My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 795

Who could have imagined that there are tens of billions of Feng Wuxi in the family, and Master Feng will kneel in front of everyone in front of everyone? ?
No one thought of it! !
There was a lot of discussion, looking at Chuck’s eyes, it was rich and changeable, envious, jealous, and worship… too much.
“This kid really knows the current affairs!” The jewelry shop owner sighed!
He didn’t expect that Feng Wuxi, who was always hot-tempered, was said by Chuck in a few words, and he knelt down.
This is more representative of Chuck’s strength, I can’t imagine it!
“Anyone who doesn’t know the current affairs can do it? If my master gets angry, let alone the other, it’s my master who can overnight let all the family members disappear!” Shetou was still so worried.
When Chuck told him to kill boss Guo, the kind of look he would never forget.
The owner of the jewelry shop was trembling, but fortunately he knew the current affairs, or else…
The owner of the jewellery shop was afraid, because just now, he also looked down on Chuckdog! !
Chuckzhen is going to be angry, one can imagine his ending! !
“Obey, three days, kneel for three days!” Chuck shrugged!
“Master Zhang rest assured, I absolutely kneel for three days!” Feng Wuxi’s tears flowed out, what is kneeling? ?
I can survive, so happy! !
Everyone was stunned again!
“Master Zhang, now I will go back and prepare for the handover!” the boss said politely.
It’s better to get this done quickly! !
“You listen, from today, I am no longer your boss. From today, from this second, Master Zhang will be your boss!” said the boss.
The employees of the jewelry store, among them the store manager, have been dumbfounded!
My boss has announced it himself, so sure! !
“Xiaofang, you have followed Master Zhang since today!”
The manager was dull, “Boss, I, I just…”
“What did you just now?” The boss was suddenly serious! !
“Hmm, I just…” the manager said crying fifteen or ten.
Even Feng Wuxi knelt in panic, and he was a small store manager. In front of Chuck, I’m afraid he didn’t count anything. ?
Snapped! !
The boss raised his hand in anger and slapped the manager! ?
“Are you shameless? I told you how many times, don’t look at people with low eyes, you just don’t listen, and Master Zhang can be seen by you? I’m just an ant. Are you she? “The boss said coldly!
The manager sat on the ground in shock, what?
Your boss is an ant, so what is your own?
Panic, remorse, she suddenly fainted! !
I actually offended a person who can’t offend me!
“Boss, save me!” The store manager pleaded on his knees.
“I can’t save you! Tell yourself to Master Zhang!!!”
Where does he dare to save?
The shopkeeper’s tears were flowing, and the intense fear urged her to climb to the foot of Chuck. “Zhang… Master Zhang, I don’t know Taishan with your eyes, can you spare me?”
Chuck was condescending, “I said, let you pack things, you forgot?”
“I accept, I accept immediately, but Master Zhang… I’m scared.” The manager panicked, Feng Wuxi had to kneel for three days, how long would he kneel?
She dare not think about it!
“Please, I still have parents to raise, don’t kill me, I can make you cattle and horses!” The manager cried to death.
“I don’t want you, you can pack up and go! I don’t need employees like you in my shop!” Chuck was indifferent.
The store manager shivered and dared not leave. She was afraid to leave. Chuck would find someone to assassinate her.
“It’s not fast, security, you guys have written off, haven’t you blown her out to Master Zhang?”
Several security guards, only then recovered, they were busy bombing out the shopkeeper who was crying and begging!
“Go! Just now, Master Zhang is so deserved!”
The manager was blasted out, her pleading was outside the shop.
“Then, Master Zhang, I will go first,”
“OK, you go!”
The boss leaves.
“What are you doing? You should do what you want, just do it. By the way, from today, you will be the store manager!” Chuck pointed to an 18-year-old intern.
This intern has just started, but there are standard service etiquette!
Chuck took a fancy to her and can cultivate it!
The intern was stunned, and the other employees were stunned. They immediately changed their faces and were envious!
“Me? Master Zhang, aren’t you kidding me?” The intern was at a loss.
She only did this for a few days, but she studied management at university.
“No, can you do it?”
“Yes, Master, rest assured, I absolutely live up to the expectations of the Master!” The trainee wept with joy, which for her, this is a pie in the sky.
She cried and became a store manager, meaning that the salary increased, so she could make money, and her parents did not have to work so hard to work in the fields, so that they could study for themselves.
She can still give her parents money every month.
Chuck is satisfied!
She began to work with her employees, and the other employees were all emotional. Chuck was so courageous that she actually let an intern to be the store manager. This average boss would not dare to do this! !
“Master, I came…” Shetou came over and explained.
“Okay, you are busy with you, I will not interfere with you.” Since Chuck accepted him, of course he wouldn’t control him too much.
“Yes, Master! You are busy!” Shetou Bi respectfully left.
“Chuck,…” Murong Qing came over, she knew that Chuck would surprise her today. Just now, she was really surprised!
At the moment, Feng Wuxi was still kneeling at the door…
“Well, either give these stores…”
“Thank you, this is what you bought. This is your business investment and part of your business.
How can I get it?” Murong Qing refused firmly. This time Chuck came back and changed too much.
Buying here is definitely a business strategy. She didn’t believe that Chuck would buy more than one hundred stores because of a fight of will.
“Then I bought his house and gave it to you?” Chuck, Feng Wuxi, still kneeling at the door of his finger!
In an instant, Feng Wuxi was sweating and trembling.
“Forget it, I don’t want you anything,” Murong Qing still refused firmly.
Feng Wuxi felt powerless. Did he just walk on the edge of the cliff just now?
Chuck was helpless, “Okay!”
“Let’s go back first, yes, let’s go to dinner first, haven’t you eaten yet?”
Chuck came from afar, and naturally he didn’t eat, he agreed.
“Well, mom…what are you doing in vain? Go to dinner!” Murong Qing found Xiang Erlan still stunned.
“Daughter, daughter… who is he?” Xiang Erlan said to himself.
“Chuck!!! It’s also my…boyfriend.” Murong Qing bravely took Chuck’s hand and said.

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