My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 826

“Are you looking for Chuck?” Coach Qiushui asked.
“Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay, Coach Qiushui, you are busy, I’m going back.” Tiantian swayed her long legs out.
Coach Qiushui shook his head, thinking about continuing to set up training for Chuck.
Tian Tian ran back.
“Sweet, did you see Chuck? You are such a big beauty, take the initiative to find his hanging wire, he must be very happy!”
“I didn’t see him.”
“Don’t see? What is he doing?”
“During training, do you know? Did I know what I learned when I went to Qiushui coach this time?” Tian Tian looked excited.
“What do you know?”
“Yes, hurry up!”
“Chuck’s mother, actually Karen li!!!” Tiantian said out sweetly!
A few girls were stunned for a moment, and their faces were shocked! !
“No? Is this possible?”
“Possibly, Chuck can play so well, and his talent must be high. Isn’t this the inherited abnormal gene of Karen li?”
“Oh my god, no wonder he can beat Ma Hao! It turns out so!”
“Last time when we mentioned Karen li, Chuck still laughed. Did he laugh at us silly?”
A few girls are like chicks, haw wow wow constantly.
“It must be a joke with us! Unexpectedly, Chuck actually has such a powerful mother, Karen li is so powerful, isn’t that Chuck also a rich second generation?”
“Absolutely, he is so low-key! Sweet, so are you satisfied with Chuck?”
Tian Tian’s face was red, “I still imagined that Karen li’s mother was so powerful, I didn’t expect it…”
“What are you doing? You don’t need to learn by training?” Liu Li appeared angrily!
Chuck is gone, she has only four students left.
She vowed that she must train these students, which is even more powerful than Chuck!
“Coach, let me tell you, it turns out that Chuck’s mother is…” Tian Tian didn’t finish.
Has been interrupted by Liu Li!
“Starting today, whoever mentions Chuck in front of me! I will rush her out of Wumen! Did you hear that!!!” Liu Li scolded!
“No, I mean Chuck’s mother, she is…” Sweet and speechless.
The same is true for several girls.
Chuck didn’t want her in public, and Liu Li’s thoughts were abnormal and reasonable.
“Who the hell does it have to do with me?? I’ll say it again, don’t mention anything about him, remember, it’s anything! If anyone doesn’t listen, I will drive her out now! What do you mean by training?” Liu Li finished and left.
“Liu is angry and hates Chuck very much!”
“Of course, Chuck lost Liu Li’s face in the freshman competition,”
“I want to know, if coach Liu Li knew that Chuck’s mother is the myth of Karen li from Wumen, what expression would she have! How dare you not mention Chuck?”
“Haha, I want to know too!”
Liu Li went to her brother Liu Ge angrily.
Liu Ge was stunned by Chuck and didn’t swell until today. Liu Ge was so angry that he couldn’t do it!
“Liu Liu, I can’t swallow this breath, I must find Chuck trouble, I want him to regret everything he did to me!!”
“Brother, Chuck entered the Qiushui gate, you don’t know Qiu Shui’s ability, she will train Chuck more and more powerful, we two join hands to fight him, there is no chance of winning!”
Liu Li knows herself!
To know the result of the last time, Liu Ge was still killed by a punch.
And he was actually pinned by Chuck!
This is teasing! !
Where can Liu Li tolerate it? ?
She couldn’t sleep anymore, she dreamed that Chuck pinched her face, and she woke up angrily every time!
He already hated Chuck! !
“I will find a way, you can rest assured, you and my shame, I will find it back!” Liu Ge sneered, he had already calculated in his heart.

“Miss Hui, Chuck went to Wumen to study,” Wan Ziwen was bored, and her bodyguard always reported Chuck’s situation.
“Study? Why study? I won’t do it with him!” Wan Ziwen was lazy and even more bored.
Because she hasn’t seen Chuck for a long time.
she was. . Think Chuck.
Even if it was Chuckdong, she wanted to meet Chuck.
She has been in China for so many days. .
“This should be Karen li’s meaning.”
“Huh, Karen li is really troublesome, will I let Chuck die?” Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed through a long-lost murderous opportunity! !
“I also think that Karen li is too annoying. She wants to train Chuck and you to be right in a short time! Is this still enough?” The man seized this opportunity, but he still remembers it today, Karen li He hurt him and made him almost lose face in front of Wan Ziwen.
“Karen li has spared no effort to improve Chuck’s strength, that is, to make Chuck and you turn your face. Without Karen li hindering you and Chuck, I think the opportunity for you and Chuck to go together is Evergrande!”
Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed!
The man rejoiced, this is to persuade Wan Ziwen, “Miss, you think, Karen li is still there one day, Chuck’s confidence is still there, you have to force Chuck, in fact, the best way is to break Chuck’s confidence…”
Wan Ziwen has more chances, “I don’t need your majority, I already have this meaning. With Karen li in one day, she will definitely not agree to the thing between walking and Chuck. Now I don’t need her to agree or disagree. Because… I can’t hear a dead man’s opinion, and Chuck won’t hear it either……let her come out!!!”
“You mean, let the Wanjia strongest…” the man asked.
This one hasn’t worked in Wanjia for a long time!
Because no one challenged the majesty of Wanjia, how could the strongest be shot? ?
“Without letting her shoot, can you kill Karen li without knowing it?” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
“I…” The man’s throat was stuck.
But he knew from the Youjia side that Karen li had killed the strongest bodyguard of that Youjia!
“You can’t kill, only let her take it! Now it’s our young people’s world. Karen li should lie in the coffin and do it! Say I let her out!”
“But she can only be transferred by the owner!”
“I am about to be the owner of the house, can’t I still be able to mobilize her? Pass on my original words to her, and if she is not obedient, I will tell my grandfather to let her go!!” ! !
The man trembles, and he will do it immediately.
“Must remember, you have to be clean, don’t let Chuck know that I made it. Last time you killed Logan, it was not clean at all!”
“You can rest assured that I will pass on all these words to her! You can rest assured!”
Wan Ziwen was lazy, “Chuck, don’t blame me, the blame is on you. Your mother Karen li gives me a bad sense of threat. As a woman, she is so ridiculously powerful that I hate threats in my life. It’s not even a slight threat! Strangling this threat in the cradle is my favorite thing… killing her, just doing something I like… Chuck, you need to understand , I like you…”
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly, but the smile made people tremble!

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