My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 780

The sound of the cutting machine is harsh!
There were no other sounds at the scene, even no breathing. [Read Novels at]
Everyone held their breath!
This is the subconscious behavior of everyone at the scene, because everyone wants to see, in the end, can the third stone photographed by Chuck be green!
Is it a loss or a profit!
Liu Na’s eyes are dignified, even a little nervous!
Did you look away? ?
The stone-cut powder flew away, and the green powder suddenly appeared!
The first one on the scene was their eyes widened, they were incredible!
“My God, this, this is actually Emperor Green!!”
“What did he think of it? This god-man!”
“I admire him so much! Is he pretending to be stunned, actually a master looking at stones?”
“Absolutely! It’s incredible! I’ve never seen anything like this. Shooting three pieces, the three pieces are all emperor green. This is a mythical record!”
They were stunned and their jaws were about to fall off, because it was so incredible!
How much is such a big piece of emperor green? At least 1.23 billion start!
In other words, did Chuck make at least 7.8 billion yuan in this auction? ?
Everyone on the scene should swallow!
Liu Na was horrified!
Actually, did you look away again?
What’s going on? !
Liu Na couldn’t believe the scene before her.
In the end is Chuck just entering the industry, or is it a master of hidden strength? !
Yolanda Meimu was surprised!
“Okay, help me put it away!” Chucksong breathed, admiring his mother to the extreme.
What the hell won’t my mom do? !
The cutter obsessively listened to Chuck’s words.
“Ah, little brother, you sell me a piece, that piece comes out of 1.3 billion!”
“I have 1.5 billion!”
The scene was lively, everyone knew that such a big emperor green, it was money to buy it! !
“I don’t sell!” Chuck refused? !
The big boss at the scene was sorry.
“Ah, regret, it turns out that some of our old things are fools, and actually looked away. The last one just now, if I insist on shouting again, I won’t…Ah!!!”
“Me too, where can I get it, this is Emperor Green!”
They are all sorry!
I regret not arguing with Chuck just now!
After all, this is emperor green!
“Go! You can go back today!” Chuck shrugged.
Yolanda, took Liu Na away from here!
The pot was fried again!
“This young man is about to become a legend here!”
They marveled!
“Huh, this kid is too ignorant, and asks him to buy it. He didn’t sell it, three emperors green, can he eat it!” An insidious boss said slowly, his eyes were red and red eyes.
“How to drop, boss Guo still has ideas?” A thief’s eye-catching boss, hit it off!
“What do you say? The three emperor greens of this kid may be worth more than two billion yuan, I don’t believe you are not interested!”
“Hey, of course!”
“Yes, you are not going to find someone? You often do such things?” boss Guo said coldly.
“Hey, boss Guo, you’re wrong, you just do it occasionally, where do you often do it?”
“Don’t talk nonsense, go prepare people!”
“Okay, I’ve made arrangements, but ah, this kid should be a super rich second generation. If we do it hurriedly, will there be any problems!”
“You think too much, secretly made him, come to a ruined body, who can find out? The value of
2 billion, this risk is not at all risk? You want to eat white food? Making money is not easy!” Mr.
Guo smiled sinisterly Road.
The two hit it off and asked someone to prepare.
Liu Na was very cautious and nervous.
Because of what?
In the auction just now, despite the verbal agreement with Chuck, there was cooperation, but from start to finish, she did not take out the money.
What’s more, she thinks that Chuck is wrong and will definitely lose money!
Unexpectedly, actually made a profit of hundreds of millions of dollars! !
“Don’t worry, Chuck is very contractual,” Yolanda looked at Liu Na fidgeting.
So he opened his mouth to comfort.
Liu Na smiled bitterly, the spirit of contract? But what did you do?
Will Chuck give money to himself in vain? !
Will Chuck be so good? !
Impossible, a normal person would not do this, let alone just a verbal agreement.
“Cer, there are some things about stone gambling. You first look for the girl who cooperates with you. I’ll sort out a piece of information for you in the past few days. You should study hard.”
Karen li smiled slightly.
Chuck was interested in stone gambling, and just now, she said that he wanted to make stone gambling into an industrial chain. She was still quite happy.
Because Chuck’s idea is good, and it is really an industrial chain, then there is absolutely money to make!
“Well, I know, Mom, that’s up.” Chuck wants to talk to Liu Na.
The mother’s evaluation of her is okay. In other words, Liu Na has such a good stone gambling experience according to her current age, which is still relatively rare.
Cultivate, it is definitely the eldest sister of the stone gambler.
“Well, by the way, Ceer, fighting can’t stop! Do you know?” Karen li took it to the extreme seriously.
The first thing is to ensure that you can survive before the business empire can be built.
“I know,”
“Don’t forget, I’ll be your son and have to live alive.”
“Well, Mom doesn’t say that!”
The phone hung up, Karen li smiled slightly here, this kid, still think I talk too much? ?
After she smiled, her face became serious, You Shiwen, you really surprised me…
Chuck came over and Liu Na said cautiously, “Chuck, what are you going to do with these three stones,”
“Do you have any good way!”
“Me, I can do it again, do you want to do it? I just calculated it, the value should be about 2.2 billion. I know people. If it sells for 2.22 billion, there should be no problem.” Liu Na At this time, the words were already unconsciously polite.
This time Chuck shocked her again and again tonight, this is definitely a super rich second generation!
“I don’t want to shoot!” Chuck shook his head, his tone deep.
“Don’t want to shoot? Then you. Want to come by yourself? Handle it yourself? This requires a lot of channels.” Liu Na did this and invested money. That’s not that big!
“Yes, how much does it cost to build an industrial chain and channels? Have you ever counted?”
“You, do you want?”
“Yes, let’s talk to my mother on the phone, she supports me to do so,”
Unbelievable, Liu Na is really the second generation of super rich, “This industry chain may need 10 billion!”
“Oh, only ten billion? That’s okay! Are you interested in doing it with me?” Chuck asked with a shrug.

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