My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 716

The whole audience was in an uproar! !
Five billion dollars is not enough? Actually mentioned the start of 10 billion US dollars, this is really a game between rich people!
Many people are discouraged.
Some big American stars in the background heard about this and immediately came out of the background to see this young casino owner!
They were surprised.
“What? This casino owner is so young? Still a Chinese!”
“Unbelievable! What do I think is the boss of the United States? Or where do we have the money to invite us? Suddenly felt that this Chinese man is a little more handsome!”
“I think so too! I don’t know if I have a girlfriend. If not, I will go to him.”
“I think too, I don’t want to film anymore, so tired!”
The stars all came out to see, and the atmosphere on the scene, with Chuck’s simple words, pushed to the peak! !
The fat man was startled and sneered, “Ten billion dollars? Are you serious?”
In his view, such a big bet, most people simply can’t afford it! !
This Chuck, actually said lightly?
“Of course it is true, two hundred billion dollars will do, whatever you want, but do you dare to play?” Chuck asked him in the same tone.
“Haha, I don’t have anything, I just have money. I’m not afraid of anything!” The fat man laughed.
“What are you playing with?”
“Play size! Dare? I’m a master of gambling!”
“Randomly.” Chuck smiled, and he didn’t know much about it, but he couldn’t help catching the duck on the shelf. Even playing poker with him must be played.
Fortunately, it’s playing dice, but my own hearing is good. Last time I was behind the scenes with the boss, but I won a lot. If I didn’t meet the gambler, Chuck would win.
Now Chuck’s physical fitness has improved in all aspects and he feels more sensitive, so his hearing will be better!
“Let’s get started! Haha, ask your people to prepare! Ten billion dollars in chips!”
The fat man laughed, his expression, told everyone now, this ten billion, he won!
The guests in the casino are of course excited. You can also look at the true strength of this casino owner!
If this fat man wins so much money, can he take it away? ?
If they can, then they will play more assured in the future!
Du Pei worried, “Chuck, is this too big?”
She knows that Chuck is rich, but is this $10 billion? This casino doesn’t need so much money to open. On the first day of opening today, how much money did you actually gamble with? !
“It’s okay, you get someone ready!” Chuck shrugged.
“Okay!” Du Pei asked people to prepare.
The scene was quiet!
“Mom, I’m here, you can rest assured that things have been delivered, but now someone is making trouble in Chuck Casino!” Emily received the call from Alice.
“What? What’s going on? Tell me quickly?” Alice asked.
How could something like this happen?
Emily made it clear, “Mom, Chuck must be brave. What kind of gambling would he have? Good luck. The last time I won a little money on my friend’s side, I thought I was betting very hard? I don’t know There are people outside, there is heaven outside! There is still such a big bet, 10 billion, if after losing, there will be another person to bet with him? How much does it have to lose?”
Originally, Chuck won tens of millions last time, thinking he was a gambler? It’s still far away!
“Well, why is Chuck so impulsive?” Alice sighed, gambling is not something that ordinary people can play, let alone play so big!
“I’ll say it, but it’s already started, there is no way out, I hope Chuck wins, although it is impossible.” Emily said with frustration. If Chuck lost, she would not feel good!
She also hopes that Chuck can win, but is it possible? Such a big bet!
“Mom, stop talking, it’s already started,” Emily hung up and squeezed into the crowd.
I saw all the chips on the table!
She showed concern, Chuck, you are too impulsive, and people just use aggressive methods against you!
Alice worried about walking around the room, she regretted it. Should go with Emily, but did not go!
She immediately commanded, “Prepare the plane!!! I’m going out!”

Yvette looked softly, but Logan was different. She didn’t see Chuck gambled, let alone such a large sum of money? ?
“Cer, will you?”
“Yes, he has a good hearing,”
Logan was relieved. He didn’t have much problem with good hearing. He didn’t expect Chuck to have this talent. No wonder that the first project of Mi Guo was a casino.
The black rose didn’t say a word, and her big blue eyes turned.
“How to play with rules?” Chuck wanted to ask clearly.
“Better than size, will you?” The fat man laughed.
The people who caused the onlookers looked at each other!
“This boss is still too young, but they are veteran casinos, can they compare to others?”
“There is no way for others to be forced to go!”
“Hey, if he loses later, we will also bet with him, and win him billions of dollars. Is he only gamble with others, not with us? Then he can’t open this store! ”
“I have this idea too! It must be a lot easier to win the boss’s money!”
They are all pregnant with ghosts. Anyway, winning or losing is good for them. Chuck loses, and they take turns to play with Chuck. As a boss, dare not to play? ?
Play discrimination? Do you want to open this shop?
“Okay, whatever you want!” Chuck doesn’t matter.
“Start! Two wins in three innings, let’s make a testimony. If I win today, if something goes wrong tomorrow, it’s someone who did it! Everyone will help me testify!!!” The fat man said loudly.
All the guests laughed, not expressing their hearts! Chuck is not one of them, just care about him!
Du Pei is angry, this is a regular place, as long as you have the ability to win, you can take away as much as you win! !
Isn’t that an insult?
Say you’ll be a ghost in the casino Karen li told her clearly that she must be serious, and she must not have any thoughts in this regard. Reputation is very important! !
“You can rest assured that you can take away as much as you win. I can send bodyguards to escort if you need it. This is the rule in my store! You can win, just win! Start!” Chuck said.
What a fat man wants is this sentence, or else what is he doing at this risk? ?
“This is what you said, well, the first one!” The fat man shook the dice! With a greasy smile, since you say so, you are welcome!
Chuck is the same.
Both started to roll the dice!
“I think he won’t win once. It must have been lost in two games.” Some people laughed.
“who cares!”
These guests think that Chuck has lost, how can a novice play with a veteran? ?
In their view, Chuck agreed to lose.

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