My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 773

Several little girls froze immediately. [Read Novels at]
“Lara, what are you talking about? Is he the boss of the square?”
“Yes, I don’t need to lie to them,” Lara said.
They looked at Chuck again, and their faces were red and full of shyness.
Just now I was still in front of the real boss, saying that.
What a shame.
“Good boss,” several little girls looked at Chuck expectantly.
It was suddenly felt that this boy who looked down on just now has changed a lot. They feel the temperament of Chuck’s body, low-key.
I have said that the owner of this square is very low-key, and now it looks really low-key!
If Lara didn’t say it, they really didn’t know.
It really looks better and better.
“Hello,” Chuck smiled.
Several of their little girls blushed. Such a big boss is so approachable. It is really rare!
“Let’s have fun.” Chuck and Lara went to her shop.
“Wow, it’s really low-key!”
“Just don’t know if he has a girlfriend.”
“It is estimated that there are people who are so rich. How could they not have a girlfriend?”
Several little girls were disappointed.
“Yeah, I just forgot to ask him for WeChat.” A girl yelled.
“Don’t worry, Lara knows him, Lara must have his WeChat, just ask Lara for it.”
“Yes, I will find Lara and ask him to WeChat.”
Several little girls looked forward to it again.
“Here, this is my new milk tea, try it.” Lara gave Chuck a cup of milk tea.
Chuck took a sip with a smile and felt really good. Lara had a talent for this.
“Chalotte, long time no see,” Chuck greeted Chalotte who was busy.
Chalotte’s eyes lit up and said softly, “Well, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”
“That’s busy, I have something to do with Yolanda.” Chuck waved.
“Um, busy.”
Chuck went upstairs.
Lara, Chalotte looked at each other, Chalotte sighed, “Chuck changed a lot, not the big boy at that time,”
“Yeah, when I came back this time, I had the feeling of seeing Xiaoxiong, and I didn’t know what Chuck encountered in the United States this time, maybe…it’s bitter!” Lara said with a heartache.
If it is not hard, how could Chuck change so much? ?
“Lara, why didn’t you just invite him to dinner?”
“Ah? Cousin, do you miss that again?” Lara blushed, and the two of them gave something to Chuck last time. But Logan was saved.
Repeat the trick again? ?
Lara felt that she couldn’t do that.
“No, why would I still think that way? Chuck grew up, and we want to grow up too. I won’t mess up. I just want to invite him to dinner.” Chalotte shook his head blushing.
Thinking of this, she was ashamed.
“That’s okay, I’ll talk to him later and see if he wants it or not. However, I think he should have no time.” Lara murmured to himself.
“Why? Don’t want to bother us?” Chalotte lost.
“I don’t know, I think Chuck’s eyes have changed a lot this time when he comes back. At that time, he will look at us a few times. When he came back this time, his eyes were dull and ambitious. I think Chuck came back this time. What did he do? Big thing, it should be, want to create his business!” Lara said sadly.
Then the gap between himself and Chuck is getting bigger and bigger. Chuck’s changes have faded the appearance of a big boy. Lara is absolutely confident in his figure.
However, Chuck didn’t even look at it just now.
Without evil thoughts, this change is the process of a man’s growth, indicating that his pursuit is different.
“Really?” Chalotte sighed and continued to work absently.
Lara didn’t even want to work anymore, and sighed and sat down.
Chuck came upstairs, and Yolanda was already carefully planning the pharmaceutical factory.
Chuck went in, she didn’t find it.
Chuck didn’t bother her until she tiredly stretched her back and found that Chuck was actually in her office. She was stunned, “When did Chuck come?”
As a woman, Yolanda smelled the fragrance of Chuck.
She and Zelda have known each other for so long, and remember that this is the scent on Zelda, indicating that Chuck stayed at Zelda’s house last night.
Yolanda is also an adult and certainly knows what will happen to the lonely man and the widowed woman this night.
Yolanda sighed secretly, and the inexplicable sense of loss came out again.
Why is this happening? ?
“How is it?” Chuck asked.
Yolanda just breathed a sigh of relief and clearly planned it out. The plan came out.
“Almost, today I will go to the owner of the abandoned factory and buy the factory.” Yolanda’s valuation of the abandoned factory is also completed.
Buy it together, it should not be 50 million!
This is relatively cost-effective, because that factory is very large.
“Well, I’m going together.”
Chuck has no other plans.
Yolanda certainly did not refuse, she was always running around alone, at this time, suddenly Chuck helped, at least one company!
It will feel much better.
At this time of day, both people are busy with this matter.
The owner of the abandoned factory heard that someone was going to buy his factory, but he was not happy, and he did not hesitate to sell it.
Tens of millions of yuan are of course nothing to the current Chuck, and directly transfer money.
The factory owner was stunned, but he did not expect that the young man in front of him was so rich!
The formalities are almost the same in the afternoon, and all formalities should be completed tomorrow.
Yolanda did her homework ahead of time. In the afternoon, she had arranged for people to come over and renovate the plant according to the specifications of the pharmaceutical factory. She found several construction teams.
Because Chuck does not lack money.
As long as the renovation is completed as soon as possible.
In addition, Chuck called her mother and asked her to send someone to pick up the doctor. The mother must agree.
Here, Yolanda’s classmates also came over to meet, and Chuck didn’t mean to give his ancestral prescription, anyway, let him participate.
In addition, Chuck is thinking hard about other projects in China and has to quickly occupy China’s market!
But this process is painful, how can it be so easy to do?
Until the early hours of the morning, Chuck rubbed his eyes, “Yolanda, go back!”
Chuck was embarrassed to keep a girl working overtime.
Yolanda smiled slightly, “No, I will back up and go back, go back first,”
She talked and suddenly received a call, revealing surprise.
“Chuck, my friend has a big project there, are you interested?” Yolanda asked.
She is helping Chuck to ask about this.
“Yes!” Chuck said seriously.
“Well, now go out with me,” Yolanda said impatiently, Chuck was stunned and smiled,
“Yolanda, I will give processing funds!!”

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