My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 758

“Your son changed me! You have to ask him!”
You Shiwen said coldly.
“Everyone is quiet!” You Shiwen snorted coldly.
Everyone is quiet!
All looked forward to watching You Shiwen.
This is their hope for survival!
You Tianle’s dad was more than angry! !
You Shiwen appeared in this dangerous situation for everyone. Like God, to save them, of course, was sought after by the descendants of the You family.
It’s easy to regain the hearts of the people from You Tianle! !
You Shiwen use this skillfully.
“Karen li, you and her leave here, I will let her go!” You Shiwen said coldly.
At this time, the decision of your children and grandchildren has determined that she is the owner of the house. Now what does she need?
You need to “chat” with You Tianle alone! !
“My son’s phone has not been called yet!” Karen li’s voice was suddenly cold.
“It’s none of my business, you leave! Don’t force me!” You Shiwen said coldly.
Karen li approached step by step!
You Shiwen frowned, “Karen li, don’t force me, the moment you start, I can kill her!!!”
“Some words I don’t say, last time I let you go, this time you give me back my favor, let You Tianle call his dad!” Karen li said this for the first time.
She generally does not mention what she did, but now it is related to Chuck’s life and death!
She had to say it.
“Just make a phone call! Can’t this be done?” Karen li stared at her.
You Shi faceless expression.
She frowned suddenly because she was pinching Yvette’s shoulder at this time, and Yvette suddenly turned around and stared at her, “Slay me!”
She is not afraid of death.
This is an opportunity to save Chuck. Chuck might have been saved, but was cut off by this You Shiwen.
“Do you think I dare?”
You Shiwen glared! !
She wants to pull the trigger! ?
Yvette’s face did not change color, “Kill me, you can’t live, I only have Chuck alive, I don’t care about other things!”
You Shiwen sneered, “Why should I keep him alive? He almost killed me with one shot!”
“I don’t care, I just want him to live!” Yvette forced You Shiwen.
Despite the moment, the cold muzzle was already on her chest.
As long as You Shiwen’s finger snaps, Yvette will die! !
But Yvette is not afraid! ?
You Shiwen’s eyes were cold, she turned and stared at Karen li, “This is the last time! I’ll call this phone!”
“Okay! Call it now!”
Karen li knows what this means!
“Karen li, I tell you, Chuck is not dead, I will find him!”
Karen li was silent for three seconds, and understood the meaning.
It was unexpected.
Today’s things can be solved quickly, directly banned hidden family travellers! !
Because of You Tianle’s personal abilities, Youjia is not so stubborn.
However, if you change to You Shiwen, then with the ability of You Shiwen, Youjia will improve quickly!
The possibility of rushing in this night basically won’t appear.
In other words, the substitution is now, replaced by the powerful You Shiwen to deal with Chuck and Karen li.
All these, when Karen li said this sentence in You Shiwen, she already understood! !
You Shiwen took out her mobile phone and called You Tianle, “I, I am waiting for you at Youjia!!”
It seems that without waiting for You Tianle to speak, You Shiwen has already hung up!
Karen li frowned. The time was too short. Can Chuck buy a little time? !
She stared at You Shiwen.
“Karen li, Logan, you two can go. Yvette, I will let her go! Don’t force me to do anything!”
You Shiwen is warning!
“Auntie, Auntie Logan, you go first!” Yvette felt relieved.
The phone just now should be enough to make You Tianle panic, he panic, then Chuck will seize this opportunity to fight back.
Even if you don’t catch it, You Tianle won’t kill Chuck, he will definitely keep Chuck’s life just in case!
Then next, they can specifically save Chuck!
It’s just today’s split action that failed!
Karen li and Logan didn’t move.
You Shiwen’s eyes narrowed, and she said nothing! !
“Logan, let’s go first!”
Karen li said.
Logan remained silent for three seconds and did not refuse.
The two went out.
At the door, Karen li turned her head, “I’ll wait for Yvette for a minute. If she doesn’t come out, I won’t let you go!”
You Shiwen frowned! !
Karen li, Logan left!
All the descendants of Youjia were relieved.
“Homeowner, don’t let her go, let me kill her!!”
“Yes, she can’t run, we have a lot of bodyguards in your home, and Karen li and Logan can’t run either!”
They are talking!
For those who almost killed them, they don’t want to let it go! !
“Do you think you can stop Karen li?” You Shiwen said coldly.
“Homeowner, we still have…”
The descendants of Youjia are stunned!
“What else? This time, Karen li can come in, you can go out, and you can’t stop it! You won’t be able to enter next time! You won’t be able to get out!!” You Shiwen was extremely cold!
You Tianle’s management is not good, there are many loopholes, Karen li caught these loopholes and came in!
After You Shiwen became the head of the house, she will completely redesign the security!
Because she understands this!
“Yes, the owner is right!”
The descendants of the Youjia nodded one after another. It’s a pity that Karen li was just released like this, Logan?
“Then this woman can be killed! Don’t let her go.”
“People say credit is very important!” You Shiwen said indifferently, “Go!”
Yvette stared straightly, “I won’t let you catch it twice!!”
Just now, Yvette was too worried about Chuck. He didn’t pay attention for a while and was suddenly subdued by You Shiwen.
“There is no chance for you. Next, I will play with you. You don’t know if you can’t carry it!”
You Shiwen sneered.
Yvette was angry, but too worried about Chuck, she left quickly!
You Shiwen stared at all the descendants of Youjia!
This is an amazing aura!
They are all a family, and no one dared to stare at You Shiwen!
Including You Tianle and his dad!
You Shiwen Chao You Tianle and his dad came over, everyone was separated, no one dared to stop.
You Tianle’s dad is afraid…
“Tianle, Tianle…”
Karen li, Logan was waiting in a place, Logan was worried, “Will she let Yvette?”
“She has changed, but there will be no problem in this regard,” Karen li shook her head. “It’s just that I was careless this time and let You Shiwen take the position of the head of the house. I didn’t expect Ceer to shoot her… …”
At this time, it was Yvette who ran out.
The two were relieved.
The three did not say anything, and quickly went down the mountain.
At the place where the plane was parked, the three went up and went directly to Chuck!

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