My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 80

Yolanda reached out to check the lady’s body but she was smacked away as soon as she approached. Her hand even got all red and swollen with that smack.
“You’re not even a fucking doctor. Why are you touching me?” The lady scolded in pain.
Yolanda frowned.
“Come on, what garbage plaza is this? You can make people trip over during their shopping. How would people want to come here for shopping? Don’t come here, everyone. Maybe you will be the next one to fall!” The lady yelled from the floor.
“Exactly, there are a few places in the plaza that are undergoing construction at the moment, everywhere is like a mess, it’s very dangerous for shoppers, in fact.”
“I remember someone fell down last year too, and he broke one of his legs that time. I can’t believe they’re still not changing the safety measures after how serious that case was. See, someone fell down again today. Your boss is really too irresponsible. No matter what, I won’t come again next time.”
“Me too. I’m here to shop, not to be hospitalized. So I’m not coming anymore.”
The onlookers were talking loudly, and many people declared that they didn’t want to come to the plaza anymore either. Yolanda was frowning, even more, this time around. She was going to call the police to sort this out since there were surveillance cameras installed all around. She couldn’t allow the crowd to be here any longer.
“Call the police!” Yolanda said to the security guard who was standing by her side. The security guard took out his phone that instant. And then the lady who was still sitting on the floor started to cry even louder. “This lousy place made me fall down, don’t come here anymore! Just don’t come here anymore…”
“Please stop this, madam. Everything is under surveillance.” Yolanda’s tone waery cool.
“A lousy place with a rubbish boss!” The lady continued to yell and ignored what Yolanda just said. In a short while, more and more people were stopping by to watch.
Manny and the ladies came out of the bathroom. “Look, what’s the matter over there? Why are there so many people?” The woman in hot pants was puzzled.
“Something must have happened.”
“Isn’t it normal since this place is so lousy?” The woman in tight jeans saiisdainfully.
“Let’s go and have a look.”
“Yea let’s go, I also want to see what’s going on.”
The three women went over there.
“By the way, Manny, where is Zelda?”
“She just received a call from the restaurant and went out to talk.”
“Oh, that’s great. If she’s on the call, let’s go over and have a look.” The three women squeezed in through the crowd. Suddenly, the two women were stunned, even Manny was shocked too.
“Why is Zelda’s boyfriend here?”
“Listen to me, everybody. This plaza’s lousy facilities caused me to trip over and then now they’re forcing me to go to the hospital. I am supposed to be healthy and pain-free, but now my whole body hurts. Did I deserve this? Does that mean that this plaza is not going to take responsibility? This lousy place, it’s rubbish.” The lady was screaming in pain on the floor.
Yolanda was furious. “You want compensation, don’t you?”
“What do you mean I want compensation? I was supposed to be healthy and pain-free but then your lousy facilities made my trip over. Do you see how mistreated and unlucky I have been? This is all the fault of your management. If you are wrong, then you should take responsibility! Compensation is a must!” The lady glared at Yolanda.
“Yeah, she fell down when she was walking here. It’s the responsibility of the plaza’s management. It’s your responsibility to send her to the hospital and pay her compensation.”
“I also think it’s necessary to compensate her.”
The onlookers were chattering away once again.
“Oh, how much do you want the compensation to be?” Meanwhile, Chuck asked emotionlessly.
“My entire body is now in pain, and my bones are broken too. Thirty thousand. I want you to compensate me thirty thousand for my losses!” The lady said.
Yolanda was even getting angrier. How dare this woman tries to blackmail them!
“Thirty thousand dollars?” Chuck touched his nose.
“Yes, it can’t be any less. I have to go to the hospital for a check-up too! My leg must be broken now. It hurts really bad. This lousy place with horrible facilities made me fall down, absolute shit…” The lady yelled again. The crowd of onlookers was growing from what was happening.
“I think thirty thousand dollars is too little. Why don’t we pay you a little more?” Chuck said.
The lady who was still on the floor was stunned. The onlookers were also very surprised. What did he mean? Did he want to compensate more?
Yolanda glanced at Chuck and said, “Right, I’ll bring some cash over.”
Chuck nodded. “Get more please.”
“No problem.” Yolanda tried to squeeze her way out of the crowd.
The lady was getting suspicious. “You’re guilty now, aren’t you? You want to compensate me with more money, right? Good, please remember that’s what you said. My whole body is in pain and my legs are broken now. I think I’ll have to stay in the hospital for at least a month… so you should definitely pay me more!”
