My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 801

“Dad, why did you call me? It’s okay, just three people died. I can solve it!” Song Tianhao said when he called.
“Song Tianhao, did you do what she did to Laozi?” The voice was angry!
“Dad? Why are you scolding me?” Song Tianhao was speechless.
“Lao Tzu still want to hit you? How come I gave birth to you as a booby shit? People have come to the door and want to buy Lao Tzu’s company!!!”
“Dad, are you kidding me?” Song Tianhao fell into shock. His eyes were as big as eggs, his eyes were moving, and he was staring at Chuck.
“Husband, what did Dad say?” Seeing her husband’s face shocked, did Ma Fang think something was wrong? ?
“Stinky boy, am I kidding you?”
“Dad, even if someone buys our company, you don’t have to do this, we just don’t sell it.” Song Tianhao muttered.
“Don’t sell it? The people here come to know all the things of our two grandfathers, and any one can kill us, would you dare not sell it?”
“Ah? Dad, are you telling the truth?” Song Tianhao was shocked!
“I don’t have time to joke with you, you quickly lose money to others!!”
kill you!!”
Song Tianhao’s face was dull!
“Husband, what’s wrong?” Ma Fang felt more and more bad.
“He, he really is the boss here, he, let people buy our company.” Song Tianhao instantaneously complicated to the extreme!
This has the handle, in Chuck’s hands!
“What? Chuck is really rich?” Ma Fang fell into horror.
Why? ?
When Chuck was studying, he was so poor, how could there be so much money?
Or was Chuck originally a rich second generation, just pretending when he was studying?
“Wow, he really bought Song Tianhao’s dad’s company, it’s amazing!!”
“I want to follow him like this boss later!”
The onlookers were excited!
The dead have lost so much money, so what are they worried about!
“Chuck, you left our house, I’m sorry, I…” Song Tianhao felt Huanglian in his throat, which was extremely bitter.
“I let you go, just bought your house, oh, yes, forgot to tell you, and then be careful in doing business, I will let people stare at you…” Chuck said with a shrug.
Song Tianhao was shocked, “No,”
“Hurry up to lose money, otherwise you will be uncomfortable and let your family have something to do,”
Song Tianhao was shocked, “Go, bring six million cash!”
“Husband!!” Ma Fang was at a loss.
Song Tianhao slapped her face with a slap.
Ma Fang’s beautiful face was red and swollen, Ma Fang covered her cheek, “Her husband, you beat me…”
“Not yet? Go and rub it again, and see if I don’t kick you!” Song Tianhao was going to fight.
Ma Fang was terrified, ran to Che Li and drove to get money.
“Chuck, please wait a moment, the money will arrive soon, I hope you let go, please!” What can Song Tianhao say?
Begging hard!
“You’re honestly losing money, it’s not over? It’s so hard to trouble, do you see?”
Song Tianhao is full of regret, alas, alas! !
It turns out that I am the worst! !
Only in this world, there is no regret to take medicine.
Yolanda sent people to send money, Ma Fang also drove to bring money, each four million!
The workers burst into tears and finally followed a good boss!
It was settled, and the construction site was suspended for one day today and continued tomorrow.
Song Tianhao was frustrated, he slumped into his car, Ma Fang ran over in small steps, and gave Chuck a note, “Chuck, in fact, when I was studying, I silently noticed you, just buried in my heart. Never said, I like you, this is my WeChat, you can contact me at any time, anytime…”
What Ma Fang said was obvious, even if she is taken to open the house now, there will be no problem.
“Not yet?” Song Tianhao called over there.
“What are you doing so loud? Noisy.” Ma Fang sneered coldly and was gentle on Chuck,
“Chuck, remember to add me on WeChat, as long as you send it, I will be free at any time…”
Ma Fang passed impatiently.
Chuck glanced at the note in his hand and threw it in the trash.
As Ma Fang said, when you study, you like yourself? How could Chuck believe it?
As for the beautiful Ma Fang, her figure is very good, much better than the average Chinese woman.
But Chuck is disappointed! A woman who has been played by Song Tianhao, will Chuck want? ?
Chuck was not hungry to this point.
Yolanda heard Ma Fang’s words, such an active Ma Fang, most people can not resist it, Chuck was unimpressed.
Yolanda was smiling.
“What did you say to Chuck just now?” Song Tianhao said coldly.
“Nothing.” Ma Fang was indifferent.
“Nothing? Do you think I’m stupid?”
“Do you think that you don’t know yourself, Chuck has more money than you, don’t you know?”
“You, you want to betray me?” Song Tianhao was furious.
“Betrayal? I don’t like you, how can you betray?” Ma Fang sneered. “People walk up high! I met Chuck again, it was fate given by God, I want to catch…”
Song Tianhao slapped her, Ma Fang tore with him angrily, The matter on the construction site was resolved, and Chuck and Yolanda said seriously, “I may have to go out for a while!”
“Do you want to go out again? Go to the rice country?” Yolanda’s heart was subconsciously sad.
This is just a few days back!
“It’s not to go to the United States, just to China, to train yourself in a place.”
“How long?”
“I don’t know. It may be 15 days soon. Slow, it may take more than a month. At this time, it is still the same as when I go to the United States. You don’t need to notify me of everything.
You’re in charge.”
“Relax, go for it!”
Chuck is indeed at ease, this time go to the place where the mother said, come back as soon as possible!
Chuck also knew that when Mom mentioned this thing at this time, she obviously felt that You Shiwen’s revenge was about to begin.
Chuck drove away, Yolanda sighed sadly and lost his soul. “Be careful, I will work hard and wait for you to come back.”

“Chuck, are you going out again?” Murong Qing lay in Chuck’s arms.
Only a few days, Murong Qing was reluctant.
“Well, you know what is happening to me now. I have to improve my strength,” Chuck didn’t want to leave either, but he left because of a better future.
“I support you.” Murong Qing was reluctant to help, and Chuck came back this time to change.
This commitment gave her a source of security.
“I wait for you to come back!” Murong Qing said.

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