My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 726

More than ten people besieged, these are masters in the family, and even if they are placed in the world, they are ranked!
Their fighting is amazing!
More than a dozen people shot, all with sharp daggers!
All poke over!
Replaced with other people, already scared!
Waiting for the body to be stabbed!
You Shiwen has no other expressions, she has the will to fight!
This situation between life and death, she has encountered too many times, she will never be afraid, she will go all out!
You can fight like ten gods of war, one person against more than ten people!
More than ten people are masters!
You Shiwen faced this way!
But Yu Shiwen was even more powerful. After more than a dozen siege, she was eventually stabbed alone!
The arm was stabbed!
Blood shot! !
You Shiwen did not retreat!
It’s still fighting!
You Tianle laughed insincerely, “Give me the go! I will watch her die!”
More than a dozen people continue!
Siege of You Shiwen, sword and sword!
It’s all terrifying battles!
It seems that as long as you get closer, people will die!
The air is filled with horrible bloody smell!
You Tianle stared horribly at the dead Youbatian in the hospital bed, and said abnormally, “Old things, did you see the person you chose? You are going to go with you now! Do you regret it?
Sorry for sure, you Don’t do so many methods, just choose me directly?!”
But Youba Tian is dead, how can you answer?
You Tianle smiled, this smile was too abnormal.
At this time, his dad came in. This was the first time he saw the real body of You Shiwen. He was stunned!
It really is different!
Faced with the siege of more than a dozen people, the face is still unchanged!
Fortunately, using this method, I caught her, otherwise it would be troublesome!
You Shiwen’s cold eyes make Yu Tianle dad feel chills!
“Dad, how are you prepared there!” You Tianle asked.
Just now he asked his dad to arrange it.
What are the arrangements? !
Of course, the inheritance of the head of the family!
Among the descendants of Youjia, only he has this strength!
The position of the head of the second hidden family in the world is soon his own!
You Tianle is very excited to think about it! !
“Your uncles and aunts are very dissatisfied with you, but I persuaded them and threatened them!
They defaulted, and the people in the family will come back one after another! By then, I, and they I recommend you a few! You are the homeowner, no problem!” You Tianle’s father is also pleased.
If your son is the head of the house, then you are also the highest position, too emperor!
He also figured it out. At this stage, it is the only way.
“Good! Dad, you did well!!” You Tianle laughed!
In a few hours, when everyone in the family returns, then you are the owner!
It’s going to be windy and rainy!
What if Chuck had his own handle?
Who dared to say one more word as the head of the house? ?
Next is Chuck, you are waiting for my revenge on You Tianle!
His dad smiled comfortably, “You are my son, of course I will help you!”
“You two know what you are doing?” At this time, You Shiwen said indifferently!
Faced with the siege of more than a dozen people, she still has time to speak.
You Tianle, and his dad’s behavior, for the first time in so many generations of Youjia history! !
You Shiwen’s anger is to the extreme!
“Of course I know, but you should also know that you are about to die.” You Tianle laughed.
You Shiwen remains indifferent!
“Quickly kill her!”
You Tianle’s dad yelled, You Shiwen’s eyes made him particularly uncomfortable.
When more than ten bodyguards besieged, three more have been killed by You Shiwen!
All were lying on the ground, blood was flowing, and the expression on his face was unbelievable!
Ten left! !
You Shiwen continues to fight!
“Look how much blood you can shed!”
You Tianle sneered. He didn’t believe that You Shiwen could kill everyone. This is impossible, because You Shiwen has been stabbed a few times!
There is a lot of blood flowing out.
“Tianle, after you become the head of the family, you will start to deal with that Chuck and Karen li tonight! I don’t want to have more dreams than night!”
“I know, of course I know, this Chuck I really want him to die! But I will not let him die so happy, dare to provoke me to visit Tianle, I will let him regret appearing in this world!” You Tianle 狰狞Smile.
You Tianle’s dad is relieved! suddenly!
A bodyguard stabbed You Shiwen’s waist and blood came out!
This sharp dagger is indestructible!
You ten tattoos don’t change color! It hurts, it doesn’t matter!
You Shiwen was hurt all over her body. What are you afraid of?
She didn’t feel much.
Suddenly she also released her own means!
It is a kind of needle!
Ten bodyguards, six screams! !
Falling to the ground, the face is scared, there are needles on his face!
A few convulsions, dead!
The needle is silent, they can’t hide at all, only die!
You Tianle twitched her face, “What are you still doing? Come on!”
There are four bodyguards, they are angry! I almost died just now!
That kind of lucky anger must kill You Shiwen!
The four men battled against the ten essays, and the fierce battle started again in an instant! boom!
The four bodyguards went mad, kicking in ten articles!
She fell out and hit the wall!
Spit blood!
The four bodyguards are excited, punching and kicking! boom!
You Shiwen fell out again, but I don’t know why, her eyes didn’t have any fear!
You Shiwen fell to the ground, and the daggers of four bodyguards stabbed over!
“Slow down!”
You Tianle suddenly smiled and walked in front of You Shiwen, stepping on You Shiwen.
“Cousin, what about you being selected? What about going out? Not to lose to me? People, you must be ruthless! If you are ruthless, you won’t be caught by me?” You Tianle proudly .
He is full of comfort!
Unexpectedly, it was so easy to win the house, he regretted that he should do it sooner!
“You Tianle, you are different from me, you can’t be the owner of the house, I’m here.” You Shiwen said, determined to the extreme! !
You Tianle’s foot is hard, special stepping on the wound of You Shiwen, blood flows out.
“Really? You are joking, you are about to die, how can you be the head of the house? Rest assured, I will let you die wherever you go, I said you rushed in suddenly, wolf heart kills grandpa, haha, I am right Are you good?” You Tianle grinned grimly.
“Kill her!” You Tianle instructed that the four bodyguards’ daggers moved to kill You Wenwen’s life!
The fine light flashed in Yu Shiwen’s beautiful eyes. She rushed up and grabbed You Tianle! In an instant, her dagger was already facing You Tianle’s chest! !

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