My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 783

The spectacled man sat on the ground in shock. He was also a mercenary who retired from the United States. He had no problem fighting twenty people by himself, but he had to go through a hard battle!
There is nothing like Chuck, who killed a person with a punch?
This gap is obvious! !
This is fear!
“Don’t, don’t come over!” The glasses man panicked!
He pulled out the gun, the moment he pulled the trigger! Chuckfei came out with a dagger!
Hit his wrist with a gun!
This is lightning speed!
The dagger was given by Alice, so he flew over and the bones shot through. [Read Novels at]
The glasses man screamed!
The bones were shot through, and his hand could not hold the gun! !
The gun fell to the ground! boom!
Chuckfei kicked over!
The glasses man was screamed again, and Chuck kicked off without any return.
He screamed on the ground, “Ah, don’t kill me, I tell you, I tell you!”
Fear overwhelmed him, where did he want to be, so many people just now, so far, he was the only one fighting alone!
“Oh, why didn’t you just say that?” Chuck shrugged.
“Rao Ming! Boss Guo asked me to come over! He said he would kill you and get back the three original stones!”
“Oh? Boss Guo? I don’t know. Who?” Chuck asked Liu Na.
She was amazed throughout.
Can one person be killed by a punch? ?
What power is this, she still can’t figure it out!
“Boss Guo is the boss who just fought with you for the final stone,” Liu Na said.
Chuck didn’t have much impression.
“I have told you who you are, and you let me go!” The glasses man coughed violently. Chuck just kicked him. He was about to kick him.
“Release you? Why are you so simple? Take me to find him, I let you go.” Chuck said with a shrug.
“Ah!” The glasses man feared!
What does it mean? Are you looking for revenge from those two bosses? ?
“Unwilling, then only die!” Chuck showed two rows of white teeth.
The spectacled man shuddered, “I, I bring!”
Chuck’s smile made him shudder. He believed that as long as he shook his head, Chuck would shoot her without hesitation!
He wants to live!
The only possibility is to be obedient! !
“Oh, it’s pretty smart! Yolanda, Liu Na, get in the car with me!” Chuck said.
The last car I bought for Yolanda was scrapped just now. Yolanda and Liu Na had no other cars, only the Land Rover in this glasses man.
“Uh huh!” Yolanda understood, where did her sense of security come from, and the strength of Chuck was hidden!
She never thought that this super rich second-generation actually fought so powerfully!
This is going to the first momentum in the world! !
“Don’t be stunned, get off the car! This car can’t be driven,” Yolanda regretted, distressed, but this is the car that Chuck gave her. She has always been very cherished, but she didn’t expect it to be scrapped today!
Yolanda sighed.
The sluggish Liu Na got off, Chuck grabbed the glasses man, lifted him up, and lost it in the car!
“Driving…you two sit behind!”
Chuck took the rough stone from the car down and put it on the Land Rover, four people got on the car!
The glasses man drove to the appointed place in fear!
Inside a villa!
The two bosses are laughing, this is normal, and later one person can divide more than one billion, shouldn’t this be happy?
“Why can’t the snake head come?”
“Relax, Snakehead has done too much to do this kind of thing, and brought more than 20 people in the past, what other accidents will happen? Just wait for the money!”
“However, this has gone too long!?” One boss was very dissatisfied.
“Haha, the snake head is also a man. Seeing Liu Na’s best, wouldn’t you enjoy it on the spot?”
“I c! I have forgotten Liu Na, I want her for a long time, it’s cheaper that Snakehead boy!”
“Haha, I like the woman next to the kid. That figure is so hot! It’s a pity, I also forgot this thing, or let the snake head bring these two women back, wouldn’t it be profitable and cool again? ?”
The two bosses were sorry, but they drank quickly and celebrated in advance.
Suddenly, a voice came in!
“The two big bosses, are you so excited? Are you still drinking? Are you waiting for me?”
The two big bosses were frightened, because two people came in at the door. They were whitefaced spectacled men, and Chuck was intact!
“Ah? How could he be alive?”
The two big bosses were in shock and couldn’t help themselves!
Shouldn’t Chuck die?
“What’s going on? Snakehead, you took so many people, all of them were taken?”
“Why didn’t you say in advance, he is so powerful? My brother, more than twenty, were all killed by a punch!” The glasses man was really annoyed at this moment!
I knew Chuck was so powerful, and given him 100 million, he didn’t dare to chase Chuck!
“What?? One person was killed with one punch?” The two big bosses were stunned!
Is this the devil?
How can a person be killed by a punch? ?
“Okay, I’m too lazy to look at your two big bosses, Snakehead. I killed them in the past, and I let you go!” Chuck said with a shrug.
“Ah?” The glasses man was stunned!
Two big bosses are scared!
“Three minutes, kill them. For you, easy?”
Fear overwhelmed the spectacled man. He was ashamed and rushed over with a chair!
This is a mahogany chair, stiff, this time, a boss with a bleeding head sitting on the ground, his face blank.
The glasses man looked again. The boss was lying on the ground in fear and screaming.
“Ah, don’t kill me, uncle, grandpa, I’m wrong, I’m wrong!”
“If you are wrong, you are wrong, anyway, I will not forgive you, kill him!” At the end, Chuck said indifferently!
The glasses man took the bloody chair and smashed it! what!
The screams are more than scream! A lot of blood on the ground! Terror spreads! !
I regret it, but where is the regret medicine? ?
“I, I killed both of them!” The glasses man feared.
“Oh, I saw it! Come here!” Chuck ordered him.
The spectacled man came over in fear and threw himself down on his knees. “Forgive me for life. In the future, my snake head will be your dog! Forgive me a dog life! Please, please!”
“Do you want to be a dog? Come on, get up!” Chuck shrugged, yes, now he really wants to build his own person.
Otherwise, how can you resist the revenge of You Shiwen! !
The glasses man ecstatic, “Really?”
“Yes, as long as you are obedient, you can’t treat you badly!” Chuck said.
The spectacled men who have experienced life and death are crying, “Thank you, my snake head starts from today, the fate is from! It is your dog!!!”

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