My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 718

Chuck knew that Wan Ziwen would come, but he didn’t expect such a big movement, how many things did he have to send? ?
Isn’t Wanjia not a hidden family?
The guests of the casino have been stunned. So many things, who sent this?
Some people’s eyes have changed when they look at Chuck again, they have become polite and respected, and some are afraid!
Chuck doesn’t know anyone who is terrible, it is absolutely impossible for someone to send so many things!
Logan sighed that she was injured by Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard last time, and it was almost better, but Wan Ziwen appeared again, she didn’t know what to do!
This first family, the future heir, Wan Ziwen, her ability is too great!
Logan is calling for wind and rain in China, but when she reaches the world, she feels deeply frustrated.
Wan Ziwen seems like a big mountain, can’t cross it!
Emily who sent the cannon just now was jealous. “What, it’s useless to send so many, do you think my family can’t afford it?”
Of course her family can afford it!
How to say her family is also a big four family.
“Golden catties! Ten vases from the Ming Dynasty! … My family, congratulations to Boss Zhang for opening the casino!!!”
A man came over, with politeness, said all the gifts!
Everyone he brought over, repeated this sentence, deafening!
Resounding in the sky!
This sound shocked all the guests.
“Who are they talking about?”
“I don’t know, but in this case, what a big family!”
“The owner of this casino is awesome! I actually know so many big families in the country!”
The exclamation is endless!
Just now Emily represented the Luo Fu family, which was enough to make them unimaginable.
Now there is another big family to send gifts!
The fat man who had just gambled with Chuck just now was horrified!
Who are you betting with just now!
Chuck expressionless, “Take these things back!” brush!
The whole audience was in an uproar!
Oh my god, the person who sent so many things must be a big family. This Chuck actually refused? ?
“Sorry, Boss Zhang, we… beg Boss Zhang, will you accept it?” The leading man’s face was all white.
Wan Ziwen issued a death order and must be delivered! !
If they can’t deliver them, don’t go back.
“Begging boss Zhang, will you accept it?” It was a deafening voice again, and they all looked pale!
Chuck’s refusal scared them.
Everyone is stunned. What is this operation?
Chuck sighed, Wan Ziwen is forcing himself!
“Forget it, let’s put it here.” Chuck couldn’t help but understand the embarrassment of these people!
Wan Ziwen understands that he can’t bear it!
“Thank you!”
They were so grateful, they laid down their things and left neatly!
Left a shocked crowd!
“Du Pei Xin, you tell people to put away these things first,” Chuck certainly won’t move. Even if these things are precious and rare, they must be returned to her!
“Well,” Du Peixin was also shocked. Who is this person who sent Chuck?
The last time I sent gold, paved with gold bricks, this time I still sent gold, and there are so many ornamental antiques, which she could not imagine.
But she can be sure that her Du family is nothing in front of such people!
The outfield guests were all surprised, Chuck let them continue to play with a smile, which just spread out!
The casino opened and it was successful!
Chuck is also confident that he can build his own business empire!
Chuck, named Logan, Yvette, went inside to talk, and Emily ran in. Originally, Chuck didn’t call her, but after seeing her running far away, she followed her.
“Miss, this Chuck didn’t know what happened just now! He refused!”
In a luxury car, the man was dissatisfied.
Wan Ziwen didn’t have a big expression, she had long thought that Chuck would be like this, but didn’t she accept it in the end?
“Miss, shall we continue to wait for him?” the man asked.
Wan Ziwen looks like this, is this to celebrate with Chuck?
“Wait, Chuck’s first project, I have to support it!” Wan Ziwen lazy closed his eyes and rested.

In the background, Chuck also met some big stars. Logan and Yvette all went to the casino to help, as did Emily.
Chuck told her to go back. She refused to let her stay here.
Chuck was no longer able to drive her away, so she had to follow her and wait for a supper together.
Chuck came out and knew that Wan Ziwen must be nearby.
He found Wan Ziwen, and the black rose looked in the distance, she would not let Chuck out of her sight.
“You, eat with me, I must be ready to celebrate the opening of your casino! But I only invite you alone, others can not go.” Location, Wan Ziwen has already prepared, various special dishes What Chuck wants to eat, and the chefs are all Wanjia’s private chefs.
“Go, I won’t go!” Chuck shook his head, he came here to say this to Wan Ziwen.
“Chuck, I have already spoken patiently with you. How are you going?” Wan Ziwen was annoyed.
Her bodyguard smiled coldly, thinking in her heart, angering the lady, no matter who you are, you are going to die! !
“I don’t want to do anything.” Chuck calmed down.
“Okay, you really polished my patience.” Wan Ziwen closed his eyes, “Drive and go!”
The man drove Wan Ziwen away!
Chuck was silent for three seconds and went back to the casino.
It was found that Black Rose’s eyes were cold, “What the hell did you do to her? Why bother you?”
She was uncomfortable.
“I didn’t do anything,” Chuck sighed.
Just now Wan Ziwen’s eyes were terrifying, Chuck doubted what she was going to do. may. .
Chuck didn’t say much, just thinking that something was wrong.
However, at this time, Chuck heard the voice of the helicopter, Chuck looked up and found that it was Alice, he was stunned, why did Alice also come?
Black Rose didn’t think of Chuckhui’s relationship with Alice, so when she saw this, she also thought that Alice was matching Chuck.
Can cooperate better, so here we are.
The helicopter fell.
Alice came out and Chuck passed, “Why are you here?”
“Worried about you, didn’t you just gamble with someone? Did you win?” Alice came far away, worried that Chuck would lose.
“Win, don’t worry about me.”
“How can you not worry about you? You know, you are my second man…” Alice whispered, she couldn’t help it.
“It’s good to win, then I will go back,” seeing this, Alice was relieved to go back.
“Leaving for supper.”
“No, my daughter will see it.” Alice had to leave quickly, but as soon as she got on the plane, Emily ran out. “Mom, why are you here?”

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