My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 719

Suddenly I heard Emily’s voice, and Alice’s face was white, “What should I do, Chuck, how should I explain?”
“Don’t panic, we have nothing to do now, calm down.” Chuck smiled slightly.
Alice’s nervous look was actually a little cute.
Chuck didn’t find it before, but now she finds it, and she doesn’t feel a sense of disharmony with her age.
Alice calmed down, but found Chuck laughing at her, and she blushed embarrassedly, “Don’t laugh at me, okay? You know, I’m actually shy…”
Chuck coughs and Alice controls her blush.
Emily ran over, “Mom, why are you here?”
“I’m going to base 18, just passing by here and taking you with you,” Alice said calmly.
She found Chuck laughing, she was shy and strange in her heart.
Sighing secretly in his heart, it seemed that a relationship had happened, he completely knocked his heart out, and he also fell completely. She knew it was not good, but she couldn’t control it.
Knowing that there was an accident at Chuck Casino just now, she came over as if she could not bear it. She could not control her mind and could not help worrying.
At her age, once she has, she is the kind of person who silently pays, and does not ask for rewards. She only wants this person who knocks on her heart. It can be very good. Even if it is only a little bad, she will worry and think about it. come.
“I don’t want, I want to stay here.” Emily whispered, she hadn’t eaten supper yet!
I haven’t said a few words to Chuck, how can I leave at this time?
“Well, you go back yourself!”
Alice sighed and gave Chuck a complicated look. Why didn’t she understand what Emily wanted as Emily’s mother?
Chuck was stunned and gave Alice a wink, but he would never have any feelings for Emily, and he would not do anything to Emily.
Alice understood what Chuck thought, and sighed even more, she left by plane.
Emily sighed, “I feel my mom treats you well,”
“What’s okay? My mother hasn’t treated any man well, so please be content!” Emily said.
Chuck replied secretly, contented, he was already contented.
“Go for supper!” Chuck invited.
“You have a conscience!” Emily rejoiced.
Chuck, Alice, Black Rose returned to the casino!
After probably few people, Chuck asked Du Pei to tell people to eat supper, and everyone would eat together.
Many employees belong to the casino on the mother’s side, so they must treat them well.
A few celebrities invited to eat together, and a beautiful star asked Chuck’s number, Chuck was speechless, and was also given politely.
How to say, today Chuck calmly handles everything in the casino, so Chuck has a high position in women’s hearts.
There is money, strength, and value, who doesn’t like it? ?
Yvette and Logan both saw it, of course they would not mind.
Everyone had eaten at three in the morning, almost, Chuck asked these employees to go back to rest.
I can’t go back anyway today, so Chuck decided to live at Du Peixin’s house. Anyway, Du Peixin had arranged a large place to stay before, and there were several rooms.
Emily also wanted to go, Chuck must refuse, must keep the distance!
Emily was very angry when she opened the nearby hotel, and she didn’t know whether she went to that hotel or not.
Everyone get in the car!
Including Black Rose, I went to Du Peixin’s house. Everyone drank a little and drove slowly. At home, Logan cooked a little sober tea for everyone, and everyone sipped back to their rooms.
There is one room in Logan and one room in Black Rose. Du Peixin must be one. Chuck and Yvette are in the same room.
Did nothing, hugged and fell asleep.
Logan couldn’t sleep. Here, something happened with Chuck, but now it is with Yvette.
Black Rose couldn’t sleep either. Anyway, she closed her eyes and kept thinking, she didn’t know what happened, what should she do?
How has your sleep been affected recently? ?
What happened to myself?
Black Rose didn’t understand.

“Grandpa, should you be better?”
You Shiwen passed the secret passage and came to You Batian’s room.
Karen li’s medicine has been given to You Ba Tian, and the medicine I got from Wan Ziwen was also given to You Ba Tian, but the situation is much better, but I haven’t woke up yet.
No one else in the room, she sneaked in!
She went to the backyard and looked up in a direction. In fact, she wanted to go to a place today, where?
As the only person who knows himself, he opened a casino and is the first project in the United States. He should not be there, shouldn’t he?
It’s not interesting enough.
She can think of it, Chuck will definitely say so.
“Surely many people bless him, and he does not lack one. Besides, he is his enemy. Why should he congratulate him?” You Shiwen said to herself.
If I think I can’t go, I don’t go, and I don’t know if Chuck will be angry.
Now it is not.
You Ba Tian has moved, You Shi Wen is busy running back, and saw You Ba Tian waking up!
She rejoiced, “Grandpa…”
Of course, Yu Batian knew who the girl was, and he was tremblingly supported by You Shiwen,
“Grandpa, how are you feeling? I’ll call the doctor right away,”
Youjia has a special doctor, also for Youjia. Youbatian shook his head, already weak to the extreme, Karen li’s medicine, so that the elderly, all hidden diseases came out.
He was able to wake up now, it was pretty good, dying.
“No, I won’t live long. I tell you, I was hit by something from Karen li. Her bitch hurt me, cough, cough…” You Batian coughed a bit of blood.
You Shiwen beautiful eyes are wet. “I know that she did it. I asked her to get the medicine.”
“Have you seen her?”
“Well, I got the antidote. I won’t move her for three years.”
“Confused! But the soldiers are not deceitful! Shiwen, you immediately arrange people and give me the entire death of Karen li’s family! I want to see all this before I die!” Yu Batian’s blood-red eyes shoot out a poisonous .
He couldn’t speak before, it was all done by Karen li.
He finally woke up, and the only thing he wanted to see was that her family died!
“Are you all going to die?” You Shiwen remained silent for three seconds.
“Yes, Karen li, and that Chuck, must die!!” You Batian Yin poison said, coughing, he will die at any time.
“In three years, she will believe in three years? Ten articles, you do it now!”
“But I have promised Li Qing…”
“The soldiers are not deceitful! What if they agree? She is a ant to you! Just step on her to death!”
“Chuck, can you let him go? I…” You Shiwen muttered…

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