My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 781

Liu Na was shocked!
Only 10 billion? My goodness!
What kind of tyrant can this be? !
“Are you interested?!” Chuck asked.
“I…” Liu Na Zhi Zhi Wu Wu, the words are unclear.
She thought that in Chuck’s family, it would be tens of billions at most.
Therefore, just now, it took so much fiercely to shoot three stones.
But what is it now? ?
Chuck spent tens of billions, so unexpectedly so breezy!
Liu Na felt the gap between herself and Chuck completely in an instant.
“I, I don’t have that much money. I, now with liquidity, can take up to 200 million yuan.” Liu Na’s voice was quiet.
“It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to pay out the money. You only need to be interested. Just come and invest and help me do it! Shares, give 5 percent! See how!!!” Chuck laughed.
This stock? !
Five percent is 500 million!
Liu Na was shocked again.
“Me. Me, is that true?” Liu Na felt that she had misheard, how could she meet such a good person? !
It’s no wonder that Yolanda said that he will work with Chuck for life.
This boss Chuck is really good!
“Of course it is true. I have prepared a specific plan in the past few days. Ten billion, I will call the account tomorrow,” Chuck said.
“Tomorrow?, I’m not afraid I ran away with money?” Liu Na didn’t know what to say, she had been stunned by Chuck for a few words.
“It’s a smart woman. I can give 10 billion, which means that this is not missing.” Chuck said half of it.
Liu Na got it, “Understood!”
She really understands, how can anyone who can spend 10 billion to do business worry about running?
Can’t you run? !
Get money for life, spend for life.
“Well, I will prepare the plan in the past few days, I will study it together.” Chuck said.
“Then, Yolanda doesn’t handle this matter?” Liu Na asked subconsciously.
As far as the plan is concerned, Yolanda is absolutely no problem.
“Yolanda now manages a square, a hotel, and a construction site. There is also a pharmaceutical factory to deal with. I have other things for her to do. She is more busy, so she is gambled on the stone and has the right to be responsible!” Chuck Shrug.
Yolanda’s abilities are more than that, Chuck wants to expand his strength in a short time!
Liu Na envyed Yolanda and followed such bosses as Chuck, which was absolutely lucky.
Yolanda feels no problem, she can manage more things, Chuck is thinking, is it necessary to find a helper for Yolanda, or to find another person?
After all, your business empire needs too many talents.
“Then I know,” Liu Na understood.
“OK, these three stones, after the industrial chain is completed, I will hand it over.”
“Okay, Zhang… President Zhang!!” Liu Na lowered her head.
It’s hard to tell, but I’m already an employee of Chuck.
“You don’t need to call me that, Chuck, just call me Chuck,” Chuck doesn’t have this habit.
“All right, everyone is hungry, find a place to eat.” Chuck is still very happy today.
I made hundreds of millions.
The commercial layout is also expanding rapidly.
Yolanda and Liu Na have no opinions.
Yolanda drove.
Chuck smiled, “Liu Na, don’t be so cautious, just feel free, everyone is a friend, there is no need to do this,”
Where can Liu Na let go?
This is in front of us, but the super rich second generation with an absolute value of hundreds of billions!
The 200 million yuan in her hand is like a poor man in the eyes of others, and it is not in the same grade.
Can she be unrestricted? !
Liu Na lowered her head and Chuck didn’t say much. Anyway, she wasn’t too familiar, she couldn’t let it go! squeak! !
Suddenly, Yolanda stepped on the emergency brake!
Liu Na sat behind her without a harness and suddenly leaned forward under the sudden brake.
However, Chuck reached out and supported her.
Liu Na blushed into an apple.
Because Chuckshou accidentally touched her.
She has a bad temper, and Chuck is not intentional, but also kind.
“Liu Na, are you okay?”
“It’s okay,” Liu Na blushed and shook her head. In a flash, she was already restrained to the extreme.
“Yolanda, what’s going on?” Chuck asked with a shrug.
He is in good physical condition, even if it is a sudden brake, he reacts with his hand.
“Youth has a bulldozer.” Yolanda suddenly wondered why there was a bulldozer on the road!
What’s happening here!
Chuck saw it in his eyes and sneered. “Yolanda, sit back and drive, I’ll drive!”
“Okay!” Yolanda heard Chuck’s serious voice, and she didn’t understand where she was, something must have happened.
The two changed places.
“Is someone red-eyed!” Liu Na also has experience in this regard.
Chuck’s performance was just amazing. More than two billion yuan. Is it normal to cause others to have red eyes?
“Well, but it’s okay, I guarantee the safety of the two of you!” Chuck stomped on the accelerator.
After a violent engine roar, the car flew out like a fly.
What if there is an excavator in front? There is grass next to it.
Liu Na, Yolanda can put on a harness, this situation, they have not encountered it!
Thrilling, nervous, is their mood at the moment.
“Yes, this kid’s car skills are good? To chase Laozi!!!” On a Land Rover car, a glasses man sneered.
A rich second generation, will have a little car skills, is it normal? ?
Well, since you want to play, then play with it!
Seven Land Rovers rushed out, and like a crazy beast, they chased away with crazy roar!
“Fight, hit me with his tires!!” The glasses men grinned!
He was excited about this task, because after the event was completed, he had a reward of 8 million!
His men were shooting, bullets hit the tires, rumbling, tires burst! brush!
The car shook violently and almost overturned!
Seven Land Rovers surrounded the car, the big guys in the car were laughing at it, it’s very simple!
This single money makes it easy!
“Brothers, come down to me, boss Guo let us do a little cleaner!” The glasses man smiled slightly.
The people in the car are down, more than twenty people!
“Ah, a lot of people! They are a lot of people!” Liu Na’s face was scared, and Yolanda’s face was not very good, but she was still calm, “Chuck, if we don’t give them the stone,”
Life is still more important.
“I want to grab my stuff, it’s not that simple! The two of you will wait for me in the car!” Chuck opened the door and went out.
“Don’t go out! Chuck, it will be dead!” Yolanda was shocked. With so many people outside, can Chuck still have his life? ?
“It’s okay, I forgot to tell, I can fight now.” Chuck laughed.

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