My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 825

“Ah…” Chuck was stunned.
The accident will always be in the next second, Chuck must know! !
Because no one can predict the future in this world, everyone is an ordinary person who continues to live, die, and die.
However, my mother’s fighting strength and physical fitness are absolutely the best in the world.
You know, the strongest bodyguard in Youjia, but he was defeated without his mother’s two moves!
Although, there is a reason why the ages of the two are too different, but the biggest reason is the mother’s excellent fighting strength.
Otherwise, try another one? ?
This kind of strength is rare in the world.
It’s just that Wan Ziwen’s Wanjia, the strongest bodyguard hasn’t appeared yet. This man, compared with his mother, who is better? ?
Chuck doesn’t know, because Wanjia is the real first family!
“My mother’s strength is so strong, shouldn’t you be said to be an accident?” Chuck said, getting serious.
“I’m not cursing your mother, no, you just heard that, I adore your mother, I just let you treat your mother a little better, don’t bother her.” Coach Qiushui is envious.
“Ah.” Chuck was speechless, how was he doing to his mother? !
“Then when I didn’t say it.” Coach Qiu Shui shook his head, let Chuck rest tonight, and began training tomorrow.
“Hello…” Coach Qiushui’s words made Chuck want to call his mother and ask.
How to say, the pressure of my mother in the United States is much greater than yourself. As a son, you should really care about it.
I was a little unfilial just now!
Chuck regretted that she should inquire about her mother’s situation. It seems that the mother has always cared about herself, but the son herself has not cared about her.
Chuck felt more and more guilty.
“What are you doing?”
“Forget it, wait for me to call my mother after I go out from here,” at that time, just to thank the mother.
It’s only more than ten days, my mom won’t have anything wrong at this time?
Certainly not, what can happen to my mother’s strength? ?
“Well, whatever you want, go to rest. Starting tomorrow, you will know my training method,”
Coach Qiu Shui returned to the room, not to go back to rest, but to specially develop training methods for Chuck.
She played a tentative fight with Chuck today and already knew the weakness of Chuck’s fighting.
She wants to make a training plan.
Specifically for Chuck, it is best to remove all the shortcomings of Chuck’s current fighting!
Chuck was also tired and went back to the room to sleep.
He also expects that he can surpass his mother and become a new record for Wumen.

“From today on, you will be tied with a hundred kilograms on your hands and feet. You must be tied wherever you go. You can only untie it when you leave Wumen!” Coach Qiushui knew that Chuck’s contact time was too short s reason.
Chuck’s physical constitution is still flawed.
Talent is one thing, the physical gap is still obvious.
So, with so much weight on it, toughly pushed Chuck’s physical limit to make up for the vacancy that only came into contact with fighting for a year.
“Then I have a weight of 130 kg?” Chuck didn’t care to shrug.
There are some very heavy metals on the ground, but they are not as small as the special metals my mother studied.
“You, have been carrying 30 kilograms?” Coach Qiushui heard Chuck’s words.
“Yes, this ring was given to me by my mother. It’s very heavy.” Chuck has been wearing it for a long time.
I am used to it, and even Chuck is thinking about letting my mother help her usual weight increase to 50 kg! !
In order to improve his strength, it is okay to be bitter.
“No wonder you can beat Ma Hao, it turns out you… well, in these five days, you don’t have to do anything else, you run 20 kilometers for me every day! After five days, I will add five to you Ten kilograms, and then the training will really start! I will teach you all I can.” This is to restrike the base that Chuck did not hit before.
This is a training plan customized by Qiushui Coach for Chuck!
Chuck’s strength can certainly be improved by leaps and bounds.
Because Chuck’s current shortcoming is physical fitness. If Chuck had been in contact with fighting since childhood, then of course there would be no such shortcomings. The key is to be a monk halfway, which is different.
Physical fitness has improved, everything else is easy to say.
It’s like the foundation is stabilized. Isn’t building a building random? ?
“Okay,” Chuck did.
My mother rated her so highly, Chuck trusted her 100%! !
Chuck tied his weight and went for a run.
Coach Qiushui continued to think about the plan, how reasonable and how could Chuck graduate in the next ten days? ?
“Coach Qiushui, are you there?”
This little voice, yes, this sweet voice.
“Yes, are you okay?” Coach Qiushui went out.
“Where is Chuck?” Yes, sweetly came to find Chuck.
She determined that Chuck saved her, and she wanted to thank him!
“No, he is already running with a heavy load.”
Sweet disappointment, “Oh, when will Chuck come back?”
“This depends on his own speed, 150 kilograms, 20 kilometers, how long can you return?”
“Ah? That’s so heavy, I can’t come back, definitely I can’t.” Sweet Chin was shocked.
Chuck is so desperate!
“What is Chuck desperately doing?”
“Because he wants to surpass his mother, so does his mother who is better than blue!”
“Is his mother very powerful? Why should I surpass?” Tian Tian couldn’t figure it out.
“You don’t know who his mother is?”
“I don’t know, he didn’t tell me again,” Chuck didn’t mention these at all!
How could she know sweet? ?
“His mother is the myth of Wumen, Karen li!”
Tian Tian was shocked in an instant! !
Undoubtedly, I heard a shocking news!
She knew that, when Liu Li mentioned Karen li that day, when she and several other girls talked about Karen li, why did Chuck laugh?
Several girls admired his mother, could he not laugh as a son? ?
She suddenly felt extremely embarrassed, that day, she and several other girls still laughed at him! !
At that time, did Chuck despise himself very much? ?
“Is this true?” Tiantian heard Liu Li’s introduction, and she also worshipped the Wumen record holder, because it was so powerful, the key was still a woman.
“Really, I have a video call with Chuck’s mother Karen li,”
Sweet and deeply feel incredible, Chuck actually hides so deeply!
With strength, my mother is still a myth of Wumen. It is so low-key, incredible! !
Sweet and shining, several friends analyzed, did Chuck like to save himself! !

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