My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 816

Chuck’s eyes narrowed!
This Ma Hao really is his strongest opponent today!
What exactly is the result, this can only be known when the wheel wars!
To be honest, Chuck encountered such a master, there was a kind of excitement! !
Because at the point of Chuck, it is not the kind of top expert like the mother, it is really not easy to meet a suitable opponent! !
This Ma Hao is a suitable opponent!
When the audience was watching Ma Hao, Chuck strode to Tian Tian in a big stride.
Tian Tian is still in shock.
“Hello!” Chuck called her.
Sweet Sweet turned around and screamed, “Ah, you attacked me, I killed you!!!”
Chuck is speechless, you are like a fool, who blames this? ?
Besides, Chuck walked in front of her without attacking her! !
Why did she sneak up on her?
Sweet kick!
Chuck shrugged, his hands and feet didn’t move, but his shoulders moved!
boom! !
Tian Tian was hit by Chuck’s shoulder and dizzy for a moment.
However, there was no shock at the scene.
There was an uproar!
Teasing! !
“What is he doing? How did this man attack a girl?”
“The other girl was watching Ma Hao just now, and he took advantage of the opportunity to attack. Such people!”
“Too shameless!”
“Too bad to pity Xiangxiyu, sneak attack on others, and make them dizzy, alas, how can such a person appear in this new life!”
“The others Ma Hao is a spike, but he is fair and honest, and he? Engaging in a sneak attack, so unscrupulous?? Alas, humiliate our men!”
The audience despised Chuck!
Chuck’s invincibility, and Ma Hao’s one punch spike, this is the highest sentence!
Chuck is at the bottom!
Even, the voice of discussion became condemnation.
“Well, Chuck’s bad writing? Engaging in a sneak attack? A sneak attack on a woman? He’s still not a man!”
“He wasn’t a man originally. Yesterday, he didn’t save him from coach Liu Li! In my heart, he hasn’t been a man any longer. Is there anything unexpected about doing such a vicious thing with Tian Tian?”
“Alas, pitiful and sweet, obviously you can beat Chuck, but Chuck won this game! Not reconciled!”
Several girls were full of disgust towards Chuck.
Liu Li is annoyed, this policy is really too human!
Liu Ge is too lazy to read Chuck’s trash!
Ma Hao’s eyes glanced at Chuck, sneered and went to the waiting area!
Coach Qiushui also looked at Chuck, “Everyone is quiet!! Are you called Chuck, right?”
“People who learn martial arts, you are not good at learning art first, and learned the tricks first! I hope you don’t do this anymore! It’s unfair to other girls!” Coach Qiushui said coldly.
“I didn’t attack her secretly, she also attacked me just now, I just…” Chuck was speechless.
This is being scolded for no reason!
“Shut up! When we are blind?” The group was angry!
“Don’t say it, you won this time, but then you still use this vicious method, I will cancel your qualification!” Coach Qiushui has no emotion.
“Ah, I see,” Chuck was unable to explain.
Tian Tian was carried down.
Is she too easy to beat? ?
Chuck’s shoulders didn’t use much strength, she had been knocked off.
Chuck went to the winning area.
“Don’t come near me! I feel embarrassed to have a classmate like you! Sneak attack? How much do you want to win?”
“I tell you, you are useless in front of Ma Hao. In front of absolute strength, all tricks are futile!”
Those who won just now despise Chuck.
Chuck doesn’t matter, if he is scolded, he will be scolded!
The second round is over!
Start the third round, the fourth round!
Until half of the people are screened out!
Liu Li was speechless. Of his five students, only Chuck was on the winning list, and everything else was screened out.
Then there is no hope!
“Okay, half of the screening has been done, and the next step is much simpler. Anyone who thinks he is strong can go to the ring! Anyone you just won can challenge him! As long as the last one stands on the ring, this is it The first freshman contest!” Coach Qiu Shui said aloud.
“Alas, I can’t be selected by the first round. I’m already satisfied. I don’t plan to fight, because how to fight, in the end, the first place will be Ma Hao!”
“I don’t plan to fight anymore!”
“Ma Hao, you just go up, this is definitely your number one!”
Everyone talks!
Ma Hao took off his sunglasses and went to the ring with disrespect!
“Who’s coming? I will be there anytime in the ring!!” Ma Hao said.
No one came up!
Coach Qiushui was stunned, so there is no suspense. This time, the first place should be Ma Hao!
She didn’t think that this was the case. Ma Hao came on stage and was shocked that there was no challenger!
Ma Hao’s first job is too easy!
“Hum, don’t come, then I’ll be fine! Say anything to fight Ma Hao today!!” A man came to the ring!

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