My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 759

No, Chuck…”
Alice screamed in despair.
Chuck’s hand was moving, and she held the dagger she gave in her hand.
The dagger was designed by herself. It was sharp enough to cut iron and mud. If you cut it like this, your entire hand would be cut neatly.
The next second, Chuck’s hand will be broken, meaning he will die here.
“Hurry up!” You Tianle couldn’t help laughing abruptly.
This picture, he waited too long.
Everyone else in this room is watching.
For people like them, it should be a little interesting to break their hands.
Chuckdiao first pointed at his arm, he suddenly stopped? !
“Chuck, what are you doing? Hurry up? Don’t you want me to let Alice go? If you want, just continue to injure me!!!” Enjoying this bloody You Tianle was disturbed.
He is angry!
How can such a bloody picture be disturbed in one go? !
“Five!” Chuckkou vomited a number.
Everyone stunned.
“Have you written? What did he say?”
“I c! Are these pens talking about numbers? Are you counting down, say goodbye to your own hands? Haha!!!”
Everyone laughed more than ever!
“Three! Oh, it should be one!” Chuck looked up.
You Tianle smiled grimly, “The delay is enough, now give me a break now!!”
However, he hadn’t finished speaking.
Suddenly, there was an explosion and there was a sudden sound outside!
In this cave, a sudden shaking like an earthquake!
The sudden explosion was deafening! !
Sudden shaking, everyone fell down and were shocked!
One person moved!
That’s right, Chuck! !
When he came in, he prepared a bomb. It was timed.
Now it’s finally exploded!
“No, Chuck!” The man closest to Alice was shocked!
Chuck was dying just now, how could there be such a fast speed!
The moment he called the exit, a dagger was shot by Chuck!
Straight in his heart!
He fell down and was shocked. He couldn’t believe it, but he was solved by a knife.
Chuck ran over, drew his dagger, wowed, and used his dagger to loosely tie Alice.
Released, Chuck held Alice to the door!
The door was closed, but Chuck saved Alice! !
“Chuck, scared me…” This is Alice crying.
She hugged Chuck and cried out.
“Sorry, I will take it out!” Chuck said softly.
Alice suffered so much, and Chuck also felt distressed.
“Some! Some!” You Tianle’s expression was distorted.
He was scared by the explosion just now and fell to the ground, all because of Chuck!
What if Chuck saved Alice? ?
There are so many people here, not to mention Chuck was seriously injured just now. It is still possible to close the door and beat the dog!
It’s just less fun to see Chuck’s self-mutilation.
Now there is more fun, that is, the ministries go together!
With one punch, Chuck was killed alive! !
“I thought I was not prepared at all?” Chuck eyes chilled.
“How about being prepared? Does the dog know now? I’m going to close the door and beat the dog!”
“Not necessarily!” Chuck stepped forward!
The momentum is still the same!
Just now, Zhang Ze and three people were shocked! !
Why is Chuck’s eyes still so cold?
Shouldn’t he be dying?
That’s right, these three people were tortured by Chuck’s punches and kicks, but Chuck had already worn various protective clothes. The strength of the three of them was resisted by the protective clothes, which really hurt Chuck’s body. There is very little power.
“How is it possible?” Everyone was surprised!
“Damn, the three of us didn’t have a meal just now! How did you fight! I c!” You Tianle kicked the three of them angrily.
“He, what clothes did she wear in her mother’s company, absolutely…” someone exclaimed.
“Yes, otherwise I couldn’t get up just now.” Chuck shrugged.
Alice wiped away her tears. It turned out to be the case. She just thought Chuckku was shot to death.
“Haha, even if there is no injury, is it useful? I have so many people here, still killed! Go, give me go!” You Tianle grinned grimly.
His muscles are twitching, he can’t wait anymore, he must see Chuck die! !
His bodyguard came around, and everyone was indifferent!
Just kidding, dozens of people will not be able to deal with one person?
There will never be such a thing!
“Alice, come back!!” Chuck said.
“Well, be careful,” Alice stepped aside. At this time, she knew that she couldn’t trouble Chuck, and she couldn’t hold back!
Chuck was relieved that he would definitely take Alice out here!
Chuck is out!
Facing dozens of people, these are all masters of fighting. Chuck has no fear, no flinch, only battle! !
The scene was a mess! !
Dozens of people kicked and kicked Chuck!
You Tianle laughed!
Suddenly, Chuck ran away.
“Want to run? Grab me and beat him to death!” You Tianle roared!
“Haha, he’s going to run and hide!”
“Being scared, grab him!”
“Does hiding work?”
These people laughed as if they were chasing mice that had been crossing the street, with a smile on their faces.
In their eyes. Chuck is a mouse!
Suddenly ran like this!
It’s funny, I was scared.
Still suddenly!
A man stopped suddenly, and he looked down at something on the ground, round, like a glass ball! but!
“Ah, bomb!”
He stunned and exclaimed! ! boom!
Among the crowd, a bomb burst!
The giant wave rushed away everyone!
People screamed and turned, and they screamed!
Dozens of people are in the center of the explosion, and most of them cannot be avoided!
A lot of people lay down and shed a lot of blood.
They are afraid, who is the mouse?
You Tianle was shocked and annoyed, “Aren’t you waste, can’t you get up?!”
Those who were not bombed immediately surrounded You Tianle.
He was horribly distorted, but Chuck came here for a while. Fortunately, he was only half dead.
He still has 20 people, and he can still kill Chuck!
“You Tianle, we are going to make a break today!” Chuck coldly approached.
Emily’s death, Alice’s torture, this is Chuck’s anger!
At this moment, you must use the blood of You Tianle to smooth it! !
“Haha, I thought that killing a few of me would be terrific, and I thought I could live?
Dreaming!” You Tianle laughed.
Suddenly, his phone rang.
He picked it up easily, and after three seconds, he was furious, “Hey, hey!!”
Snapped! !
You Tianle broke his phone!
Everyone was shocked, what’s wrong? ?

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