My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 789

“I said you are pretty good. How much did your casino spend?” Feng Wuxi asked with a smile. [Read Novels at]
“My casino is quite big. The decoration is about 100 million US dollars. The house was found by my mom and it was built by my mom before. There must be some hundreds of millions of dollars. Then, the floor, my casino The floors are all made of gold…” Chuckru said.
“You! Stop talking!” Where can Xiang Erlan hear?
The decoration cost hundreds of millions of dollars? !
What does this look like?
The floor is also made of gold?
How can such a stupid person blow such a hide? ?
Murong Qing was stunned. According to Chuck, the minimum of this casino is billions of dollars.
Chuck actually opened such a big one in Guo?
How long will it take to get back to it!
“Auntie, let him go and read, it’s very interesting.” Feng Wuxi really wanted to laugh to death.
Invest so much? is it possible!
Xiang Erlan was disgusted to the extreme!
“So since your casino is so big, how much water does it flow every day?”
“This, there must be hundreds of millions of dollars.”
“Haha! Hundreds of millions of dollars? You dare to say so!” Feng Wuxi sneered.
“What dare not say? I opened the first day, I have won 10 billion US dollars!” Chuck shrugged.
Murong Qing was in shock!
Win so much on the first day? !
My goodness!
Ten billion dollars!
This is more than before she went bankrupt. How much did she earn a day?
“Haha, I’m so ridiculous. What kind of casino can make you win so much money in a day? US dollars? Or penny coins!” Feng Wuxi laughed.
His sarcasm has reached a terrible level.
Win 10 billion a day?
What is this concept?
Not to mention the world, is the entire universe first? ?
Does this kid brag?
Too unprofessional.
“US dollars, not coins!”
Chuck shrugged, “You didn’t reach my point, it’s normal that you don’t believe it!”
“Haha! Then what are you doing?? You really want people to laugh when you talk, I tell you well, my family’s money, you can’t think of how much!!!”
“Several tens of billions?” Chuck asked.
What a big tone! !
Xiang Erlan really can’t hear it anymore, so bluntly saying tens of billions? ?
What kind of face is this?
“Yes, tens of billions! This is real money!” Feng Wuxi took a step down, this is a condescending look, with sarcasm, “You, don’t pretend to be in front of me! I really hit your face, you even have a chance to fight back nothing.”
“Well, it’s only tens of billions? That’s not enough money I won that day!” Chuck said.
“is it??”
Feng Wuxi grinned, “Then your casino business is really good, since you are so rich, then I will play with you, would you dare?”
This is a playful look.
“What are you playing with?” Chuck shrugged and asked indifferently.
What is he afraid of?
Play as much as you want!
“You promised or not!”
“Well, come with me! Auntie, Xiaoqing. Come here too!” Feng Wuxi snapped his fingers, and the car in the distance came.
A Rolls Royce.
“Get in the car, you shouldn’t do this kind of car!!” Feng Wuxi laughed.
“I drove!” Chuck drove a car casually.
“Oh, what a car!”
“It’s right at the door of the community.”
“More than 300,000 Mercedes-Benz? Are you driving here?” Feng Wuxi smiled.
“Yes, it’s not bad,” Anyway, it’s all from my mother’s underground parking lot. They are all from my own home. Of course, Chuck drove out one at will.
There is nothing too particular about it.
“You haven’t drove a good car, never made a luxury car, of course you feel good, auntie, Xiaoqing, you get in the car!” Feng Wuxi invited.
Today, he decided to strike Chuck’s face, so that Murong Qing would die of Chuck.
Very simple, just remove his lies.
Xiang Erlan stared at Chuck impatiently!
She got in the car.
Murong Qing said nothing, and got into Chuck’s car!
Xiang Erlan is angry, this dead girl! !
“Xiaofeng, don’t you mind! Xiaoqing is like this?” Xiang Erlan worried that Feng Wuxi would be angry.
What makes Feng Wuxi angry? Murong Qing will soon be disappointed with Chuck!
Then he will throw himself into his arms!
“Auntie, how can I be angry!” Feng Wuxi closed the door and snapped his fingers!
His driver drives!
“Xiaofeng, how are you going to play with him?”
“Auntie, it’s very easy to play with! This kind of clown, I will let him be exposed to Xiao Qing, and let Xiao Qing see his true face under disguise. I think Xiao Qing will change his mind.”
“Then I’m relieved, I just heard him bragging, I really want to give him a slap and let him get out! A casino wins 10 billion a day? Why doesn’t he say win 10 billion!”
“Oh, auntie, don’t be angry, it’s not worth it. He talks, and I always listen to it as a joke.”
“It’s really uncomfortable to listen to him. Anyway, he has refreshed my understanding of shamelessness.” Xiang Erlan was really exhausted. How did his daughter get deceived by him? ?
The discerning people are all fake when they listen to Chuck’s words!
Her daughter was convinced. This is madness.
“Hehe! Auntie, you’ll see it later, I’m going to beat him in the face, he has nowhere to hide!”
Feng Wuxi said grimly.
This place, but his family is the richest!
Chuck dare to compare with himself, this is to die!
“Well, remove him, let him get out!”
“Auntie, rest assured!”
In Feng Wuxi’s eyes, Chuck is a piece of rubbish. Chuck can play with himself. This is Chuck’s honor!
Chuck drove and followed.
Anyway, what this Feng Wuxi plays, he just accompanies.
“Chuck, what did you meet at Guo? You today, I saw something different from you before.”
“This is a long story, said at night.” Chuck laughed.
“Where did you say it at night? In the car?” Murong Qing’s voice unknowingly became smaller.
Chuck was stunned and smiled in his heart, “Just whatever you want!”
“I don’t, you are what you want.” Murong Qing said, and he actually flirted with Chuck? ?
After Chuck laughed, his face became serious, “Sister Murong, I’m sorry, you have such a big thing, I am not by your side!”
Most people can’t bear this kind of blow, so Murongqing can bear it and replace it with others, don’t know what the decadence looks like.
“Don’t say that, you can come back to find me, I am already very happy,” Murong Qing Wenrun, yes, she was more than touched.
“Well, when I come back, I will help you make a comeback!”
“No, I’m coming by yourself, don’t intervene!” Murong Qing couldn’t hear this. If Chuck helped him, what was the difference between himself and his burden? ?

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