” Betty persuaded.
Can Chuck not worry? Although it didn’t take long for you to know Shi Youwen, it was considered a mutual friend, a friend, and a brother. Suddenly a person who knew himself died, how could Chuck not be worried? !
Black Rose’s expression was blank, and she stared at the door of the room.
She has a say as to whether Karen li will start with You Shiwen, because last time Karen li let her go, otherwise she would have been two meters tall.
Then this time. . Will Karen li treat You Shiwen the same as he does?
The black rose was not surprised, and treated indifferently.
Just when Chuck was in trouble, the door opened and the mother came out. Chuck ran in and found that there was no one inside, and an iron arrow was inserted into the window head and shot into the wall Inside, the iron arrow has a rope running down the window.
Chuck ran to the window and looked down, the rope was still shaking, but no one was there.
You Shiwen escaped under the eyes of her mother?
What did the two say in the room? ?
Chucksong was relieved. At the very least, his mother was fine. You Shiwen fled, which was considered safe.
Black Rose couldn’t see You Shiwen anymore. There were not many surprises in her heart, but she looked at Karen li again with a slightly different look.
“Mom, You Shiwen is so powerful, but she ran away?”
Chuck asked deliberately how to say that most of the things in this room are complete, the only thing that can show that the two people are fighting is the carpet, and the carpet has several explosive footprints.
This shows that the two had just played fiercely just now!
“Yes, quite powerful, don’t you think?” Karen li smiled slightly.
“I think, I think, but You Shiwen just ran like this, then You Tianle certainly can’t be the head of the house, and he will be in position, not a great influence on us?” Chuck whispered his thoughts.
Originally! !
“Look… yes, let’s go back first!” Karen li glanced over the window and went out first.
Betty followed, and Chuck wanted to help Black Rose, who was indifferent, “Want you to help me?”
“I’m so kind, don’t forget, I took you back to the hotel, and you still hugged me around me, you still…” Chuck was speechless, why didn’t Black Rose feel grateful at all? !
“Let’s say it again, I’ll kill you with a gun!” Black Rose threatened with anger, he wasn’t comatose anymore, still holding it with you? ?
All come up and say, you have nothing else to say?
“Yes, are you good enough?”
Chuck ignored her and ran over to ask her mother how her affairs were handled. The mother said of course.
Go downstairs to check out and drive away!
In the corner of the hotel, a pair of beautiful eyes appeared, the owner is Yu Shiwen!
There was a capsule in her hand. She stared at the capsule, and once again glanced at Karen li, who was away, she left directly and quickly disappeared into the alley.

“You Tianle is going to be the head of the house? The noise is so big?” Wan Ziwen said lazily in a luxurious room.
“Yes, other than You Tianle would do that kind of thing, there is no other family who dare to do that, but according to my analysis, the reason why You Tianle has such a big courage, it seems that Karen li is supporting him.” Wan Zi Wen bodyguard spoke his analysis.
“Understood, Karen li dealt with Youjia in this way, which made me a little surprised, but you didn’t find it before. Youjia released a few children sixteen years ago, and now, there are still a few Is the individual alive?”
“There should be only one or two, but those who can survive are the elites of the elite!”
“I definitely know that if I can survive, I might be the future homeowner of the wandering house!” Wan Ziwen’s lazy look receded, with a little seriousness.
“I asked You Tianle to make a whole plan, but You Tianle didn’t move at all. Instead, she cooperated with Chuck. It seems that she took my words as a deaf ear,” Wan Ziwen lazily shot out coldly.
For her, this is the way she has disobeyed her. With such a strong desire for control, she must be able to allow such things to happen!
“Then I need to call You Tianle?”
“I think you should stand up with the living stocking person, and I want to meet her… If she can really have the strength to take the position of the housekeeper, then, come to me Say, maybe it’s a good thing,”
“Good thing? Miss, the kind of stocking people is definitely not comparable to You Tianle’s rubbish. She really wants to be a housekeeper. For you, it is a threat!” The man said cautiously.
“It seems that you have followed me for so long, I can’t even see through my mind!” Wan Ziwen looked at the man lazily.
“You said!” The man murmured in his heart, who can guess your mind?
“She is a woman, and so am I. This is inconvenient because the world is all women? Our women are the strongest? Men are women’s accessories.” !
The man was sweating coldly, this? ?
This is also a headache. Wan Ziwen’s desire to control has exceeded his imagination. Which man can bear it?
Except that Chuck, no one else can bear it!
“It’s interesting to have a great opponent to accompany me to play with, otherwise You Tianle and others will become the head of the family, and I can die him at random, boring, boring,”
Wan Ziwen was lazy again.
What does the man interface?
Quiet and silent!
“You go out and call Chuck to call me, I miss him, go…” Wan Ziwen said lazily.
The man nodded and prepared. He thought, where is Chuck? ? Actually, Wan Wanwen was confused and missed.
This is really the envy of men all over the world! !
But when the man walked to the door, there was a phone call suddenly, and he answered. Three seconds later, he was stunned, “Wait, I asked the lady what she meant…”
“Don’t ask me, let Chuck come, I want him, go!” Wan Ziwen said, she really thought, she was angry for so long, Chuck didn’t even make a call to himself, this What means? ?
But my Wan Ziwen does not allow you to forget! !
“Well, Miss, this is the case. There is a woman outside who wants to see you. Oh, she said that her surname is Yu…” said the man.

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