My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 756

Karen li, Yvette, Logan controlled the people in the security room!
“Yvette, stay here! Is there any problem?” Karen li simply asked.
“no problem!”
Yvette’s strength is not bad, after all, she still has a gun in her hand.
The people in the security room were shocked by Karen li’s punch just now, instinctively afraid.
“Logan, let’s go out!”
Karen li now wants to control the wandering people.
At this time, the people of the home are all in the lobby, they are talking about each other, and discussing what happened.
Logan, Karen li went out.
Youjia’s hall!
Many bodyguards are on the alert.
“What the hell happened?”
“Not sure yet?”
The children and grandchildren are angry, waking them up in the middle of the night, this is all anger.
The bodyguard is ready to check!
Suddenly, after the sound of pulling the trigger, a bullet shot quickly! boom! !
Hit a man, hit the eyebrows! ! thump!
The man suddenly fell to the ground, the bloody smell radiated, and immediately caused panic! ?
“Who shot?”
The children and grandchildren at the scene panicked.
This is dead!
In the home, but if it is a golden soup, how can someone shoot!
“It’s not good, someone broke in!”
“How is this possible?”
Everyone feels unbelievable, how could it be possible for someone to enter the house? ?
However, they actually had to let them believe! boom!
Another shot came straight out of the brow of a bodyguard!
There are so many shots, so terrible!
“Don’t move!”
Indifferent, this is Karen li’s voice.
Karen li and Logan come in!
How can you not know these two people, children and grandchildren?
Scream right away!
“Come here, are you fucking dead? How did you let them both in?”
“Catch them!”
All the children and grandchildren of Youjia are in a panic.
Karen li’s two shots completely shocked them. Many of Youjia’s children and grandchildren are respected people. When they encounter this kind of thing that can never be encountered, they panic.
“Don’t say anything!” Karen li snorted coldly, majestic to the extreme!
Your children and grandchildren dare not speak at once!
“Who dares to move, I will kill anyone!!” Karen li glanced coldly here.
There were many bodyguards at the scene, but Karen li suddenly pulled the trigger continuously! what! !
Five times!
The five men fell to the ground in response, without moving, all of them eyebrowed! ?
Bloody DC, bloody smell!
There are other bodyguards, where dare you move?
This kind of marksmanship is like a god!
In the security room, Yvette witnessed this scene, and her marksmanship could not do this.
Hundreds of hits, straight in the eyebrows, this kind of marksmanship, under deterrence, no one will take risks, no one dares to take risks!
Karen li’s powerful aura shocked them! !
“Karen li, do you know what you are doing? This is my wandering home!” An old man shivered and yelled!
No one has ever been in this place before. This is really incredible. boom! !
Karen li pulled the trigger!
The bullet passed directly through the old man’s eyebrows! thump!
The old man lay on the ground with a shock on his face.
He still couldn’t believe it. As soon as he said a word, Karen li had shot him.
Your children and grandchildren panic to the extreme!
“Don’t say anything!” Karen li said indifferently!
The voice is not loud, but no one dared to act!
“! Call You Tianle, hurry up!” Karen li gun pointed at someone!
That’s right, this man is You Tianle and his dad!
He was indescribable horror. Someone intruded into Yujia. He felt dreaming about such a horrible thing.
“Karen li,…” You Tianle’s father gritted his teeth!
However, one sentence is not finished yet!
Karen li decisively pulled the trigger! ! boom!
Bullets fired crazy! what!
You Tianle’s father broke his arm and was actually shot through by a bullet.
He screamed more than ever!
“Ah, ah!” He was distressed and unbelievable. Karen li shot him?
There are other descendants of Youjia who have been scared and stupid, so terrible!
When you say shooting, just shoot! !
“Don’t talk nonsense to me, call You Tianle and let him let my son go, or else, today I will kill all of you and fight!!” Karen li said coldly.
“I still want to eat bullets!” Karen li said, pulling the trigger!
The bullet hit You Tianle on his dad’s lap!
“Ah! I fight, I fight!” You Tianle’s dad screamed more than once, fearing to scare his urine.
When Karen li should be cruel, he can definitely be cruel!
“Quick fight, I have wasted ten seconds!” Karen li said coldly.
You Tianle shook his father and took out his phone!
How could he think that such a thing would happen!
He pressed the dial, but he couldn’t get out!
“Karen li, I can’t get out of my phone! Look!” You Tianle’s dad was afraid.
“Fight again!”
You Tianle continued with his dad, but still couldn’t get out.
“Someone interfered with the signal!” Logan said.
Karen li frowned, and suddenly she turned her head and narrowed her eyes.
“I said how disturbed, it turned out to be!”
Logan was surprised and turned her head!
Yvette walked in. There was still a person behind her, holding a gun in her hand, and it was actually the missing You Shiwen.
Yes, the boss got the news that You Shiwen did it. She has vowed to take the Youjia home!
Now, this her way! !
The praying mantis catches the cicada, and the cardinals are behind! !
“I have long discovered me?” You Shiwen’s face was indifferent.
“It feels like I have always believed in my sixth sense. This time it was a bit untimely. The explanation has changed and it is hidden very deeply.” Karen li said.
When she came, she felt that it was not right, and she always felt that there would be an accident.
Now it seems that this accident has happened, that is, You Shiwen, who has never appeared! !
She actually did a cardinal!
“No, I don’t have the means to come in so easily, no one can stop it!” You Shiwen condensed to the extreme!
Followed all the way, Karen li’s means, it was surprised her again and again.
Especially after Karen li killed Youjia’s strongest bodyguard in fifteen seconds, she was really shocked!
If you say that without Karen li, You Shiwen will come in, it may not be possible.
It’s different if Karen li opened the way ahead.
“It has changed a lot.” Karen li shook her head. You Shiwen at the moment seemed indifferent as if she had experienced death.
“Of course it has to change. I want to erase my emotions, especially when my son Chuck shot me!” You Shiwen said coldly. Chuck’s shot hurt her body and hurt her. heart! !

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