My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 724

Chuck actually actually thought about what You Shiwen asked him to do.
The last time you traveled to Shiwen and asked your mother to get medicine, you must have woke up in the past few days.
But the delay is too long, and Yu Batian must not be able to live for a few days.
You Batian hates himself, Chuck knows, why doesn’t Chuck want to kill him with his own hands? ?
It would be cheap to let him die.
“So?” Chuck shrugged.
“Your head, I want it.” You Shiwen approached!
“Hehe!” Chuck smiled.
“What are you laughing at?” You Shiwen frowned.
When Chuck laughed, she felt quite annoying.
Why would Wan Ziwen like him?
One point, any point of charm?
“The situation has gone back. Last time I was going to kill you, but this time you are going to kill me.”
“Humph! Do you want me to let you go?” You Shiwen was annoyed.
“I didn’t say that, don’t get me wrong!”
You Shiwen step by step! suddenly! boom! !
A cold bullet came from a place, slipped in the ear of You Shiwen, and hit a tree!
The tree is not thick, just cut off the waist! !
Chuck was taken aback!
This is a black rose warning!
Warn You Shiwen not to mess up and stay close!
Chuck was moved. Black Rose didn’t say much. In fact, she had a bit of tofu in her mouth.
You Shiwen Meimu didn’t move, she turned her head to look at the distance and calmed down!
“It seems that her marksmanship is not so accurate,” You Shiwen said.
Chuck smiled slightly, “It’s okay, you continue! She’s not so accurate!”
You Shiwen stared at Chuck for three seconds, which was a tangled three seconds!
You Shiwen feels that she has the ability to escape the bullet of Black Rose and take off Chuck’s head in three seconds!
However, she couldn’t stop!
She was angry, how angry she became like this?
She found a place to sit down.
Chuck smiled, that’s why he came over. He was sure that You Shiwen would not do anything to himself.
Because Chuck understood her.
Chuck sat next to her, hugged her shoulders and hugged her shoulders, and You Shiwen was angry, “Go away!”
“We are all brothers, what are you afraid of?” Chuck hugged her shoulders and touched her.
It’s the same as a brother hooking his shoulders.
You Shiwen opened Chuck’s hand, “Don’t get too far! Stay away from me!”
She knew that Chuck had no other meaning, but a simple way of expressing familiarity. If so, You Shiwen had already got angry.
Not to mention stabbing, punching and kicking is definitely inevitable!
She hasn’t been hugged by other men so much, Chuck doesn’t count. In You Shiwen’s heart, Chuck is not a man, but a sister! !
Still a sister!
Because she is a little bit bigger than Chuck.
“I can’t kill you, my mom, don’t even count on me, I won’t let you do that either.” Chuck shrugged.
“I can kill you, just three seconds…”
“Don’t underestimate me, you want to kill me in three seconds?” Chuck laughed.
“whatever you think!”
“Actually, I have a new idea.”
You Shiwen has no interface, Chuck hugs her shoulder, You Shiwen is angry, “Say! What idea!”
“Let you be the homeowner of the wandering house, and you and I wouldn’t be in trouble with the water! Can you do this?”
Chuck had this idea last time, not to mention that You Shiwen just didn’t do it to herself just now?
Therefore, You Shiwen didn’t kill her. What about letting her be the head of the house?
“No, absolutely not. I sit on the house owner and your house is over!” You Shiwen directly refused! may? !
Absolutely impossible!
“Okay, let’s go, we’ll find a place to eat noodles,” Chucklayou Shiwen started.
You Shiwen kicked Chuck angrily, “Who eats noodles with you? I’m going back!”
“Then how do you explain to your grandfather?” Chuck no longer smiled.
You Batian is still the owner, which means that you still have the right not to let You Shiwen be the owner.
“How do you explain it? You chopped your head to me, and I brought your head back to explain!” You Shiwen sneered.
“I can’t do it myself.”
“Go to death! I’m gone! Don’t be friends afterwards, I will definitely deal with you, even if I don’t deal with you, and…”
You Shiwen stopped and did not say Wan Ziwen.
“Who else do you say?” Chuck was stunned.
“You say you are so ugly, what’s the charm?” You Shiwen couldn’t figure it out more and more, Wan Ziwen only wanted Chuck?
It was ugly, and the voice was unpleasant.
Chuckmu, why did You Shiwen say so? ?
Despise yourself?
This is totally slandering! !
Can’t bear it!
“You can’t do it either. Look in front of you, shit, what?? The legs are long, but they are like elephant legs…”
The two scolded, and the two wrestled.
No one killed, and after a while, You Shiwen got up, “Don’t fight, I’m going back, my grandfather won’t live long.”
Chuck didn’t laugh anymore. It was Grandpa You Shiwen how to say it, although Chuck wanted to laugh.
But You Shiwen is still there, you have to hold back.
“Okay, you can go back and ask me something,” Chuck turned around and left.
“Ask you? Just dream!” You Shiwen also sneered back.
But suddenly, You Shiwen’s cell phone rang.
She took it out to see that there was a message on her phone, “I can’t do it, come back soon…”
“Grandpa!” You Shiwen was shocked!
Chuck stopped her, “What’s wrong?”
“My grandfather is dying, Chuck is the victim of your family, and I will never end with you!!”
You Shiwen said.
Chuck was speechless!
What can you say? ?
This is a cycle of cause and effect, let alone, no one can resist the old, the sick!
“Wait, don’t you think that your grandfather sent you a message, is there something wrong?”
Chuck pulled her to let go.
You Shiwen was angry and lost her mind!
Slap in the face of Chuck!
Chuck’s cheeks were red!
This black rose gritted his teeth!
Pull the trigger! !
The bullet came out and passed by You Shiwen, hitting a tree! ?
This is the anger of Black Rose!
You Shiwen recovered, she was stunned, and Chuck’s cheeks were all red. This was his own fight, “I’m sorry…”
“It’s okay, if you look at your text messages again, your grandfather can’t do it, can you text them?” Chuck’s face was hot, but she could understand her.
You Shiwen shook his head, “I have a problem, I have to go back because he is my grandfather.”
“It turns out that you will also use emotions!” Chuck sighed, he thought You Shiwen was cold and impermanent!
After all, it has been out for so long, and family is really nothing to her.
“I’ve always been emotional! Haven’t you noticed?”
Chuck is speechless, yes, if You Shiwen is not of this character, then you may have lived with her long ago.
After You Shiwen finished, she ran away, got in the car, and drove away.

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