My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 79

The two women were complaining with the fact that Chuck didn’t join them.
“Who the hell does he think he is? Did he think we are some fools?”
“Exactly. He purposely didn’t come because he was afraid that we would expose his lies yesterday! How can he say that he doesn’t need to pay in hotels like that, but went missing after that? How hilarious?”
Without saying a word, Manny sighed and drove back to the city with Zelda. When they arrived in the city, Zelda found a dine for breakfast. They ordered the daily specials and had a wonderful breakfast.
“This is a real breakfast. These dishes are so exquisite! There are even custard buns. Look at them, so delicious.”
“Exactly, this is delicious. I suspect the free breakfast in our hotel would’ve been some basic buns and baked beans. It can’t compare with what we’re having here for sure.”
“Absolutely, what did you expect from a free breakfast? It‘s so much more enjoyable to be spending money on the food we actually enjoy, with so many varieties. Oh, I also want another custard bun. It’s so delicious.”
The two women kept on complimenting the food. They spent almost an hour just for breakfast. They left the restaurant after Zelda paid.
“Zelda, take us to the largest shopping plaza here. We want to look around and maybe do some shopping. Do you know how bored I was last night? There was nowhere else to go at night where we stayed. How disappointing!” The woman with hot pants said.
“Well, let’s hop in the car then.” Zelda thought for a moment and said.
“Oh wait, I saw a plaza on the map in my phone. It’s very close to us, and it takes only ten minutes to walk there. Why don’t we go to this place first and have a look around? We’re quite full now so let’s walk around.” The woman in tight jeans seemed to be in a good mood, so she looked it up on her phone and suggested so.
“Let me see.”
The woman in hot pants approached and immediately disagreed. “City Square? This name sounds so common. It must be some small and cheap place. I guess there is nothing interesting there. What’s there to shop? We can’t be there for just some cheap cafe or KFC right? It would be a complete waste of time, why go there?”
She was very dissatisfied and unwilling.
“The name is very common, yes, but it’s super close by. Since we’ve just eaten, let’s go for a short walk. Look at my tummy, that muffin top is all coming out. Let’s do some exercise.”
“Really? Then my muffin top is out too. Well then, I’ll take it as a way to help with digestion. But if there’s no branded items, we will come back straight away ok? I don’t want to waste time in that kind of place.”
“Okay.” The two women immediately decided to go to City Square as a form of exercise. Manny didn’t have any objections. She agreed that they should all go for a walk after the meal.
Zelda was stunned. “To City Square?” She took a look at the place, it was quite close indeed. How did she even end up there without realizing?
“Zelda, why are you still standing there? Hurry up.” The woman in hot pants urged her.
Zelda came to her senses and strode over in her long legs. Soon, all of them arrived at the City Square. The two women looked at each other and were immediately disappointed.
“What? So small? There are only five storeys, it’s not even a third of the size of Wonder Plaza. There’s not even an office building. Just look at it. It’s so ugly. This plaza is too low-class.”
“That’s right. This is the most useless place I’ve ever been. Forget it. Anyway, we’re done walking and moving around. Let’s go back and drive to the biggest shopping plaza. It’s just going to be a waste of time to be staying here.” The two women complained again.
“This plaza is actually quite interesting. Let’s go in and take a walk,” Zelda said as she looked around.
“What’s so interesting about it? Chanel, Versace, and Gucci, none of these branded stores are here. What’s there to shop then? In my opinion, I don’t think there is even Estee Lauder in there. Just some random stupid brands in there so there’s literallothing to shop for.” The woman in tight jeans shook her head disdainfully.
’’Are you kidding me? You want me to waste my time here? I might as well go home and sleep.”
Zelda felt helpless.
“Why don’t we go in and take a look?” Manny suddenly said.
“What’s wrong with you, Manny? Do you really want to enter this lousy plaza?” The woman with hot pants was puzzled. The three of them often went shopping, always in big shopping malls. Every time, they would spend a couple tens of thousands of dollars. But in a lousy mall like this, even if they spent the whole day shopping and bought all the things they wanted, they probably couldn’t spend enough money.
