My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 743

Master, it’s almost here,” Betty drove the plane, almost to the United States.
“Well.” Chuck looks forward to seeing the black rose again!
“By the way, what happened to Youjia?”
In addition to asking this question, Chuck actually still wanted to know what happened to You Shiwen? ?
She was shot, and with the physical qualities she had trained since childhood, she should be able to resist it.
I hope she can be okay, but thinking of the coldness in her eyes when she left last time, Chuck is speechless to this day.
Alas, I don’t know when that misunderstanding can be solved!
How is it possible for me to shoot ten articles? ?
Chuck sighed one after another.
“You Tianle has become the owner!” Bettymei eyes flashed.
This was as expected by Chuck. Fortunately, it took less than a day to find the medicine that Black Rose needed.
If the time is too long, something will happen!
“He should have already done it to his mother?” Chuck asked coldly.
You Tianle’s character, in order to be the head of the house, his grandfather can kill. With such a vicious character, what else can’t be done? ?
“Not yet! Young Master came here. About three hours later, You Tianle took the position of the owner,”
Chuck understands, and one can imagine that You Tianle became the head of the second family in the world.
Chuck will know when you think about it.
“How does the mother plan to respond?”
This is the most important issue. My mother has taken the Ok family, and her strength has improved a lot. However, as a hidden family, Youjia has only passed through the inheritance of dozens of generations!
The mother is very powerful, but this gap must be still there.
“Mr. Li hasn’t said it yet, but Master is relieved,” Betty has followed Karen li for so long, trust her!
Chuck also believed!
When I get to the house, I’ll say it again. Let’s wake up the black rose first.
Betty drove the plane home.
Chuck ran off the plane and arrived at Black Rose’s ward. The mother looked at the haggard and was cleaning up something for Black Rose.
“Mom, Black Rose?”
Chuck was so nervous that the woman of Black Rose had a story of her own, a story abandoned by her parents, but she was dead.
Chuck also wants to know her story that belongs to Black Rose!
The pale face of the black rose is still so beautiful.
This is the best-looking American from Chuck, don’t die.
“Fortunately, I have to come back in time. What about medicine?”
Chuck came back earlier than she thought.
Obviously, Chuck grew up.
“Here,” Chuck was busy taking out the medicine.
“Well, go out and wait!”
The procedure of this operation cannot be disturbed a little, otherwise Karen li may also make mistakes, because this operation is close to the heart! !
Other doctors do not have the psychological quality of Karen li at all, and only Karen li can do this kind of surgery.
“Okay, Mom, take your time.” Chuck ran out.
The procedure of this operation was long, Karen li was sweaty. Eventually, after the operation was completed, could the black rose wake up and look at God’s will.
Karen li did her best!
She wiped away the sweat tiredly and came out of the ward.
“Mom, she…”
“It should be fine, but it takes time to wake up,”
Karen li replied that this was the case. Chuck let out a long sigh of relief. “My mother said that, I’m relieved. By the way, the black rose woke up this time. I don’t need her protection.”
This time it was Chuck who harmed Black Rose, and she almost died. Chuck couldn’t let Black Rose continue to protect.
“Cer, the fighting strength is more than Black Rose, it is indeed possible to protect her, but sure?” Karen li asked.
“Then tell her well, if she wakes up.” Karen li respects Chuck’s ideas.
“Okay, when she wakes up, I will tell her,” Chuck will give Black Rose a lot of money after he finishes speaking.
Let her find a place to recuperate.
Money is Chuck’s guilt for her.
“Mom, how do you plan to deal with You Tianle? I’m free now!” Chuck now wants to have fun with You Tianle! !
The shimmering light in Karen li’s eyes! ?
She already had an idea!

Children and grandchildren, facing the new owner of the house, they all bow their heads!
Even though this new homeowner may be smaller than many of them at the scene, the homeowner is the homeowner!
You Tianle enjoy this feeling!
“Well, the third boy! I let you chase down the grandfather Yu Shiwen, how is it going?” You Tianle asked indifferently.
It is true that the position of the head of the family has made You Tianle’s temperament greatly changed. You feel that control feeling, You Tianle feels particularly clear at the moment!
“Homeowner, I have sent someone to chase, and it hasn’t turned out yet!” A man lowered his head.
“No results yet? This You Shiwen is despondent and mad, and she is very powerful. You don’t need to keep alive when you catch it. When you see it, you kill. Remember, take her head back. I want to use her head to worship Grandpa! “You Tianle squeezed away tears!”
You Shiwen feels that he won’t be able to live for a long time, he is shot!
You can also escape tracking! ?
This is impossible!
Just wait for someone to bring her head over.
“Yes, homeowner, I will deal with it now!!!” This man left!
“Homeowner, Chuck, Karen li over there…”
“They, I already have a plan in mind.” You Tianle grinned!
For Chuck and Karen li’s family, he already had an idea!
Slowly torture Chuck, let Chuck know that traveling is not so troublesome! !
“Tianle, Chuck, and Karen li are all at home, as if it were like this,” You Tianle’s dad said, and the information about You’s family is well developed.
“I know, it’s best to be at home! Dad, now find out all the people they know, and let Chuck know that his friend died because of him!” You Tianle grinned grimly!
… thump!
A person covered with blood, she was lying on the ground, she really had no strength.
You Shiwen, she is still alive!
The desire to survive, let her get up with all her strength, how can you rest here? ?
With her many years of experience in stocking, she feels she has to find a place to hide immediately!
She came to that bar!
I saw the man who received her exclusively!
“Miss…” The man was busy and surprised.
“Give me a quiet place, I want to sew myself a wound,”
“Good side!”
You Shiwen arrived in a room!
At this moment, her entire arm is no longer hers, and she began to sew it, her heart was cold, and it was the same in her eyes!
Chuck, actually shot me! !
Pain, exhausted You Shiwen was temporarily comatose, and tears came out of the corner of his eyes, this is the tears of betrayal…

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