“Yes, that’s what I said.” Chuck shrugged his shoulders.
The onlookers were absolutely shocked.
“Who is this young man?”
”I don’t know him. The aunty only wanted thirty thousand dollars, but he wanted to compensate her more?”
“You don’t understand, do you? They’re making sure that this lady will shut up so that she doesn’t go out and talk nonsense.”
“I see!”
Everyone was busy chattering. Manny and the ladies looked at each other in confusion.
“What is Zelda’s boyfriend doing here? He seems to be working here, doesn’t he?” The woman in tight jeans was puzzled.
“It should be. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say something like that. Maybe he’s some kind of manager or something.”
“Manager? No wonder he’s not rich since he’s a manager at this lousy place.” The two women were getting even more disdainful. Manny, however, was staring at Chuck silently.
Soon, Yolanda walked into the crowd with a bag in her hand.
“Wow, they really took out some cash.”
Some people were quite surprised. The lady who was sitting on the floor frowned. She was getting more suspicious of what they were doing.
Yolanda walked over to Chuck. Chuck took a look at the cash in her hand anodded with satisfaction. “Give it to her.”
“Okay.” Yolanda smiled, bent down, and took out fifty thousand in cash from the bag.
The lady accepted the money and said, “Fifty thousand? That’s more like it. Next time, please be more careful. The facilities in your lousy plaza are really poor. Ok, call the ambulance and send me to the hospital now.”
“Oh no, fifty thousand is too little. These, these, these are all for you.” Yolanda shook her head. She took out more cash from the bag and put it on the ground stack by stack. There were a total of almost six hundred thousand dollars! The onlookers were dumbfounded!
“So much in compensation?”
All to compensate this lady? My God, this plaza must be really rich!
All of a sudden, there was dead silence! They were all shocked by the piles of money on the floor! The aunty also stunned. So much money was piled up in front of her, and it was all hers now?
“I’ve never seen so much cash ever before!” The aunty stammered and trembled.
“Are you going to compensate me with this much money?”
“Yes, it’s all yours. Please accept it.” Yolanda smiled.
“You can count it first, it’s six hundred thousand dollars sharp. If you don’t think it’s enough, I’ll give you another three hundred thousand.”
“No need for that.” The lady shook her head immediately. She already felt that everything was so surreal. She had only asked for thirty thousand dollars but they actually gave her six hundred thousand dollars instead. What were they trying to do? To buy her life? She recalled something, one of her friendried to blackmail someone, and right after getting paid, he was injured seriously in a car crash. He has been in a coma since. Back then it was only a hundred thousand dollars, but now. The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became. This six hundred dollar was really tuy her life! The lady was trembling in shock.
“What the hell are they trying to do? They’re compensating with so much money? Zelda’s boyfriend doesn’t want to work here anymore, does he?” The woman in tight jeans shook her head in surprise.
She looked down on Chuck even more now. What kind of problem-solving method was that? It was just merely burning money. It’s such a waste! If she were the boss, she would fire him immediately!
“Exactly! Zelda’s boyfriend is really stupid. The lady only asked for thirty thousand dollars but he is paying six hundred thousand instead. How “generous”!” The woman in hot pants also shook her head. From their point of view, if the boss knew Chuck’s way of solving the problem, he would definitely fire him! Why would he keep such an incompetent manager who only knew how to solve problems with money?
Meanwhile, Zelda squeezed in through the crowd. As soon as she hung up, she saw the crowd and came out of curiosity to find out what was going on. She was stunned to see Chuck Cannon.
When Manny and the ladies saw Zelda, the ladies immediately said, “Zelda, your boyfriend is really terrible. I advise you to break up with him immediately!”
“Yes, right away, don’t delay for even a second! He will never be able to give you a happy life. No chance at all!”
“Someone fell down and asked for a thirty-thousand compensation, but he decided to show off and compensate six hundred thousand instead! If the boss finds out, he will be fired today straight away! And he will have to pay for the rest of the money himself!”
“No, that won’t happen.” Zelda shook her head.
“What do you mean by that? The boss will be so angry for someone to solve a problem like this.” The woman in tight jeans shook her head disdainfully.
“It’s impossible for the boss to be angry at him, and impossible for him to be fired because he’s the owner of the plaza,” Zelda said softly.

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