My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 788

“Chuck, what are you talking about? Are you at my doorstep?” Murong Qing was stunned.
Why was Chuck at the door of his house, he told himself, where is Chuck’s hometown? ?
How did he know?
Xiang Erlan and Feng Wuxi were also stunned and looked at the door at the same time.
“Humph, it’s at the door, is it possible?” Feng Wuxi smiled.
Xiang Erlan frowned, his daughter’s boyfriend was outside the door at this time?
What a joke? ?
Isn’t he “Guo”? Will be here?
How do people who lie full of lies catch their daughters? ?
Xiang Erlan is really angry, his daughter is too upset!
Ugh! !
“Yes, I’m at your door, it’s almost time.”
“Chuck, are you kidding me?” Murong Qing’s beautiful face was full of seriousness!
She understands that Chuck’s mother is so powerful that it is certainly not difficult to send someone to find her place!
But when did Chuck return to China?
Why is it so sudden!
Did you find that something happened and came back deliberately?
A woman just likes to think wildly, and Murong Qing and then a strong woman are the same at the moment.
“Of course not, you come out, I am a little confused.”
“Good! I’m out!” Murong Qing ran out in surprise.
Xiang Erlan was annoyed, “Xiaoqing, do you believe him? How could he be outside? He is playing with you!”
Feng Wuxi is still here. Murong Qing actually went to pick up other men. Where did Feng Wuxi go? ?
She received a gift of 10 million gifts from Wuxi! !
“Mom, I believe him. He said that at the door, it must be more than almost at the door!” Murong Qing was firm!
Since the two had a relationship, Murong Qing believed Chuck!
Believe unconditionally! !
Chuck said that he must be outside the door! !
Murong Qing ran to the door and opened the door!
Xiang Erlan was really annoyed to the extreme, “Xiaofeng, don’t mind, Xiaoqing is like that, she will give up to the man’s stubbornness! You can rest assured! I support you anyway!”
“Auntie, it’s all you need,” Feng Wuxi laughed.
Although Murongqing doesn’t listen to Chrysanthemum’s words, Murongqing will definitely listen if he is forced to die.
So what else do you have to worry about?
Not anymore!
“I said it! Did he deliberately trick you, daughter!!” Xiang Erlan went out angrily. Murong Qing was disappointed and did not see Chuck. There was no outsider at the door.
Feng Wuxi laughed more, come fart!
The more disappointed Murong Qing is, the happier he is! !
“Mom, Chuck will not lie to me. He said that at the door, he will definitely be there. You will wait!” Murong Qing explained.
Even at this time, she did not see Chuck, she was still willing to believe Chuck!
The reason why Chuck didn’t show up was because the entrance to the community was too complicated and there were too many buildings. Chuck came over for the first time and it was too normal to get lost. He should be lost in the community.
“Xiao Qing, are you going to be mad at me? Where are you talking about? Where is he?”
“he is……”
“I want to see someone! What about others?” Xiang Erlan was angry!
Murong Qing could not answer, because he did not see Chuck.
“Why do you choose a rubbish? Give up such a good man as Xiaofeng? Look at him. When you are in difficulty, he does not show up. The game disappears and the game disappears. When you are now carrying a huge debt, he still plays with you. This What is it? Xiaoqing, you told me, what is this?” Xiang Erlan really hates iron and steel! !
What’s wrong with her daughter? ?
Trust him so much?
“Mom, listen to me, he’s near, I’m going out!”
“Don’t go! You can’t find it! Why waste time?” Xiang Erlan scolded!
“I’m going!” Murong Qing firmly exited the door.
Run outside.
Suddenly, a person appeared, Murong Qing was ecstatic, “Chuck, here, here!”
Her tears came out, and it was a reason not to see Chuck for a long time!
Another reason is that Chuck really came back from “Guo”!
After returning, I came to find myself!
Murong Qing was moved, but she was lost again. How could she say that she was bankrupt and the gap with Chuck was getting bigger and bigger, how could she be with him? ?
What identity?
Chuck smiled, “Mister Murong… You are so hard to find here, I just turned around a bit, and I was a little dumbfounded!”
“Really?” Murong Qing moved. She suddenly discovered that Chuck’s aura had actually changed.
What baptism was this? ?
What did Chuck encounter in Guo?
At this instant, too many questions appeared in Murongqing’s mind.
“Yeah! This is an auntie? Hello auntie!” Chuck saw that she looked like Murong Qinglan.
Of course, at a glance, the two are mother and daughter.
“I’m not good!!!” Xiang Erlan refused! what is this? What is this Chucktu? So young?
At first glance, Xiang Erlan denied Chuck, it must be a poor ratio with no money!
This temperament can’t be compared with Feng Wuxi!
Too much difference, Feng Wuxi is the kind of everyone’s temperament, this Chuck, like the construction site, so dark skin!
What do you do?
Feng Wuxi saw Chuck, he smiled, why?
Chuck like this, the image is unsatisfactory! How does this kind of person compare with himself?
“Well, aunt is uncomfortable!” Chuck smiled.
“Very uncomfortable, after seeing you!”
“Mom, what are you talking about?” Murong Qing is really annoyed. Now Chuck has come, is it not enough? ?
“I don’t like him, let him go! Anyone who can’t find the road, what can you do?” Xiang Erlan was extremely angry! too poor!
“Auntie, I’m Murong Qing’s boyfriend. If you have any dissatisfaction, just say so!”
Murong cleared his consternation, what did Chuck say?
Is he his girlfriend? is this real?
“I’m not satisfied with my whole body! Are you not in Guo? Are you busy with Guo?” Xiang Xilan suspected that Chuck, such a person, didn’t believe it when she went abroad. She must be hiding somewhere in China. Then I went abroad.
“I’m much busy, I opened a casino in Guo, and I plan to do other things,”
“Casino?” Xiang Lanran was angry.
“Yes, Guo is one of the biggest casinos now.”
Murong Qing was stunned. Chuck went to Guo. Is this going to do business? Actually opened Guo’s largest casino? !
“Are you kidding?” Xiang Erlan was angry.
“Oh, the casino, then you are rich!” Feng Wuxi laughed out, and he saw that Chuck was just a pretender. How much did it cost to open the casino in Guo? ? Not a few hundred million US dollars, I can’t get it!
He also said, one of Guo’s biggest casinos!
Such shameless words, open your mouth!
“Fortunately.” Chuck shrugged, Feng Wuxi smiled, okay?
One hundred percent, this Chuck is just a pretender, and he has to take it through himself!

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