My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 723

You Shiwen lingers in a place!
The news from Wan Ziwen made her think that Wan Ziwen forced her to follow Chuck.
This is a headache for You Shiwen, and the command of your grandfather. Before dying, I want to see Chuck and Karen li’s head!
What should she do?
On the one hand is the person who knows himself, on the other is the last wish of his own grandfather!
How to choose? ?
But she already called Chuck and asked Chuck to come over and meet here! !
Chuck agreed.
You Shiwen has prepared killing tools, and she knows what she should do later.
She continues to wait! Wait until Chuck comes to this agreed place!

“Chuck, she suddenly asked you to meet, you believe her?” said the black rose came out with Chuck coldly.
It was already evening, Chuck and Logan, Yvette said a reason, and then came out.
Fortunately, the black rose was found!
“Do you believe it?” Chuck sighed and didn’t know the reason. Anyway, this person who hadn’t known him for a long time, Chuck really believed her.
What is the reason?
Maybe, know her by yourself! !
“You believe her, she asked you this time, definitely to kill you! Chuck, believe me once! Do you believe her or not me?!” Black Rose stopped Chuck, her face was cold!
There was even monstrous anger.
“I believe you too, really!”
“Trust me, don’t go!” Black Rose scolded! !
“I… she asked me, just like if you ask me, I will go to see you.” Chuck looked calm!
“I won’t ask you!” Black Rose shook his head indifferently, decisively to the extreme!
Are you kidding me?
What’s the deal? ?
“You won’t protect me for a lifetime, don’t you say that, when I have the same strength as you, you will leave?” Chuck said.
Black Rose is stunned!
To be honest, where is the gap between Chuck and Black Rose? ?
It’s not fighting. In terms of fighting, Chuck feels that he is already the same as Black Rose. The teaching of his mother makes Chuck have a speed that ordinary people can’t catch up with!
Talent is very important, and talent is high. It can directly exceed 95% of people. Training is also important, but according to all the experience and skills of the mother, focusing on training is even more important!
But mentality!
The gap between Chuck and Black Rose is in the state of mind!
Black Rose is calm and decisive, Chuck sometimes fails to reach this point.
Black Rose was stunned for three seconds, and his voice was as cold as ice. “Yes, I can almost leave you.”
Suddenly, Black Rose felt a sense of loss!
I have been protecting him day and night for so long. In the end, I just exchanged a sentence.
You can almost leave? ?
“So you will call me later,” Chuck said.
“No, I will never ask you! I will never call you!”
The black rose is decisive, like the wood cut by the knife, there is no trace of connection, it is decisive to the extreme!
You are so unforgiving, you still have to call you!
Never possible!
Moreover, Black Rose is not the kind of person who will actively contact others, let alone Chuck, there is no possibility at all!
“Then…Okay!” Chuck nodded.
I felt that if Black Rose didn’t contact herself, she would certainly contact her.
Because Black Rose has protected himself for so long, in Chuck’s eyes, Chuck has not regarded Black Rose as a bodyguard, but as a friend.
So Chuck will contact him, and it is normal to keep in touch with friends.
Also, the world is very big, but not so big. The circles are different. Even if the two people are not in contact, the possibility of encountering them is also great.
“I can’t control your life and death later, but now you have to listen to me?” Black Rose is tough!
Anyway, Chuck said: Well, then.
She heard it in her heart and was particularly uncomfortable.
“I will listen to you later,”
“No, I said, I can’t control your life and death in the future, I care whether you are alive or dead in the future?” Black Rose was angry.
Icy to the extreme!
“It’s all here, Sister Rose,” Chuck smiled.
“Go to hell, who made you call me that? Who is your rose sister?” Black Rose kicked Chuck, this is fierce!
Although I am older than you, I am not used to it!
Chuck fell to the ground and rolled around.
Black Rose snorted coldly, “What else to pretend! Can’t get up yet?”
Chuck got up in embarrassment and covered her stomach. Black Rose felt a little pain in her foot, but it wasn’t very painful. Chuck could bear it. After climbing up, it didn’t hurt.
The black rose didn’t take much effort.
“I’m gone.” Chuck has arrived at the appointed place.
You almost saw You Shiwen, and she waited there.
“I tell you, people must be vigilant!! It must be for anyone!”
“Anyone? Where is my mother?”
“You raise the bar with me, right?” Black Rose wanted to kick Chuck again!
“No, what about you? Should I be on your guard?” Chuck smirked.
“As long as you are, you can be alert to me with a gun!” Black Rose groaned.
“Then will you be wary of me?” Chuck smiled and asked again.
“I wish I could point the gun at you, what did you say?” Black Rose was angry!
Be wary of what you do? ?
Be wary of yourself, you are already dead!
The black rose was irritated at once.
Chuck is speechless, as for? I didn’t do anything myself!
“Not yet?” Black Rose urged Chuck.
Chuck has seen You Shiwen, and of course nodded. “Well, you wait for me.”
“Don’t wait for you! What do I do for you?” Black Rose groaned.
Chuck smiled slightly and ran to You Shiwen. moment!
Black Rose was vigilant. She took out her sniper rifle and stared at Chuck, who was running, until Chuck ran to You Shiwen.
The cold muzzle is moving, facing You Shiwen! !
You Shiwen looked up and found that the two were staring at the camera!
Swords crossed!
Facing the muzzle, You Shiwen didn’t move.
“If you dare to mess up, see me not killing you!” Black Rose said coldly.
She doesn’t care about others. At this time, as long as someone threatens Chuck’s safety, she will shoot without hesitation!
“What did you ask me to do?” Chuck asked.
He felt You Shiwen’s state of mind, cold, the kind of coldness towards strangers.
You Shiwen is different from last time.
My mom let her go last time, but the last time I still felt like a friend, this time it was rarely suppressed by You Shiwen.
“My grandpa won’t live long,” You Shiwen said coldly.
“I know,” Chuck certainly knew. The mother said that the medicine is so powerful. Youbatian is so old, and it will certainly not last long. This is normal.
“My grandfather has a will, let me take your head and your mother Karen li’s head over to see him!” You Shiwen was indifferent to the extreme!

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