My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 750

“do not know,”
Behind the scenes, she also just got the news and told Chuck the first time.
She knows Chuck’s recent relationship with Youjia.
Chuck thought, who did it?
You Tianle is still unclear? That thing was done secretly enough!
“Sister, you don’t know anything else?” Chuck asked.
“Little guy, if I knew, would I hide you?”
This is also true. The boss behind the scenes really didn’t hide anything from Chuck. Even if Chuck asked her how old she was, she might not hide it.
“The person I arranged in was finally discovered by accident, did you think it was discovered intentionally?” The behind-the-scenes boss didn’t feel good.
Chuck understands that You Tianle doesn’t know yet, and can really explain that the people she arranged were mostly found by mistake.
“I know, sister, I’m leaving.” Chuck shook his head and must go, otherwise, Alice, Emily, they would be in great danger!
“Hug me once!” The boss behind the scene blinked with sincerity.
Chuck didn’t hesitate, tenderly, gently hugged her all at once. When letting go, the boss behind the scene embraced Chuck himself.
“Do you know? For the first time in such a long time, I want a man to hold me, you are the first,” the boss behind the scene was particularly gentle today.
Chuck coughed, “Ah…”
“No amount, let me hold for a while,” she said reluctantly.
This is really the first hug between her and Chuck!
It feels so beautiful, which makes the boss behind the scenes more certain, how she feels about Chuck.
Chuck didn’t move.
The boss behind the scene is sensible, she knows that Chuck is anxious to leave here.
Let go of her.
Chuck left without delay.
The boss behind the scene sighed and looked at Chuck who left, she muttered to herself, “Little fellow, you hooked my soul…”

“Mom, mom…” Emily was caught. She saw the tortured Alice.
Her heart hurt to the extreme.
Alice has been tortured to death at this moment, she has endured very hard, but she is only a woman after all.
Pain, she didn’t flinch, but she couldn’t bear it.
“Mom…” Emily cried.
“Emily, how are you?” You Tianle smiled slightly. Emily and Alice are very similar. In fact, they look like sisters who are only a few years old.
You Tianle, who has seen too many women, also finds Emily beautiful.
“I’m not good, let my mother go!” Emily was crying, very angry!
“Oh, you help me persuade your mother to call Chuck for help, and I let her go. Are you okay?
Just make a phone call.”
“No fight, absolutely no fight!” Emily was very determined!
Calling Chuck does not mean that Chuck will be in danger after coming over? !
Just die by yourself, how can you get Chuck?
Just as it should, Chuck was paid once.
Emily is not afraid! !
“Oh, you are like your mother Alice, let me like it! Haha! Splash water on me and wake Alice,”
You Tianle grinned grimly! splash! !
The cold water splashed on Alice’s head, and the unconscious Alice woke up under this cold.
She glanced in confusion, and after finding Emily who was also caught here, she looked bloody,
“Mom.” Emily cried.
My own family, in front of the hidden family, was so weak that it was still a matter of time.
“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!” Alice was miserable!
Her daughter was actually caught here.
“Mom, I’m not afraid! Not afraid!!” Emily was really not afraid.
At this place, she has her own consciousness.
“Emily… You Tianle, you let my daughter go! You let me do whatever you want! Let her go!”
Alice was just a mother at the moment.
“Haha! Are you willing to do anything?! This is what you said, then you call Chuck now, you let him come here!”
Alice is out of control! On the one hand is her daughter, on the other is the best feeling of Chuck, she can’t choose!
“You are not qualified to bargain with me, I said to let you call, you just call, otherwise I will be in front of you, hey, you know!” You Tianle laughed.
He suddenly understood why Alice was protecting Chuck so much. Does Chuck have anything to do with Emily? ?
Then You Tianle found a better way of revenge.
Put a hat on Chuck, OK? ?
“Don’t, mom, don’t fight! You can’t let Chuck come, he will die when he comes,” Emily shook her head firmly and wept.
Absolutely not!
You Tianle slapped Emily on the face!
“You Tianle, you beast, don’t hit my daughter!” Alice screamed, her emotions more uncontrollable.
Emily’s slap was very painful, she didn’t hum, how about the pain?
Don’t let go.
“Not painful? Haha!” You Tianle slapped Emily several times in a row, Emily said nothing, but there were tears in her eyes.
“Don’t fight!” Alice was miserable and desperate. She thought that when she was alone, nothing happened, but suddenly her daughter came and she couldn’t control it!
“This is the appetizer, I will ask you again, can’t you beat it?” You Tianle looked at Emily’s figure.
Perfect to the extreme!
He is excited.
“Emily, I…” Alice shook her head and her tears shed silently.
“Mom, I won’t blame you. The big deal is death, I’m not afraid!” Emily also knew what You Tianle would do to her next. She also decided that death could not make You Tianle treat her so much! !
The most important thing for her as a woman must be given to the person she likes!
“I can’t let you suffer this kind of torture, can’t I?” Alice cried more than ever.
My daughter is still young.
But she didn’t want to call, she was in pain.
“It seems that your daughter is not as important as Chuck? Or do you think I am joking with you?!” You Tianle showed a terrible appearance.
“Don’t!” Alice despair!
“Unfortunately, you are not qualified to let me go!” You Tianle laughed as he approached Emily.
Emily was determined that when Yu Tianle’s claws approached, she gritted her teeth and blood shed.
“No, Emily. No!” Alice screamed!
She knew what Emily was going to do, because she had done the same thing just now! !
You Tianle slap down!
Emily had blood flowing in her mouth, her head drooping and not moving, as if… dead.
You Tianle was angry, “Damn!”
“Emily, Emily, I’m sorry for you, don’t be afraid, I will come with you,” Alice said desperately, her daughter died, what was she doing alive? !

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