My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 752

The person who came in, the standard Chinese face, yes, Chuck who blasted the door with a bomb! !
Alice, who was beautiful and blood-red, froze and burst into tears.
He actually came over? !
Alice couldn’t believe it, but he really appeared like that! !
This second man of my own appeared…
Alice feels like dreaming, but this real dream! !
The violent explosion made Yu Tianle irritated. In an instant, he saw the door burst and was blasted away. After the dust was all over, he saw the person coming in, Chuck, actually Chuck! ?
In a flash, You Tianle grinned!
No matter how Chuck came, why did he come here!
He has no interest in these.
The only thing I am interested in is here!
Come on well! !
Chuck glanced, this room is very big, there are You Tianle, there are many You Tianle bodyguards!
And… Alice, who was tortured and tied, and… For a moment, Chuck was shocked, Emily. ?
Is she dead?
Chuck looked at Alice’s eyes, her eyes were sad, Chuck understood, and was angry!
What You Tianle did just now, he had already thought of it, Alice was tortured by despair just now! !
“Oh, it’s not bad, you came here alone?” You Tianle smiled slightly, very terrible!
Snap your fingers!
You Tianle said, “You guys go to the door! Look at how many people are here”
“Yes, the owner!”
Ten people in the room left! boom! !
What switch you pressed, people outside can see that this entrance is sealed by a heavy iron wall, and people outside can’t get in!
Chuck walked in step by step without being affected by the gaze of You Tianle’s bodyguard! !
Soon, the person who just went out came back.
“Go home, only he came over!”
“Did your mother Karen li give up on you, or are you too relieved? Actually let you come here alone?” You Tianle laughed.
Even if Karen li came here, there was no problem!
You Tianle is already sitting on the house, how can he compare with the security problem before? ?
“Don’t talk? I know what Karen li means, oh, is this a separate act, right? You come here, Karen li will go to my home?? This really fits her character, she doesn’t like to engage in sneak attacks, engage in Night raid? But I already knew it, so ah, be prepared for it and design a trap for Karen li. Of course, you can rest assured that Chuck will catch it, because, I still want Torture her well!!!” You Tianle laughed abnormally.
Yes, when he left, he had designed a trap in the home, even if Karen li was even more powerful, he could never escape the trap! !
Chuck was surprised, trap? Isn’t that mom particularly dangerous? ?
“Are you afraid? Haha! You have done nothing wrong in your life. The only thing you have done wrong is to offend me. I am the one who can’t offend you all your life!”
You Tianle walked in front of Alice, he smiled, “I just asked her to call you and asked her to come over, she was unwilling to force Emily, she was also unwilling, so I am going to torture Emily At that time, she actually killed herself by biting her tongue, what a pity! Emily’s figure, but the type I like!!!”
Chuck understood that he distressed Emily suddenly, her character was strong and she would definitely not be insulted by You Tianle.
So I chose to end my life!
But she was less than 20 years old!
What a young age, it is because of You Tianle that she is gone! !
“Let’s talk, are you a little bit interested in Alice, otherwise how can she protect you that way?”
You Tianle sneered.
“How did you let her go!” Chuck was not afraid and stepped closer.
“Let her go? Of course it is!” You Tianle’s grimace!
“Chuck, go away, go away…” Alice is desperate, she has lost Emily, can she still lose Chuck? ?
She knew she could not survive, so she wanted Chuck to live well!
“Sorry, I hurt you.” Chuck sighed.
Yes, it really hurt her.
If at that time, the two did not have a relationship, you would not let You Tianle seize this relationship to threaten, how could it be possible for You Tianle to catch it! ?
Now Alice was caught and Emily was dead, all because of her fault.
“No, you didn’t hurt me,” Alice shook her head in tears.
Why was Chuck hurt? ?
Even if there is no relationship with Chuck, the last time You Tianle asked for a bomb, she would be insulted! !
What does this have to do with Chuck?
Alice was caught in!
When she was tortured, she didn’t think so.
She even thanked Chuck. When You Tianle looked for her last time, if there was no Chuck, would she still be alive? !
Chuck sighed, Alice was tortured, Chuck felt distressed!
This woman can’t tell her well. without return.
Chuck felt guilty for her.
“You Tianle, how did you let her go? Say it!” Chuck didn’t wait.
This place, Chuck doesn’t want to let Alice stay a second longer! !
When she left, Chuck could let go!
Otherwise, Chuck can only be controlled!
“How did you let her go? Let me think about it first? I haven’t thought about it yet!” You Tianle smiled.
“No, you’re going…” Alice closed her eyes.
She was so distraught that she couldn’t watch it, and then she would break her heart.
“I will take you out, trust me!!!” Chuck said.
Alice couldn’t speak, and her tears fell silently. She believed, but she just wanted Chuck to live!
“Oh, are you really optimistic, and want to take her away?? Ha ha, oh, I think well, you let me let her go, no problem, I want to see you beaten first, should it be okay?” You Tianle asked with a smile.
Chuck said nothing!
“Oh, will you?”
“Okay!” Chuck nodded and agreed, “Can you let her go if you are beaten?”
“It depends on the mood, anyway, I want to see you beaten by my people, you should have no comments? If you have any comments, I don’t listen.”
“Okay,” Chuck agreed.
Alice shook her head, tears silently more.
“You three, entertain him well, oh, yes, don’t kill him, then I will have no fun, go!” You Tianle laughed.
“Yes, the master!!!” The three came out and walked towards Chuck.
You Tianle showed a terrible, next should be very interesting, he will not miss the next second.
Chuck clenched his fists, facing three people, he chose to let go, Alice’s life, important!

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