My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 779

To be honest, Yolanda is also nervous!
Chuck was just in touch with the stone gamble, and only today. However, Chuck is so confident, where does the confidence come from? ?
Will you lose money?
Yolanda felt that Chuck might have been harmed this time, and Chuck should not be brought here. [Read Novels at]
Ugh! !
Everyone is coaxing!
“What’s the noise? I’ll come first, drive me first!!” This is the first person to take the original stone.
“Sir, this…” the cutter asked Chuck.
“As long as he comes first, Chuck does not matter.”
He has not seen this picture yet!
“Okay, Mr. Kai’s piece is good,”
The cutter saw Chuck agreed, what can he say? ?
The sound of the cutter was harsh and cut into the stone.
Everyone’s attention!
Chuck is also particularly interested in watching.
The cutting machine goes deep, and a little green appears!
“Wow, it’s green!”
“Boss Liu has a good vision, it’s okay for you to earn at least five or six million…”
The guests are surprised.
I didn’t expect the first piece to be green, and the color is not bad!
“How is it, old Liu, I bought 15 million to buy it.”
“I have sixteen million!”
Several big bosses spoke.
This rough stone is good.
As long as you buy it, you will definitely make a profit, so why not buy it?
It’s a little bit robbing.
The boss smiled and talked to others about the price.
In addition, all the other auctions just now came to cut the stone. Chuck also let them cut first, it doesn’t matter.
In fact, this gambling stone is a bit interesting.
“Boss, it’s you.” The cutter said to Chuck.
“OK, this one!” Chuck still pointed to the smallest one.
Everyone’s attention!
It’s all looking lively.
Cutting maneuver, slowly cutting stones!
Starting from the edge, cut a third!
“Hey, didn’t he buy it for 80 million? I see, this one has to lose at least 20 million!”
“I don’t think there is more than that, it is possible to lose 30 million!
“Haha, you are not confident at all, I think it is possible to lose half!”
They all laughed, Liu Na was silent for three seconds, and felt that everyone was right, and all the players present were veterans.
Everyone agrees that there will be a loss, so the probability of loss is almost 100%.
Liu Na felt that it should be around 20 million!
Gambling is not something you can play with money.
Be visionary!
Chuck’s vision is not good, destined to lose money!
Fortunately, it was a good thing for Chuck to buy it and quit the stone gambling business.
The sound of the cutter turning was harsh and dust was all over.
“Hey, there is green!”
“There must be green! Otherwise, you will die.”
“Wow, it’s so full, it’s all green, is this kind of green, emperor green!!”
“What?? Oh my god, emperor green, really emperor green!”
Everyone was shocked!
Two words were written in the eyes of all of them, shocked! !
Even the cutter was moved. When cutting, he was more careful.
“It’s really emperor green! The value of this piece is definitely over 100 million yuan. It was bought at 80 million yuan and earned at least 30 million yuan!!”
They were stunned!
Everyone looked away at this piece, and it was not a loss, but a profit!
Everyone is incredible!
“Actually, Emperor Green, how did he see it?” Liu Na murmured, her eyes widened, that’s right.
Even Yolanda was shocked.
Chuck’s vision is so good? ?
Chuckxin smiled inside. Sure enough, my mother’s eyes were poisonous. It was just a video call.
My mother saw the value of this piece. Not much to say. My mother’s eyes are too good.
Chuck looks forward to the next stone, what will happen?
“Continue!” Chuck pointed at another piece!
The cutter swallowed and began to cut the second piece. He really did not expect that the first piece of green could appear rare in the first piece.
What is this vision?
As the sound of the cutting machine rang again, everyone looked at each other! !
“I guess this piece should not be so good luck? I bought it for 300 million, I think it will cost 50 million to 100 million!!”
“I also think it would be so much loss!”
They expressed their opinions in advance, but some people did not finish their words, and the cut powder suddenly turned green!
Everyone was shocked again!
“Oh my god, my god! Impossible!”
“I’m right, it’s actually a piece of emperor green!”
They were stunned!
It’s really rare to see your chin fall. No, it’s rare. There are two rare emperor greens in a row. Is this luck too bad? !
Liu Na was stunned and opened her mouth involuntarily. Her beautiful face was filled with horror!
Both are imperial green, is this luck? ?
“Huh, my mother fucked, such a big piece of emperor green, ah, 400 million, not 500 million, the absolute value is more than 500 million!”
The scene was full of marvelous sounds.
They didn’t even think about it beforehand. Chuckpai’s stones can make money. However, to everyone’s surprise, two consecutive blocks made a lot of money!
Is this still a stunned newcomer? ?
“Brother, how about your 500 million yuan?” a big boss said busy.
“Me, I want it, you give me 530 million!”
Looting at the scene!
“Sorry, don’t sell!” Chuck shook his head, ready to make this one, what is it? It is about to become an industrial chain.
“Boy, you have just entered the business, and you can’t eat such a big thing! Sell it to me, I will help you!”
“I can eat it!” Chuck shrugged.
Everyone was shocked! how to eat!
Liu Na is incredible, Chuck said such a calm words, giving her the feeling that Chuck wants to go deep into this industry!
What does Chuck want to do?
Is it made into an industrial chain? !
How much money does this require! !
“Open the last piece!” Chuck’s eyes flashed, and he was also a little excited.
Chuck has learned a lot about the stone gambling skills my mother said, especially when she just opened the stone just now, Chuck had experience.
Is Emperor Green? ?
Everyone held their breath!
“Two consecutive pieces are emperor green, should this third piece be impossible?”
“Absolutely impossible! This piece is still Emperor Green, and my name can be written upside down!”
“I don’t think it’s possible either, where there is such good luck, let’s see, he just made two pieces and earned about 300 million, then this third piece, he must lose money! If he doesn’t shoot the finale That piece is absolutely profitable, but a pity…”
Everyone expressed their opinions. Chuck was unimpressed, staring at the third stone, “cut!!”
The cutter swallowed, and he pressed the cutter nervously! !

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