My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 712

The man came to Logan and raised his hand to slap Logan! !
This man has calluses on his hands, so slap in the face will definitely make Logan’s beautiful face red and swollen!
Hearing of the eardrum is also possible! !
Logan had no other expressions and faced calmly? !
The moment the man raised his hand, Logan stepped back!
Logan is clever, she had long thought that Wan Ziwen would give her a dismounted horse!
The man slaps out, and he instantly gets angry!
“Wan Ziwen, I came here, not to be beaten by you!!!” Logan said.
Seeing this person who had almost killed himself again, Logan was indifferently calm.
People who died once, Logan calmed down in the face of everything.
In addition to the things about Chuck, other things are simply not enough to make her fluctuate.
Even if he died again.
“Oh, you are wrong, beating you is the smallest punishment I give you, killing you is what I want to do now!” Wan Ziwen said lazily.
“up to you!”
“I hate you talking to me in your tone!” Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes are cold!
“It’s your business to hate it, and it’s your business to dislike it. I came here to tell you that you can move me, don’t move Chuck!” Logan’s murderous outflow was only for Chuck.
“Wrong, Chuck is mine, I want to move, you are qualified to manage? You have to be clear, I let you go last time…”
“You didn’t let me go, the one who saved my life was the wanderer, and the one who saved my heart was Chuck!”
“Oh, is it? How dare you tell Chuck what I killed you?”
Wan Ziwen ridiculed, “You don’t speak, and I know why, because I am the heir to the world’s largest family. You said, I will let you disappear, let Karen li disappear, and that Yvette also disappear… Everything has disappeared, so what else does Chuck have? There must be only me who will never leave him, are you right?”
“You are really scary!” Logan said coldly.
This is the gap in strength. Logan has self-knowledge and self-knowledge. Wan Ziwen’s family is too big to be suffocating. This is also the biggest reason why Logan has not told this matter to Chuck to the present. .
She might not dare, for Chuck!
“Terror? I don’t think it’s just that you haven’t reached my height in your life.” Wan Ziwen sneered.
She really hates Logan more and more, but this is Logan’s temperament, even she has such a jealousy!
“So far!” Logan left.
“I didn’t let you go, can you go?”
In an instant, the moment Wan Ziwen spoke, the man shot again.
He had just slapped the shorts just now, which has made him annoyed. Now he must give Logan a big lesson!
However, the last time Logan lost in his hands. After Logan recovered his body, he was undergoing physical training. The high-intensity training has brought Logan’s strength to a higher level!
Logan has a habit that even if he loses, he must never lose twice in the same person!
This urged her to grow up to now!
And the latest training is for today! !
The two played against each other, this is a real showdown between masters!
Dodge, attack, all in one go!
Logan’s move is full of murderous power, the man’s body is hard, the moment when the two fight, they are separated!
Logan backed off? !
The man retreats!
Actually the same!
“Oh, grow in?” Wan Ziwen smiled, but there was no less irony on his face!
“Aunt Logan, Aunt Logan…” Suddenly, there was Chuck’s voice behind him.
It was Chuck who had seen Logan coming out to call for too long, and worried that Logan had something to do, so he was called Logan.
Logan distracted, with a bang!
The man’s fist hit Logan, and Logan backed away, his face suddenly turned white.
If she didn’t get distracted suddenly, this man could never beat Logan.
Logan’s strength is almost the same as this man.
“Fortunately, Chuck saved you, without Chuck, I will let you die today!” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
She just saw a little threat on Logan!
This is absolutely not allowed!
However, Chuck was nearby. She was not good at killing her. In case Chuck knew it, Wan Ziwen knew that Chuck would not like her anymore.
The man grinned, he was satisfied, his punch was heavy enough!
Enough to make up for the mistake of not slapping Logan just now!
The man got on the car and the car went away! cough! cough!
Logan was about to vomit bleeding, but he was held back. If Chuck saw him, he would be worried. She patted her body to make her clothes smoother, but she could not bear the pain. Her forehead was cold and sweating, which was particularly uncomfortable! cough!
A bit of blood, still spit it out!
Logan was busy taking out a tissue to wipe off the blood at the corner of his mouth, otherwise Chuck would find out! !
“Cer, I’m here.” Logan suppressed the pain and destroyed the traces, even if the pain was still there, as long as Chuck could not find it.
Chucksong ran over, “Aunt Logan, why are you here?”
“Call, come here while playing,” Logan smiled.
“Well, Du Peixin got it over, and went to her house to drink,” Chuck said.
Du Peixin has already calculated the gold money. Chuck will look for opportunities for Wan Ziwen. From now on, Chuck will not ask Wan Ziwen for anything.
“Well, just go if you say.”
“Okay, by the way, Aunt Logan, are you very hot? Why is there sweat on your face?” Chuck thought, Logan Ye? ?
The weather is not too hot!
“It’s okay,” Logan wiped away sweat.
“It’s all right,”
“Cough…” Logan coughed out of control.
“Aunt Logan, do you have a cold? Don’t drink it,” Chuck cares. It’s better not to drink alcohol if he has a cold.
“It’s okay, I don’t have a cold. Let’s go to Dupei’s house.”
“Okay.” Chucksong breathed and took Logan to find Du Peixin.
The person called by Wan Ziwen was still laying gold, and Chuck couldn’t control it. They were left to do so. The three arrived at Du Pei’s house.
This time, still drinking.
But unlike last time, Logan was not injured last time. Of course there is no problem with drinking. This injury is definitely different. So drinking and drinking, Logan is drunk, which is also the kind of drunk after pain.
Chuckmu forced, how did Logan’s wine volume deteriorate today?
Chuck smiled and suddenly saw Logan’s beautiful face. He was dull and recalled what Logan did to him. Chuck always felt that Logan was too good for himself, so today, take care of her!
Chuck held Logan up. After Logan was drunk, she was confused and shook her head like a dream, “Don’t be here…”

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