My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 813

“Roar, roar, roar!!”
Two big black bears rushed to Liu Li like crazy.
Liu Li was just attacked and injured. She was two kilometers away at the same time. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She was angry! !
Chuck, as his own student, actually looked like this? ?
“Can’t you just help me?” Liu Li was angry!
“Help you? After I help you, will you bite me again?!” Chuck eyes flashed.
Last time Chuck’s guilty heart saved her grandpa!
But in the end, even if Xie didn’t have it, he still doubted Chuck.
Chuck was really hot at the time.
Liu Li was angry, “Go!”
“Of course I will roll,” Chuck shrugged and ran away.
Liu Limei’s eyes are spurting anger!
“Oh my god! Was Chuck escaping?”
“It’s him. The coach is in danger. He saw that he didn’t help, and he chose to run away? Is this still not a man?”
“Ah, I said yesterday that he might have saved Tiantian. Now look, there is no possibility at all!
Good garbage!”
“It’s really a white-eyed wolf. The coach taught him anyway, but he couldn’t save himself!”
“Don’t say it, save the coach quickly!” Tian Tian took the lead to rush up bravely first!
The other three women also rushed up!
Originally, the two big black bears were injured.
Five people besieged. Two big black bears were stabbed to death and one fled with wounds.
Liu Li gasped and was saved.
“Coach, are you okay?” Sweet asked.
“It’s okay, let’s go back!” Liu Li was angry, Chuck this bastard!
I was able to survive last night. It must have been like a mouse, hiding in a cave.
Damn it!
They went back to their place, it was already afternoon.
Sweet they go back to the room.
“Huh, is there still a face to sleep?”
“He who has no heart and no lungs, of course, can fall asleep! If I were him, I would definitely sleep without a face, and even stay here without a face.”
Sweet they despise Chuck.
“Sweet, such a person is really rubbish compared to the person who saved you.”
“En En!” Sweet shrugged, to Chuck for a moment, disgust to the extreme!
Chuck opened his eyes.
“What are you looking at? Are you talking about it? We are talking about the man who saved the sweet yesterday!”
“Well, there is still a face to respond? If you meet Chuck, you must run faster than anyone else!”
“It’s not a waste of time to say such things to people like him?”
Sweet despise, a few women are ready to rest.
Chuck shrugged, didn’t say a word, and went to sleep with energy.
However, they still despise Chuck.
Chuck also ignored it, but they continued to say that Chuck shrugged and said, “You said so much, don’t you mean, I didn’t save the instructor?”
“Yes, a white-eyed wolf, a coward!”
“Why should I save her?” Chuck asked.
“Why? You are so truthful!” Tian Tian despised Chuck.
“Yes, it’s just to be strong and courageous. If you meet me, would you do the same?
! ”
“Run away, run so many excuses? Don’t talk, sleep, sleep!!!”
Chuck doesn’t matter, just sleep.
Early the next morning, Liu Li came.
With a cold snort, Chuck got up to prepare for today’s freshman contest.
“I tell you that this time the freshman competition is not allowed to beg for mercy, it must last for a minute to admit defeat!” Liu Li coldly urged.
If she was killed by a second, then she, who is an instructor, must have no light on her face! !
“Chuck, why don’t you answer?? Are you going to admit defeat?” Liu Li was exasperated.
“I won’t admit defeat, I still have to take the first place!”
“Hahaha! It’s so funny! Do you still take the first place? The last one?”
Sweet, they really despise, bragging without skill? !
Liu Li is cold, take the first? dream!
“You will know in a moment, instructor, can you go to the scene?” What did Chuck refute? ?
Just talk about strength.
Strength is the best way to shut them up.
No need to hide, no need to be low-key, because Chuck wants to win the first place in this freshman competition! !
“Are you still awake? Why are you still dreaming? When you don’t embarrass me, I will thank God!” Liu Li said coldly.
“Let’s go to the scene with me!”
Liu Li speaks, at this time, her brother Liu Ge comes in.
“Brother, I will take them to the scene.”
“Got it,” Liu Ge didn’t look at Chuck.
He had no clue for two days, he was crazy!
The people who beat themselves disappeared like this?
He is not convinced!
“Listen to me, if a man can’t enter the first thirty, you will get out of me!!” Liu Ge stared at Chuck and said the same as a punching bag.
“Coach, he just said to be the first!” Sweet smile?
“Oh, he is the first?” Liu Ge smiled slightly, “Are you still awake yet?”
“wake up.”
“Do you still daydream when you wake up? Huh, let’s go!” Liu Ge strode out.
Liu Li, they are the same.
Chuck won the first place? Unless the sow is on the tree!
Because it is impossible! !

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