My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 727

Stabbed with a bloody dagger and pressed against You Tianle’s neck!
At this moment, You Tianle’s face seemed to be splashed with white paint, and the brush was as pale as paper. He panicked!
“Cousin! Don’t kill me!”
You Tianle didn’t even think of You Shiwen. After being subdued by four bodyguards, she could suddenly control herself!
Take control in one move!
You Tianle has a feeling of dreaming!
He was stunned!
You Shiwen was subdued just now. Is this pretended?
It is indeed pretended that You Shiwen survived in the heap of dead people. This kind of life and death has long been neglected. It is this kind of mentality that can make her feel more at will.
Four bodyguards startled!
“Tianle!” You Tianle’s dad’s soul was scared away.
The man from the upper house of the horse is coming, You Tianle can take the position of the head of the house, and his status in the Youjia is even higher, but You Shiwen seizes You Tianle in this way. Isn’t the succession waiting for the meeting to be upset?
You Ba Tian also killed in vain? ?
“You Shiwen, let my son go!” You Tianle’s father yelled excitedly!
“Release young master!”
Four bodyguards glared at the threat!
“Cousin, I’m wrong, don’t kill me, I’m wrong,” You Tianle was about to urinate.
He felt the coldness of You Shiwen!
I think You Shiwen will kill himself without hesitation!
You Shiwen is indifferent. She has stabbed on her body and a lot of blood has flowed. Her dagger is against You Tianleā€™s neck. It hurts and makes You Tianle tremble. “Cousin, the owner, I will not do it, I will not do it! Let you do it, I Don’t do it!”
You Tianle begged, he was afraid that death had left him without dignity.
The four bodyguards dare not get close!
You Shiwen’s domineering is too great, and they have made them sober. Just now they are fighting with such a lifeless person?
The four bodyguards are so worried!
“Let my son, what the hell do you want? I’ll give it to you!” You Tianle’s father shivered and shouted!
“I want you to bury my grandfather!” You Shiwen said coldly.
You Tianle almost fainted, “No, cousin…”
“Is the owner of the house what you can do?”
You Shiwen’s arm moved, the dagger was moving, and the sharp mouth pierced You Tianle’s neck!
The skin is punctured, You Tianle fear!
His dad was dumbfounded!
Four bodyguards are scared!
But this time, suddenly, a bullet pierced the sky!
Like a meteor!
I don’t know where I shot from! boom!
The bullet relentlessly penetrated through You Shiwen’s body!
You Shiwen bowed her head and saw the blood shoot out of her body!

“Master, are you really going?”
Betty is persuading.
Karen li’s order was not to let Chuck go to the house.
It’s too dangerous to go like this!
But Chuck felt flustered and felt that You Shiwen would definitely have an accident!
This feeling is very strong!
Chuck couldn’t sit still!
You Shiwen is his friend. Can Chuck watch his friend have an accident?
“Sister Li, you have prepared the plane for me,” Chuck said.
Betty gritted her teeth, “But…”
“Sister Li…”
Betty sighed and went to prepare.
In the place where you traveled, Chuck visited the last time. As long as you go skydiving directly as far as possible, you will not be found.
Make sure You Shiwen is fine, Chuck will come back by himself.
Black Rose followed Chuck.
“Don’t follow me, it’s dangerous!” Chuckzhi said.
“Do you think I want to follow you?” Black Rose was annoyed.
“Thanks,” Chuck was silent for three seconds.
“Do you need to thank you?” Black Rose’s voice was not so cold.
She is helpless!
She knew that Chuck couldn’t stand. Just a moment before she blinked, Chuck ran out.
At this time, Logan and Yvette were all in Karen li’s room. Chuck saw Betty came out, so she stopped her.
Soon, Betty ran back.
Chuck, Black Rose got on the plane, and Betty had to go up too.
Chuck shook his head, “Sister Li, don’t you go on…”
The plane drove away.
Chuck can’t wait any longer, you have to know the situation of You Shiwen at this time.
Betty sighed and ran back to the room. Karen li, Logan, and Yvette were stunned. Karen li asked,
“Betty, you…”
“I’m Mr. Li…” Betty couldn’t say it. She really couldn’t refuse Chuck’s request.
Karen li took a deep breath and said, “Cere is out?”
Yvette and Logan were overwhelmed! !
Busy running out, where is Chuck’s figure outside?
“I’m sorry, young master he…” Betty bowed her head, feeling guilty.
“No need to be sorry, Ce’er’s character is like this. Even if I look at him, he will find a way out.”
Karen li shook his head, and he felt helpless.
“Then now?” Betty became more and more flustered, feeling that she shouldn’t do this. She had a picture of Chuck’s death in her head.
She was sweating in cold sweat.
“Go prepare the plane!” Karen li packed things.
“Yes!” Betty ran out busy.
“Ah, you kid will really mess me up!” Karen li sighed, and went out with a serious expression.

“It should be over there,”
Chuck remembered that position, and came by Wan Ziwen’s plane last time.
Chuck remembers the route clearly.
This aircraft is an invisible aircraft, which is undetectable by radar. It is made by Mama Technology.
You will not be found near the home.
Aircraft speed control, ready for parachuting.
Black Rose explained to Chuck how to parachute jump. Chuck understood it when he heard it.
When he arrived, Black Rose jumped down first, and Chuck jumped down.
In the air, that kind of tumbling is particularly scary, but fortunately Chuck’s psychological quality is very good.
After the rumbling sound in the ear, he successfully landed.
The black rose landed first, and after seeing where Chuck landed, she ran over, relieved that Chuck did well.
Switch to ordinary people, don’t know where it will go.
“What do you want to do? It’s difficult for us two to get in!” Black Rose analyzed professionally.
“I seem to have heard from You Shiwen that she has a secret place to enter your home, which no one else knows.” Chuck recalled.
You Shiwen must have entered like this. Now that it has been so long, you must have already entered.
This secret place is definitely not easy to find, otherwise how is it called a secret place? ?
Chuck called You Shiwen, but shut down directly.
“Hush, don’t breathe!” Black Rose listened suddenly!
Chuck was obedient and held his breath.
The surroundings were so quiet that Chuck heard the sound and heard it from a distance.
The two looked at each other.
Say it in unison.
“Whose gunshot is this? You Tianle’s people?” Chuck was shocked!
Can You Shiwen stand alone, can he face bullets? Certainly not!
“Chuck, this gunshot makes me feel an absolute master. Now, follow me, follow me behind!”
Black Rose took out the sniper rifle seriously and solemnly!
Chuck was moved, Black Rose is to protect himself with 7 bodies!

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