My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 806

Among Wumen, it is similar to Chuck’s imagination, with a sense of age, but the training method is very modern.
Among the Wumen, the people who went in were all elites, so Chuck had already seen many people, men and women, men are strong, women have a particularly good sense of lines.
Because of exercise, the figure of a woman is comparable to that of Europe and the United States.
Very seductive.
Liu Li took Chuck into it, and there were many houses in Wumen. Chuck suspected that this house might have been passed down for thousands of years, and I don’t know how many generations of talent have been trained to go out!
Chuck is excited when he thinks about it. How come he can go out after graduation? ?
Betty didn’t say anything, and Liu Li didn’t say anything.
In her view, Chuck and others who came in together are not eligible to graduate!
“This is where your freshmen live! Let’s take a rest today, remember, don’t cause trouble to me!
Or get away!!!” Liu Li is very strict!
“Chuck, why don’t you answer?” Liu Li stared at Chuck with a pair of beautiful eyes, and the kind of majesty came out, step by step, forcing Chuck to shrink back!
Chuck has come in Wumen, of course, not afraid of others.
“Chuck, are your ears deaf?” Liu Li was extremely majestic.
The other four students looked at Chuck in the same way.
Is this fool sick?
To talk back to the teacher? ?
“I’m not deaf, I’m going to rest, coach you want to be together?” Chuck asked with a shrug.
“You want to die?” Liu Li was annoyed. This guy actually teased himself?
“No! I want to see the coach. Do you want to see me? Then I don’t mind.” Chuck shrugged.
A few female students laughed, Chuck was so courageous!
Liu Li was extremely angry, “Chuck, I will stare at you!”
“Just whatever you want!” Chuck didn’t want to take a break. He wanted to go to Teacher Qiushui who Betty said.
Betty said that, following this teacher Qiushui, you can learn more.
Liu Li hurried away.
“Hello, Chuck, you are so brave, the coach dares to tease?” a 20-year-old beautiful woman smiled.
“You don’t mind, I can also tease you.” Chuck shrugged.
“Humph, Toad wants to eat swan meat!” She dismissed it. But how can she be a descendant of a big family, eaten by an unknown boy? ?
However, after she finished, Chuck had gone out.
“Sweet, don’t know him in general, he is a villain who is opportunistic!” said the companion of the beauty.
“Got it, I didn’t take him as a good person, I was exhausted and fell asleep!”
“However, the villain Chuck also lives in this room. Would he do us evil while we slept in the middle of the night?”
“He dare! If I dare, I will abolish him!!” Tian Tian said fiercely, and made a pinching motion.
“Haha! Then he dare not, want to be a woman?”
A few girls laughed, very disdainful, Chuck is not their opponent.
They actually beat the White Wolf with a punch, but what is Chuck?
Opportunistic, just like a timid woman, reluctantly came in by hiding.
This gap is obvious! !
If Chuck dared to do anything to them, they would definitely beat Chuck to cry.
“Where is Teacher Qiushui?”
Chuck entered the labyrinth and felt like he was in the temple. Chuck was speechless!
Ask others, others don’t say, one by one is so cold.
Chuck walked for a long time, it was really impossible, only to return the same way.
It was already dark when I came back. In the humble bed, in front of a few buns, there was nothing else. It was shabby.
Chuck knows this to train, to study further, of course, diet does not matter, sleep after eating and playing.
“Don’t mess up, I’ll warn you!” Tian Tian scolded vigilantly!
Chuckbai glanced at her and closed her eyes to sleep.
The next day, Liu Li came to let Chuck run with a 50 kg load! ten kilometers!
Chuck already had dozens of pounds on his body, and he didn’t mind being a bit more.
The first thing to carry was fifty kilograms and ran away.
The speed is still fast.
Liu Li frowned, “This guy’s physical strength is not bad! Are you guys hurrying?”
Sweet, they are speechless and can only obey the order, carrying 50 kilograms of things and running.
When Chuck ran in the deep mountain, he saw a separate house above a mountain peak, which looked a bit interesting, like a place where women lived.
I just don’t know if it’s Teacher Qiushui.
Chuck intends to go around this evening, time is not waiting for people, Chuck wants to learn as much as possible, and then graduated smoothly, you know, my mother went out after fifteen days!
“You are all rubbish! Only ten kilometers, you are tired like this?” Liu Li was exasperated.
It’s sweet that the girls are lying down, Chuck is panting, but Chuck must be pretending.
With a load of ten kilometers, it is not too difficult for Chuck to be trained by the devil.
Moreover, Chuck basically maintains three hours of training every day in the United States.
This test is endurance!
Liu Li’s eyes first stared at Chuck, ignoring directly, and then a few sweet girls.
“A few of you girls are too upset,” Liu Li said coldly.
“Coach, it’s not that we don’t scramble, it’s too heavy, it’s too far, how can a girl stick it out?”
Tian Tian was almost tortured and crying.
A few kilometers is fine, but ten kilometers is really bad! !
“Huh, what’s more, this is how I came. I can’t even run for ten kilometers. What are you doing here?” Liu Li was annoyed. “I told you that there were a few genius characters in Wumen, The first is Wuqiu’s current Qiushui coach. She has a weight of one hundred kilograms and the time to return after ten kilometers is much faster than yours!”
“Ah, what a horror!”
Chuck’s eyes moved, is Teacher Qiushui so powerful? ?
The reason came out, and my mother asked her to learn from her because of this.
“Are there any women?” Tian Tian’s face was depressed.
“Yes, this is earlier than Qiushui coaches, faster than Qiushui coaches, and bears 120 kilograms!”
Liu Li inevitably praised!
“Wow, so powerful! Who is she?”
“You should have never heard of her. Her name is Karen li!” Liu Li said.

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