My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 791

Chuck‚Äôs mysterious smile, Feng Wuxi sneered without hesitation, disdain to the extreme, “Are you blind or deaf? Have you seen that the most expensive thing in this shop has already been bought by me? More than 50 million Yes, more than 30 million, I think you are deaf and dumb!!”
Xiang Erlan’s hands were shaking, her slap really wanted to hit it!
How could there be someone like Chuck? ?
What is the most expensive thing in this shop?
What god, what ghost? !
Murong Qingmei turns around, and what is the most expensive?
“It seems that your vision is the only one. What do you buy the most expensive in this store?
Ignorance is terrible, and vision is terrible!!” Chuck shook his head lightly.
“Huh, you said I am ignorant?” Feng Wuxi was angry, and he said he was ignorant?
Feng Wuxi is about to hit someone!
Chuck diameter came to the store manager!
The store manager also dismissed Chuck. Just now, Chuck bragged, saying that there are three pieces of emperor green and big diamonds. She wanted to laugh!
The person full of lies, as the store manager, she wants to call the security guard, bang Chuck out!
This kind of junkie is simply not a customer! !
Feng Wuxi ignored Chuck so much, he had clenched his fists!
Mother! Ignoring this young master? !
“What are you doing? Just say what you want to buy, don’t slap it here! Also, I tell you, the most expensive things in our store have already been bought by Master Feng just now!” The manager looked disdainful.
“Your boss?” Chuck asked lightly.
“What do you want to do? Still want to see our boss? To be honest, you are not qualified yet!
Master Feng is qualified, you? Get rid of it if you don’t buy it! Really annoying, the first time you see a guest like you! “The manager was angry and scolded!
“See your boss, buy the most expensive thing in your shop!” Chuck’s eyes were numb.
“Are you sick? I’ve passed it. The most expensive items in the store have already been bought by Master Feng. Are you deaf?” The store manager was indignant!
“Xiaoqing, I can’t hear it anymore. Is he a pen?” Xiang Erlan was so disgusted.
If such a person is her own son-in-law, she must go crazy!
“Mom…” Murong Qing sighed!
My mother is too prejudiced with Chuck.
Chuckming is very good! !
“My ears are not deaf, you are deaf,” Chuck shrugged.
“What did you say?!” At this moment, the manager was angry.
“You are not only deaf, do you still understand? As the manager, the most expensive thing in a store doesn’t know what it is, you can really resign!” Chuck said coldly.
The manager smiled, she smiled angrily, “I resign? Joking!!!”
“I’m not kidding, I will let you leave immediately!” Chuck said coldly. “And, don’t you know what is the most expensive in the store?”
“What do you mean?”
The manager’s gaze changed, looking like a clown.
“The most expensive one is not bought by Feng Wuxi, the most expensive one is your shop?”
Chuck said coldly.
The shop is quiet for a moment!
Three seconds later, he laughed! !
“Haha! He’s really bad, I understand what he means, he said he wants to buy this shop! Haha!”
“Oh, this store is really the most expensive! But, can you afford it?” Feng Wuxi laughed. He didn’t know how to describe Chuck. Who is this, saying something like this?
Xiang Erlan slaps can not control!
Murong cleared his consternation and bought this store? ?
“I said how bad you are before you say this? Do you know how much money I have in this store?
There are hundreds of millions of items in it alone, close to one billion, can you afford it? Our boss will Sell it to you? Haven’t you woke up yet?” The store manager was angry.
There is a lot of jewelry in this shop, and the jewelry is of high value. The turnover of this shop is very good and very profitable. Not to mention, his own boss is a chain of jewelry stores and it is impossible to sell!
The fool in front of him actually let his boss come out?
This is really a long time to see!
If you tell the boss all this, the boss will definitely laugh to death.
“Let your boss come out and I will talk to him. Everything has a value!” Chuck said.
“Shut up! People like you, still want to see our boss? You dream about it! You talk nonsense, I let security guards bombard you out! You leave, our shop does not welcome you! You go!”
The shopkeeper ordered the guests! !
“Hello, Chuck, right? I’m really curious, how did you buy it! Let me open my eyes!” Feng Wuxi sarcastically, “I know this owner of the jewelry store, just like my family, I have hundreds of them. Hundreds of millions of assets, there are hundreds of chain stores, want him to buy you the store??
“Then look good!” Chuck shrugged, took out his mobile phone, called Betty, and hung up the phone in ten seconds.
“Okay, you are optimistic! What a really rich person looks like!” Chuck said coldly.
“Haha, I’m watching! But what do you show me? Who did you call?”
“I am a sister, ask the owner’s phone.” Chuck said.
“Haha! Why is it so troublesome? I also have it, shall I give you something?” Feng Wuxi sneered to the extreme.
“No, my sister Li has already called him, and in a few moments, he will come over and talk to me!” Chuckxiong Feng Wuxi glanced.
“Pretend! Do you know where our boss is?” The manager was angry.
“I don’t need to know, he will come back even if he is on a phone call, and, you, prepare to pack things up!” Chuck said lightly.
The store manager despised, “Oh, let me pack up, what are you?”
“Immediately the owner of this shop!” Chuck shrugged!
The manager despised it to the extreme!
“Oh, you are so powerful! Let the boss come over casually, you really have the ability!” Feng Wuxi sneered, he walked in front of Murong Qing, “Xiao Qing, you see it, this is what you call a boyfriend, like Acting like a clown!!”
“Shut up! Chuck said that you can buy here, and you absolutely can!” Murong Qing was indifferent!
Feng Wuxi was irritated, did you still talk to this spicy chicken?
Are you blind? ?
“Really? If you believe him so much, I’ll wait and see!” Feng Wuxi turned his eyes and said to Shi Lan, “Xiao Qing, don’t you feel embarrassed? He wants to pretend, let him continue pretending, let’s go !!!”
“Mom! Your prejudice to Chuck is too big!” Murong Qing couldn’t help it.
“Prejudice? Is it a normal person who would say such things?” Xiang Erlan was annoyed.
“Auntie, you look good, this shop, I can buy it immediately!” Chuck said.
His words came out again, causing a mockery of laughter. The people in the store looked at Chuck’s eyes, just to see the clown! Full of contempt! !

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