My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 803

Chuck has never committed me, I am not committed! !
I have moved my heart this time, and kindly saved a person, I did not expect this treatment!
said he fell.” The woman shook her head and looked at Chuck again.
She had such a little accident, Chuck actually saved her grandfather, and did not give money, now there are few such men? ?
The man hummed, “You deal with him, just send him some money and leave.”
After he finished speaking, he entered the ward and didn’t say much about the misunderstanding just now.
In his view, Chuck was simply not qualified to let him explain more, even if a word was not qualified.
“My brother misunderstood what happened just now. Sorry, my name is Liu Li. You should take away this money!” Liu Li still took out the card just now.
“I’m sorry? I saved someone, but you raked it first?” Chuck said coldly.
He is angry today! Regret and talk too much!
“What do you want?” Liu Li frowned, and her tone dropped a bit.
“What do you think I want? I saved people, is this your attitude?”
Liu Li’s pretty face cooled down, “Then I’m not asking you, what do you want? Not enough?”
“Your so-called remuneration, or just give yourself, I don’t need it!” Chuck left, stayed again, Chuck will slap her a few times!
Liu Li’s face is ugly. At this place, no man dared to speak to her like this, don’t even forget, something that is not interesting!
She entered the ward and her grandfather was asleep again.
“What about the kid just now? How much did you pay him?” the man asked.
“He didn’t want it.”
“Pretend! Haven’t you wanted it yet?” The man smiled disdainfully, “Forget it, such a person, don’t worry about it, yes, Wumen recruits, how many people do you recommend?”
“No!” Liu Li was worried.
“Don’t the master let us recruit a few potential combatants?” The man was speechless. “Yeah, now the young people are just like the kid who just wrote the pen. It’s really difficult to find a few disciples. of,”
“It can only be done as much as possible,” Liu Li had no choice but what to do?
Now that young people are so poor in physical fitness, they are struggling with anti-bag rice.
How can they find out the seedlings for learning to fight? It’s impossible!
“Yeah, isn’t there a job fair tomorrow? Let’s see how many people are on the scene. If there aren’t, then we can only find a few trash from the scene.” The man was speechless!
What are the physical qualities of garbage now?
Liu Li agreed that this was the only way.
Chuck went to eat a fast food and went to the hotel to sleep. In the middle of the night, he received a call from Betty.
“Master, tomorrow you go to the Black Night Farm, there is a recruitment fair for the selection of Wumen over there. If you are advanced to Wumen, then let me tell you that the masters of fighting in Wumen are like clouds. ”
“Sister Li, I know.” Chuck was stuck.
The higher the number of hands, the more low-key, because a very simple reason, why do you go to Wumen? ?
In order to learn a lot of fighting skills!
More exercise opportunities are not to reveal your own strength. Real masters are dismissive of revealing their strength.
“Master, in Wumen, there are several powerful teachers. These are traditional Chinese combat teachers. They all show killing skills! President Li suggested that you recognize Qiushui as a teacher. President Li said that this Qiushui teacher’s fighting talent is very talented. Gao! She has been specializing in this area, so it’s best to follow her for a few days! But, let’s go to Wumen tomorrow and say again.”
Betty said a lot in detail.
Chuck listened all in, went to Wumen, and looked for Teacher Qiushui.
“I know everything.”
“That’s good, young master, go to bed early and good night,”
“Well, good night!” Chuck shrugged, hung up and fell asleep.
Betty murmured to herself, “Good night…”
The next morning, Chuck took a car to what Black Li said.
At the scene, there are still a lot of luxury cars. This is obvious. Many rich second generations need to fight by themselves, so they will be much safer.
This is actually an enrollment, but you need to be proficient in assessment and how to assess it.
Chuck shrugged and went straight in.
There were many people on the scene, there were many men and many women. In fact, women who would fight were super good in shape. The women on the scene were all in perfect shape.
Chuck was waiting at the scene. Many people were bragging about how powerful they were.
Chuck sneered. He had to talk to his mother. Only low-key, low-key, you can learn more.
“Hush, that beautiful woman is in good shape,”
“Of course, fighting, surely exercise, can you be in good shape?”
“Hey, I saw another hanging wire coming. I just walked and saw him coming by car. There is no car, and there is a face here…”
Many people were discussing, Chuck was speechless, and he was actually being discussed.
“Quiet, quiet!”
There was someone at the scene, yesterday was Liu Li, and her brother Liu Ge.
The two of them are dissatisfied with the people who are coming now, and they seem to be some trash with little strength.
“Alas, only a few of these garbage are better.” Liu Ge was helpless. “Everyone is standing, let’s go to Wumen’s assessment!!”
Chuck frowned, was it they?
The enemy is narrow! !

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