My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 775

“This, I don’t know, but it will definitely not be less, this is assured.
Yolanda only knew that Chuck’s strength was amazing, but how much money did she have to know?
Absolutely not less? ?
Liu Na was disappointed, so the sky said, at most, it is about the same as the money she took out, about 200 million!
Alas, barely.
There is no one else, just barely!
“Okay, but I will say the ugly words first, and tell him, if you believe me, then cooperate with me. The stone I photographed makes half the money, and everyone loses if they lose. If he can accept this, I can work with him once!”
Liu Na was really ugly and said ahead.
Chuck, such a fearsome person, must be the one who won and couldn’t afford to lose.
If you want to cooperate, you must make it clear! !
“Okay, I used to ask,” Yolanda went to Chuck’s side.
“Ah, looking at him, this is about to be fooled?” Liu Na felt that Chuck showed a sense of relish at this time, which was to be fooled.
Alas, how can such a person have hundreds of millions of net worth?
There is only one explanation, that is, the reincarnation is well cast.
“I asked, he said no problem.” This is Chuck’s answer.
Yolanda relayed it.
“Well, time can’t be close, you can go sit and wait for the auction to start, and call him over,” Liu Na didn’t expect anything, Chuck would have any other answer.
“I called, he said he would listen for a while and wait for him to come in.”
Yolanda also felt funny. Chuck seemed to be listening to the story, he was really learning, and there was something else.
She didn’t know that Chuck’s fighting skills were all very talented. This kind of eye-testing gambling stone, Chuck would be able to learn without listening, but it would also learn much faster than ordinary people.
This is a talent problem of learning.
Talent is good, so if you want to learn something, if you want to learn it carefully, you will learn quickly.
“Follow him, let’s go first,”
When the two of them entered the venue, Yolanda asked, “Liu Na, did your boyfriend come?”
“Divided?” Yolanda was shocked to the extreme.
Liu Na’s request to her boyfriend is very high.
Some time ago, after Yolanda called Liu Na, she realized that Liu Na had a boyfriend recently.
This is very rare! !
“Yes, split,” Liu Na said blankly.
“Why did you split it? Didn’t you feel a bit about your boyfriend?”
“It’s gone now. I hate those indecisive people, such as… bosses.” Really, Liu Na now looks more and more like Chuck and her boyfriend.
So, now Liu Na understands herself, why she didn’t look good at Chuck at the beginning, it turned out to be because she was like her ex boyfriend! !
“Chuck!?” Yolanda was really speechless. Chuck was lying down.
“Yes. It’s the kind of person he is.”
“Actually, Chuck is not indecisive,” Yolanda had no choice but to hear her friend say Chuck, she was not very comfortable.
“No need to explain, I can play gambling stones, indicating that my vision is still poisonous, and I don’t think people are wrong!”
“I was wrong.”
“Absolutely not. Another thing is that following this kind of boss will not have much future.
Think about it yourself.” Liu Na said nothing more.
Yolanda is also a wise man. He reminds himself that Yolanda would like to understand.
“I think it’s my blessing to be my boss, and I am willing to follow him all my life!!” Yolanda was very serious.
Chuck bought her a car, gave her a house, and gave herself close to 10 million. The square, the construction site, and the hotel are all left to her to manage. This kind of trust, this kind of good boss, this is definitely going to be extinct. Too.
Liu Na sighed, “Yolanda, the world is so big, you have to look more at this aspect.”
“Look, he is the best for me,”
“Yes, I won’t say much,” what can Liu Na say?
Has your friend been brainwashed by Chuck?
The kind of indecisive person will definitely be extremely distrustful of the employees. Under the circumstances of not being trusted, how can Yolanda exert his ability? ?
“Yolanda, I think this gambling stone is good, I am interested, it should be very exciting.” Chuck has come over.
Chuck is really, in the mouth of a few old men, heard some stone gambling skills.
Really good knowledge.
Chuck felt that this was feasible. stimulate? ?
Liu Na was already disappointed and shook her head. This is Lengtouqing’s idea. Gambling is not exciting, what is it?
Only lose and win! !
If you win, you are all happy, you lose, you can’t take it anymore. You jumped off the building and committed suicide too much, maybe your life was gone.
What kind of stimulus is this? ?
This Chuck is not only scared, but what? Still naive! !
“Well, the auction is about to start immediately, you can find some excitement, but you have to be accurate,” Yolanda smiled, Chuck like a child.
“This will not work, I will see the whole process!” Liu Na refused directly.
Chuck couldn’t get much cash, and he was a novice. How could he photograph good things?
Chuckpai is definitely a waste of money.
Chuck was stunned, “Me, just look! It won’t cost anything.”
“I see, I decided not to shoot, if I interfere, then I will not cooperate with,” Liu Na said coldly.
If you let a stunned head and a novice interfere in her decision, this is an insult to her!
Chuck thought about it for three seconds, “Okay, let’s say it’s that one.”
Chuck is really a novice, you can also learn from Liu Na’s vision of seeing stones. In this regard, Liu Na is an expert and must be humble.
“Will give me roughly 200 million, there is so much money?”
“Yes,” Chuck shrugged.
So simple? Liu Na frowned, and now, the stone auction starts.
The first thing is a piece of watermelon-sized stone with a green in one corner.
Chuck looked at it for a while and thought it was not good. It should be a bait.
Don’t shoot.
Liu Na didn’t have any expression at all. Chuck was relieved. Liu Na was indeed an expert in this field. She should be able to make a little money this time, and then Chuck would find a way to penetrate the industry thoroughly.
This first stone was taken by eight million people, and the second one came on the scene.
Very small.
Liu Na narrowed her eyes for a while, and after careful consideration, Chuck thought that this could be shot, and commented, “This can be shot, I think.”
“Do you think you know how to gamble stones? Do you think? Don’t shoot!!” Liu Na said coldly. According to her experience, this stone definitely can’t come out of the green. Does Chuck actually say he wants to shoot? Sure enough, the head was blue.

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