“Yes, let’s just go somewhere else. Since we’ve walked so much, everything must be digested by now.”
“But wait, I have a stomach ache. I want to use the toilet,” Manny said awkwardly.
The two women looked at each other and smiled.
“If that’s the case, then I’ll go in and use the toilet as well.”
“I’ll go too. This kind of garbage plaza is only suitable for using the toilet. I won’t go in unless I need the toilet. By the way, are there any tissues in your bag? It’s a big difference compared to the high-end malls. Beware that there may be no toilet paper in the toilets.”
“Yea I have some. Even if they had toilet paper, I wouldn’t dare use it either. Who knows what trash toilet papers they use there? What if I get an allergic reaction afterwards?”
“That’s right. What good toilet paper do you expect to have in this kind of place?” The three women walked into City Square. Zelda had no choice but to follow them.
Chuck entered Yolanda Lane’s office. In the past few days, the investment funds pumped into the plaza had been getting more significant. There were a lot of construction projects, renovation, cleaning facility upgrades and so on. It was getting much better than before. It felt comfortable to be growing at this pace. However, the money that he gave Yolanda before was almost used up. Chuck was very satisfied. Yolanda had spent all his money wisely. She had used the least money to achieve the greatest results. So it was an absolutely sound decision to let Yolanda be the manager of the plaza.
But in a few day’s time, he would have to ask for more money from his mother again. Otherwise, the funds would run out but yet there were still so many things to do for the plaza. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to attract those big brands to come in and set up shop. If there were not many good brands, the plaza would not stand a chance to be popular.
This was the biggest headache for Chuck and Yolanda at the moment. Yolanda had already come up with a lot of proposals. They had discussed for some time and decided to follow Yolanda’s design. Her method was quite novel and so they hoped it would work.
“Let’s do as you say,” Chuck said.
“Thank you.” Yolanda smiled. Chuck had given her the greatest authority here, and she was very happy with it. She eagerly wanted to bring in the crowd to the plaza as soon as possible.
But at this time, the walkie-talkie on the table made a sound. The voice sounded quite anxious. “Manager, manager, come to the second floor. Something happened.”
“Wait a minute, I’ll be right there!” Yolanda’s face suddenly changed. She stood up immediately with the walkie-talkie.
Chuck was also surprised. He followed Yolanda out. As the boss of the plaza, he couldn’t turn a blind eye to things that were happening there! The two of them went downstairs straight away. On the second floor elevator, people gathered around and were having fervent discussions. Someone seemed to be lying on the ground in pain.
“What’s wrong with her?”
“She seemed to have tripped over earlier. She kept asking to see the person in charge of the plaza and said that the facilities installed here has caused her to trip over.”
“Oh, was the fall serious?”
“Quite. She can’t even get up so I guess the plaza’s boss is going to get into some serious trouble.”
The onlookers were discussing. The middle-aged woman lying on the ground was wailing, “What the hell! This garbage place! How can you make someone fall down from shopping? It’s really painful… The boss is such a coward! I want to see him!”
The security guard had come over and wanted to help the lady up. The lady refused.
“Tell your boss to come over. I want to find out from him what kind of garbage place this is!”
“Madam, please get up first. We’ll take you to the hospital first.” The security guard was rather helpless.
“What Fucking hospital! Did you think you can just send me to the hospital and get me over with? Ask your boss to come here!”
Among the crowd, Yolanda and Chuck squeezed in. Yolanda immediately walked over and said, “Hello, I am the manager of the plaza. Please allow us to send you to the hospital first.”
There were too many people on the scene. She had to solve the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would bring a bad reputation to the plaza.
“You’re the manager, right? I was walking fine but then I’ve been tripped over by your lousy facilities. My entire body is in so much pain right now and my bones feel like they are about to break. What’s the point of running such a lousy place? Aren’t you just trying to hurt people?” The lady who was lying on the ground yelled in pain.
“Please, we’ll talk about it when you get up. We’ll send you to the hospital first,” Yolanda said.
“Do I look like I can still fucking get up? My bones are almost broken.” The lady shouted angrily.
Yolanda frowned. She could tell that the lady was doing it on purpose.

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