My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 746

In the presence of everyone, Li Overlord called the owner of You Tianle, and the owner of the Li family was furious!
The other children of the Li family looked at each other, and no one dared to speak! !
“Good boy, Master Li, you start today, no longer surnamed Li, surnamed tour! I allow you to believe in tour!” You Tianle laughed!
“Thank you, Lord!” Li Bazhu bowed his head and respectfully!
For him, it is still the most important to live, what family! What surname? Not worth mentioning!
The other children of the Li family are in a bad mood, and they also want to live!
Master Li Jia’s fists clenched and squeaked! ?
“Overlord Li, I shouldn’t drive Karen out, the most should be you!!!” The head of the Li family was extremely resentful!
He regretted how he treated Karen li at that time, leaving people like LiOverlord. [Read Novels at]
Actually betrayed now and became a dog!
Is living more important than self-esteem? ?
“Dad, don’t talk about it, you come here too! You can live when you come over!!!” Li Ba said to the other descendants of Youjia.
The children of Youjia looked at each other!
No one dared to move!
You Tianle smiled, “But if you come, you die? Come and give me a bang, and I will reward you with a surname, the same surname as my family!”
The eyes of the Li family head are blood red! Covered by shame!
“Me, Dad, I want to live!”
“Grandpa, I want to live too!”
“Grandpa, forgive me, I want to live too!”
One after another, all the descendants of the Li family came over, and they shed tears and kowtowed to You Tianle.
One by one!
On the Li family, only the owner of the Li family is alone, to the extreme of loneliness!
You Tianle laughed terribly, “Haha! Well, starting today, you are the surname! You are the descendants of my family!”
“Home, homeowner!!”
The descendants of the Li family bowed their heads in shame and dared not go to see the owner of the Li family!
“Dad, come here too! Survival is more important than anything!” Li Overlord said.
“Yes, Grandpa, come here, it’s okay! Just changed the surname!”
“Your surname Li is the same, no difference! There is no need to be like this. Grandpa, come here, just kowtow with the owner, very simple!”
The children of the Li family are calling.
The head of the Li family is in agony. What did he raise? ?
These are your own children. How can you call someone else’s head shamelessly? !
“shut up!”
The owner of the Li family resented, “Since today, you are not a member of the Li family. You must remember that the Li family does not want you!!”
The children of the Li family looked at each other!
For them, survival is more important than anything, and the rest is irrelevant.
You Tianle grinned, “Oh, it’s so bonesome, give me a knock, you can survive, and you can be a child of the hidden family, why should you?”
“Shut up, you!”
Master Li went forward step by step, fearlessly!
“I’m too old to kneel!”
“Then I will find someone to help you kneel! I like others to kneel down for me, especially you!”
You Tianle grinned beckoningly, “You overlord, go! Let him kneel!!”
“Homeowner, he is me…” Overlord Li hesitated!
A slap fell on his face!
The overlord’s cheeks are scarlet!
He was annoyed, but he didn’t dare to speak with anger, only one step up the mountain, no one from the Li family descended, he bowed his head!
“Dad, be a little more fun!” Master Li overwhelmed his heart!
“shut up!”
The owner of the Li family resented that he stepped forward and smashed his fist! ! boom!
Overlord Li is facing the attack!
The owner of the Li family fell out!
Mouth vomiting blood, lying in awkward ground.
“Dad, you are old, you are always confused.” Li Ba has a blank expression!
“I really regret giving birth to you!” The head of the Li family climbed up, and blood kept coming out of his mouth.
“No, you should finally regret that Karen li is left!” The overlord of Li was fierce and angry!
“The last thing I regret is her!”
“You overlord, don’t you do it yet?” You Tianle lazily urged!
“Yes, the owner!” Overlord Li hesitated for three seconds. “The owner, my dad still has the role of surviving. You can lead Karen li over here!”
“Oh, no, no, no, Karen li was kicked out by you, and has no feelings for you, you still expect her to come for you too?” You Tianle has no humanity, and his thinking is the same.
How could Karen li come over? ?
“Let him kneel! I can let him go! Otherwise, You Ba Tian, you die!”
Lord Li was expressionless, and he walked to his father and kicked.
The head of the Li family turned and knelt down, the knee bone burst!
The children of the Li family didn’t speak alone, so they didn’t dare to look up!
“Dad, don’t blame me!” Overlord Li came back.
“Haha, good job! Go! You can follow me!” You Tianle laughed!
Take people away.
The descendants of the Li family bowed their heads and followed, and the overlord Li also followed. He hated Karen li even more! It’s all you! !
“Master, do you want me to kill him?” asked a bodyguard!
“Kill? Why kill him? This old immortal self-esteem has been trampled on by me. After he leaves, he will definitely commit suicide. Compared with me, he committed suicide by himself.
That revenge on Karen li is not even greater!?” You Tianle A grinning shrug!
“Understood, young master!”
You Tianle smiled, now is just the beginning, Chuck, Karen li, you two will regret it!
“Quiet, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have driven you out, or today’s things will never happen, everything is our own suffering, everything is our own fault……” Li family head regretted it!
If Karen li was not expelled from the beginning, what can you do if you have Karen li sitting in town and visiting Tianle?
A family bone is important! The bone of Li Overlord has softened, and everyone else has also softened. People who have no face and no skin have become dads!
The head of the Li family looked down at a piece of broken glass on the ground. He reached out and slowly picked it up…

Karen li and Chuck came out.
“Mom, what are you doing here with me?” Chuck didn’t quite understand. Karen li actually arrived at her technology company!
What is this for? ?
“Give you a good outfit! The next day, it will be particularly dangerous! Do you know?” Karen liyun is breezy.
Chuck understood, and went in with his mother. There are everything in the technology company, including self-help medicines, and special metals. Karen li brought Chuck a set in all directions, and felt that it was necessary!
Hands and feet are protected so that the combat effectiveness is high!
However, when Chuck was replaced, she saw her mother answering a phone call and never saw her mother move again. Chuck came over and said, “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”
Li Qing’s eyes closed and tears came out.

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