My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 771

Yolanda went downstairs, absent-minded.
She was inside the car, her beautiful eyes kept staring ahead, and for more than ten seconds, she sighed.
Laughed at himself.
Have you made a mistake? ?
The relationship between the decent boss and the employees is just wrong. ?
What are you thinking about? ?
Yolanda’s thoughts were firm. He had already figured out how many days and nights he had. He had no idea about Chuck. Chuck was his own boss.
That’s all! !
Yolanda thought about it himself and drove back to work well tomorrow. She felt it out. Chuck returned this time with a solemn breath.
This is going to be a big game in the mall!
As an employee of Chuck, how can you not support it? ?

Chuck opened the door and entered Zelda’s house.
Inside, Zelda was wearing pajamas and Chuck coughed, “Sister Zi Yi…”
“Speak with me and tell me what happened in the country.” Zelda leaned over and lay on Chuck’s chest.
She had a dream and dreamed about what Chuck might encounter in the United States. Now, Zelda wants Chuck to speak out.
These should be interesting.
“Uh, before I said, can Zelda change a dress, this…” Chuck was speechless.
Zelda’s body was perfect to the extreme. At this moment, wearing pajamas, the beauty is beyond description in Chuck’s mind.
“Do not change,” Zelda blushed.
Chuck was embarrassed. He took a few deep breaths and Zelda smiled, “Well, listen to you, I want to hear you tell a story today.”
Zelda got up to change clothes. When she came out of the room, she put on the clothes she usually wears at home, which is much better.
“Is this all right?” Zelda was still happy, at least Chuck also thought about himself.
“Well,” Chuck laughed.
Snuggling in Chuck’s arms again, Zelda whispered, “Tell me about it.”
“it is good.”
Chuck nodded and remembered the rice country he went to because of Yvette’s killing order.
Chuck will start from here!
When talking about Chuck and Emily, Zelda was obviously angry, and also felt distressed. Her body was shaking. Obviously, Chuck might be caught by Emily at that time. Be killed.
When she heard that Chuck came out of Amazon, Zelda was so nervous all the way that she was stuck.
With Chuck’s words, she seemed to have experienced it with Chuck, either nervous, or afraid, or happy, or sad…
At the end, Chuck fell silent.
When talking about Alice, of course, Chuck ignored the past.
Such things cannot be said.
It’s not good for Alice either, even if Zelda knows it, she certainly won’t say it.
“Hidden family? Is there such a family in the world?” Zelda muttered to herself, she came back from Chuck’s recollection.
She was shocked when she heard the four words of the secret family. She heard it for the first time.
This is too normal. Zelda’s net worth is barely over 100 million. Of course, it is impossible to come into contact with this matter.
“Yes,” Chuck’s eyes flickered, and you visited Shiwen…
Chuck’s headache, Wan Ziwen’s fortunately said, another secret family that has never appeared, it is also fortunate that you are now hating You Shiwen so much, this is Chuck’s current heart disease.
“Then you can deal with this You Shiwen you said?” Zelda was frightened.
Chuck’s introduction to the hidden family is not much, but in these few words, Zelda has heard the horror of the hidden family!
In the world, there are families that have inherited thousands of years? ?
This is something Zelda never dreamed of.
“I don’t know, it certainly won’t work now, so I came here this time to build my own business empire at the fastest speed and fight against You Shiwen!” Chuck also felt.
Sooner or later, he will turn his face with Wan Ziwen, who is the first family of the hidden first family.
Because Wan Ziwen’s woman with such a strong desire to control herself has always refused.
What she will do in the end, Chuck can already think of it.
So now you have an already determined enemy, that is the powerful You Shiwen.
The possible enemy is Wan Ziwen.
The last hidden family, Chuck does not understand this family, is an enemy or a friend, Chuck has not yet figured out, because this family has no movement so far!
Zelda muttered to himself, “Then, I will help you.”
Chuck smiled, Zelda was so serious. “Although in the eyes of the secret family of others, even an ant is not as good, but I want to stand behind you too!”
Chuck was moved.
Zelda was able to experience Chuck’s pressure. It turned out to be the case, so it was not like that time. The blood gas was just now, and now the pressure is too great.
“Chuck, I believe you, can resist, I believe you.” Zelda relied on Chuck.
Under such great pressure, Chuck’s sense of security is not lacking! !
Chuck sighed. They came back to China. Wan Ziwen and You Shiwen should have known all of them. So what will the two of them do? ?
Will you come to China too?
“Don’t sigh,” Zelda comforted.
Zelda knew Chuck’s pressure, she didn’t tease Chuck, just, snuggling Chuck’s chest, “Can I hug you and sleep?”
“of course can.”
“Then I fell asleep.”
“good night.”
“good night,”
The two fell asleep together.

“Miss, this is China.” Wan Ziwen came to China.
“This is?” Wan Ziwen is here, in China’s largest hotel. She shook her head, “There are still many opportunities for this place in China. Chuck chose to come back here to do business and make money. This is a good choice.”
“Where is Chuck?”
“Chuck has a city square and a hotel. There is also a construction site and a nightclub. I think he should go to the city square.”
“Well, take me to see.” Wan Ziwen thought of something, “Let me find out, Chuck has a few women in China.”
“Miss what do you mean?” The man understood, this is to solve all the women in Chuck?
“Check first, don’t miss any of them.” Wan Ziwen lazily leaned on the sofa. Men do it right away. This matter is still a bit complicated. It still has to be checked non-stop.
Wan Ziwen looked at the night scene, and he was so lost in his heart, “Chuck, I came here to find you. I am so good to you. Why don’t you appreciate it for your first visit to China? You should like me, it should be …”

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