My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 831

“Coach Qiushui, are you sure?”
Several coaches are puzzled.
book=net It stands to reason that it is not possible, because Chuck is a trainer of Qiushui coach. If the coaches are all used as the last pass, is it possible to give trainee Chuck water? ?
This will definitely not work! !
“Ok, a few coaches are at ease. The reason why I put it forward is to have a better look at his strength. I will go all out!” Coach Qiushui shone beautifully.
It only took an hour and a half for the two levels. How amazing is this speed? ?
This may be the beginning of a new record!
Coach Qiushui, let’s see how Chuck has grown up under his own guidance.
Several coaches discussed, and eventually agreed.
How to say, coach Qiushui has always been selfless.
This shows that Qiu Shui coach will not deliberately release water.
“Well, since Coach Qiushui said it, who else will come? After all, the last hurdle, but three people are needed!!”
“I’m coming! I haven’t seen it for a long time, the student who surprised me so much! I want to see if he really has the real material! Or the two levels just now, just opportunistic.” A hair Said the gray man.
“Also count me!” The other is a short, but very strong man.
“Okay, let the three of you go in!”
Coach Qiushui, and two coaches, went to the third level.
outside! !
Seeing more and more people, the new students who have been in the field for 13 days are going to go through the barriers. This is a big news for Wumen!
Many people will pay attention!
“Ah, I see, I’m better to come tomorrow. It’s not a day or two to pass the barrier. It’s a waste of time to stay here and watch it boringly!”
“I also think that I’ll go back as well. I won’t come tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, I think this Chuck, at least stay in it for four or five days.”
They all believed that Chuck would not have any results within a few days.
So it’s a waste of time. What are you waiting for here?
It’s boring! !
Many people began to go back in groups.
Sweet they continue to watch.
“Sweet, let’s go back. Today and tomorrow, there can be no result.”
“Yeah, I think it will take three days at the earliest. You must know that Chuck’s mother took two days to pass it. Chuck certainly cannot break this record that has been kept for so long. ”
Tian Tian doesn’t want to leave, “You go back first, I’ll wait,”
They left.
Sweet to continue to wait.
“Brother, why don’t we go back? There is no result today,” Liu Li said.
Liu Ge also felt that it was impossible.
Just come out in one day? This may? ?
Don’t waste time here anymore.
They also left, outside the barrier, and the number of people left behind has gradually decreased.
Their departure means that Chuck will be inactive and trapped in these two days. live.
Three days later, look at the results again!
Chuck sighed, a hundred wooden men, if Chuck played hard, this would definitely not be possible in a short time.
So, Chuck thought of a way, like parkour, jumped on the shoulder of the wooden man, and stepped on the shoulder quickly passed.
Fortunately, there were no accidents while running.
In the darkness, the third door opened! !
The third hurdle, coach Qiushui said, will be the most powerful coach of the three martial arts to check!
This is the hardest!
Because of the three most powerful coaches, this represents the best level of Wumen.
In the empty room, the lights are on!
Three figures appeared! !
Chuck was stunned, “Coach Qiushui, are you?”
“Yes, it’s me. Just two levels ago. You did a good job. The third level depends on whether you have this skill. I will go all out!” Coach Qiushui shone beautifully.
You know, she was in the first two levels, but it took three days to reach the third level!
What about Chuck? !
Less than an hour and a half!
At this speed, Qiu Shui coach himself is ashamed! ?
More than Qiushui coach, the two coaches who came together are ashamed!
This is amazing!
“Well, I will too! Three coaches, let’s start!” Chuck shrugged.
“It seems that you are quite sure. Usually the third hurdle is that the three of us are dealing with you at the same time, this knows?” a coach asked.
“I know.” Chuck knew that he didn’t expect a wheel fight! !
“That’s good! Let’s go to the three of us! Work hard and go all out, it is possible to honor the new record of Wu Wen’s breakthrough!”
The three of them are on!
Coach Qiushui tells the truth, she will go all out!
This is responsible for Chuck, Karen li, and even more responsible for his teaching for a few days! !
The three besieged Chuck, and at this moment, they fell into a fierce battle!
This is a real strong fight! !
“Betty, what did you say? Ce’er went through the barrier? It took only one and a half hours for the two barriers?” The phone.
This is Betty’s call to Karen li.
When Coach Qiu Shui went to the third pass, he received a call from Betty. Coach Qiu Shui knew that Betty was Karen li’s person, and he said about Chuck’s situation.
Betty was shocked, and immediately called the news to Karen li.
“How did Ceer do it?” Karen li was anxious.
Betty said it all. Karen li’s expression was that she couldn’t laugh or cry at first, and then she was very pleased, “I think when I was twenty, I went to the barrier, the first barrier, the snake pit, I just walked back and forth for thirty minutes. I adjusted the state and walked through. The second level, I used it for a day and a half! I broke all 100 wooden people! Why didn’t I think of it at that time, and ran directly? It seems that Ceer is still much smarter.”
She is really relieved! !
“Yes, Coach Qiushui just praised the master’s cleverness! Calm! You know, snake pit, four or five minutes passed, and now the master’s psychological quality is already very strong.” Betty sighed.
Chuck’s growth is too fast!
She didn’t respond, and Chuck was rubbing her head to the point where she couldn’t keep up.
You know, at that time she also taught Chuck a little fighting!
Now, I can’t teach.
The gap in strength is wide.
Chuck has completely surpassed Betty!
Betty is also happy.
“It’s the third hurdle, I don’t know how long it takes young master!” Betty would like to know the situation of Chuck now.
“At this rate, Ce’er must have broken my time record. I estimate that it will take him an hour to succeed in less than an hour!”
Such words, people will laugh when they hear it, because they want to pass the third level within an hour? ?
It’s just a joke!
But, Karen li believes in Chuck!
Because of what?
Because Chuck is the son of Karen li!

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