My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 833

outside There are already very few people, no one is watching.
After three hours have passed, Chuck must still be worried, how can he pass the first level?
Chuck must have been stuck in the first pass.
Come a few days later and take a look
“Chuck should still be in the first level,” sweetly muttered to himself.
She also felt that Chuck was still in the first hurdle and was still thinking about how to pass the first hurdle.
Because only three hours have passed.
sudden The door of the house that opened the gate opened.
Come out alone Chuck
“Chuck came out and I came out in three hours”
“What’s so strange, he must have never applied for it even before the first level”
“Yeah, yes, coming out so quickly, there must be only this reason.”
“I didn’t expect Chuck to be so ostentatious, he didn’t work hard at all, and actually gave up directly. It was only a long time before. I didn’t want to lose. I’m still waiting here. I already knew this was the result. I might as well go home and break my mind.”
Those who remained at the door were disgusted.
Without saying a word, Chuck went uphill silently Sweetly busy, “Chuck, don’t be discouraged, you can’t get through this time, and don’t give up next time.”
Chuck has gone far.
Sweet, helpless, Chuck gave up on his way through, he must have been very lost at this time, he should not bother.
“Forget it, everyone break up”
The people who stayed are going to spread out, and the meaning left behind However, three people walked out of the door Qiushui coached them
“Teacher, what’s wrong with you?” Some people in the crowd marveled Two of the coaches were injured to varying degrees, what does that mean what happened It’s good to stay inside, why hurt?
Who did this They are shocked
“You don’t need to look at it anymore. Chuck took three successful steps to get through.
Dead silence Everyone’s chin is open and they are going to fall Is this horror Yes It’s as horrifying as a row of mountains
“Qiu Shui coach said that Chuck succeeded in breaking through the three hours. I heard right, I heard right.”
“No, you don’t have”
“How is this possible”
“Ah, I just scolded him just now, he is really a genius”
“Of course it’s a genius. I admire him for doing things that ordinary people can’t do.”
They shook their heads and couldn’t accept it. They thought Chuck had just come out and gave up. Unexpectedly.
Actually, it was a successful breakthrough, and naturally came out. .
“Coach Qiu Shui, is this true? Chuck actually succeeded in breaking through the barriers,”
sweetly muttered to himself.
“Yes, he passed the barrier successfully, Wumen started today, with a new barrier record.” Coach Qiu Shui can see Chuck from afar.
He, this is to go back to pack things, will you leave tomorrow?
Sweet stunned.
At this moment, the whole Wumen was boiling The news is spread one by one, everyone in Wumen knows it, and many freshmen come back to watch here, want to see this perverted man It’s just.
They are not optimistic about Chuck, they missed the scene when Chuck came out They regret it Each of them is talking about Chuck, this is a new record for Wumen Unimaginable time, three hours, how to do it Snapped Liu Ge dropped all the glasses on the ground and shivered. “Liu Liu, what did you say Chuck succeeded in three hours?”
“Yes Yes,”
“Just kidding, how could this be possible” Liu Ge decisively denied.
Three hours, I thought I was playing
“Really, there has been a lot of rumors in Wumen. He really succeeded.” Liu Li couldn’t believe it, but this was announced by Coach Qiushui, and the other two coaches were injured, indicating Chuck’s breakthrough. I hit it at the time Liu Ge was stagnant, “impossible, impossible”
Liu Li is in a daze. What should I do with this strength?
“Brother, do we still have to find Chuck to trouble?” Liu Li couldn’t swallow.
Chuck teased her and pinched her face.
A student, pinching the coach’s face In this breath, Liu Li couldn’t swallow
“Yes, how could you not beat him and beat me, I will let him go impossible” Liu Ge was exasperated.
“Nother, what should we do?”
“Let me think about it…” Liu Ge felt that this must be considered long.
He thought, the horror appeared, “Why would there be such a perverted person? Who is this guy’s parents who gave birth to this perversion?”
“I don’t know…maybe an ordinary family,” Liu Li muttered to herself.
“Master, Master”
In the room, a person ran in.
Ma Hao is still exercising and lifting weights with a barbell.
“What’s the matter with such anxiety?” Ma Hao didn’t want to disturb people while exercising.
“Chuck, Chuck him”
The man was breathless and could not speak.
“What’s wrong with him”
“He came out”
“Oh, it’s normal to give up. I heard that there are three levels in each level. Each level is an extreme test. It was only after he entered Wumen for thirteen days that he didn’t want to dream of breaking through the barrier. , OK, I already know, go out, don’t disturb me to exercise”
“No, Chuck came out because he succeeded in breaking through the barrier”
Snapped what
“My feet”
Suddenly, the barbell hit Ma Hao’s foot, and he twisted his face, writing full of unimaginable,
“Successful breakthrough”
“Yes, he succeeded in crossing the barrier, young master, what should we do? If he succeeds in crossing the barrier, it means he will leave tomorrow.”
Ma Hao was already in horror, and soon he was envious and jealous.
“This record should be broken by me. How can you make Chuck come?” Ma Hao grimaced,
“Go, tell people to prepare me to be ugly in front of so many people, and I want to leave tomorrow when he leaves Wumen , Just block him for me”
“Yes young master”
“Bring a few more people must stay with him”
“Yes, young master, you can rest assured that those who will bring more than one hundred people can definitely grab him and give it to the young master for disposal.”
The man ran out.
“Chuck, Chuck, who the hell are you that surprised me again and again, unfortunately, you won’t be able to leave tomorrow, because I want to leave you,” Ma Hao grinned grimly.

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