My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 834

“Coach Qiushui, thank you for your training and teaching these days!!”
Chuck is leaving Wumen.
book=net Chuck didn’t regret the fifteen days of coming this time. There are really too many gains. This gain comes from the coach Qiu Shui’s teaching.
If you change to Liu Li, Chuck will not improve so fast.
“No thanks, it should be.”
Coach Qiushui, a little bit reluctant.
Not reluctant to such high-quality students.
You know, this kind of fighting genius, but there is no one, I don’t know when I will meet again. .
When teaching Chuck, Coach Qiushui was particularly relaxed.
Because something, basically, teach once, Chuck will be.
A particularly smart student, why don’t you like a coach? !
“Then I’m gone, there is a chance, Qiu Shui coach can find me in Huaxia, or in other countries, because my mother has industry in many countries.” Chuck said.
“Okay.” Coach Qiushui knew that Karen li was fighting so high, and the whole world might have her footprint.
“I have nothing to thank you for, let’s accept it!” Chuck took a card and didn’t have much money in it.
One hundred million is also a meaning of Chuck.
“What are you doing?” Coach Qiushui shook his head and refused.
“My heart, accept it!”
Chucksai coach Qiu Shui.
Coach Qiushui was helpless, “Okay, I hold it, but I won’t use the money inside.”
“This one looks at you, then I’m gone, goodbye!” Chuck shrugged.
When her own heart came to her mind, then how she handled it was her own business.
“Okay… By the way, when will your mother ask for it?” Coach Qiushui thought of this question.
At that time, Karen li won the first place in the freshman competition. That request is useless until now.
It is to make Wumen go up and down once, when is this move? ?
“I don’t know this, my mom knew it,”
“okay, bye.”
Chuck went down the mountain.
Coach Qiushui looked at the card given by Chuck, “Give me the money? I won’t go out… This is also the first time someone has sent me money directly like this, but it’s still collected.”
Coach Qiushui put away this card, which is a bit special! !

“Chuck, you’re leaving today!” Tian Tian waited for Chuck.
Chuck has packed everything. This does not mean that Chuck is leaving.
Sweet and reluctant.
“Well, I still have a lot to do,” Chuck shrugged.
Fifteen days, I don’t know what happened to Yolanda.
You Shiwen’s situation, Wan Ziwen’s situation.
Chuck was worried that You Shiwen might have to start.
Therefore, Chuck cannot continue to stay, he must go out! !
With the current strength, there is no big problem to build your own business empire again.
“Then tell me, was the person who led the grizzly that day, was it you?” Tian Tian asked nervously.
She knew it was Chuck, but she wanted Chuck to admit it herself.
“Yes,” Chuck was leaving, and said yes.
“Really? Why did you save me? Me,” Tian Tian has never been so pleasantly surprised.
“You are not too bad, you know let your companions go first,” Chuck said.
This is the only reason Chuck rescued her.
“No other reason? Not at all?” Sweet and pretty face was pale.
“I’m gone.” Chuck leaves Wumen, this is just a passer-by for further study.
There may be no chance to meet again in the future.
“Sweet, what does Chuck say? Did he like you before he saved you?”
Several girls ran over.
“No, he doesn’t like me. In his eyes, he has no desire for me.” This is what Sweet She saw just now.
“How could this be?”
Several girls cannot understand.
Sweet but beautiful, all in one body, all men like it, how could Chuck not like it? ?
“Ah, I misunderstood,” sweetly ran into the dormitory.
Tears have come out.
Chuck went out of Wumen and called Betty to let her pick it up under the mountain.
Chuck didn’t want to spend any time on the road.
It’s better to go back to Yolanda and ask about the situation.
Suddenly, Chuck stopped in the deep forest, “Come out!”
“Hey, found us! Rare?”
Behind the tree, twenty men in black appeared.
“You are Ma Hao?” Chuck is not stupid.
When he came out, he was intercepted, but only Ma Hao had this ability.
Only Ma Hao wants to seize himself! !
“Yes, Chuck, you still have a little consciousness, knowing that these people are mine!” A person appeared!
That’s right, Ma Hao!
He is not worried, but wants to see Chuck caught by his own people!
This process should be very enjoyable!
“Ma Hao, I advise you to leave!” Chuck only said so!
“Haha, leave! No, no! You defeated me in the face of so many people that day, and let me wipe my face. Do you know? I wish you could die!!” Ma Hao roared.
He still remembered that the freshmen mocked him that day.
He still has a fresh memory, and urged him to seize Chuck!
“You should say that you are not as good as others! If I were you, I would train hard and challenge again. This is the most correct and easiest way to be respected as a fighting person!
Not this way. Revenge! You let me down! Because I still use you as an opponent.”
Chuck was deeply disappointed.
This kind of person is also worthy of his opponent! ?
“Haha, you are afraid to say, what do you say so much?? You are amazing, you have to pass the barrier in three hours! But now, I have so many people, you have to stay! Because you can’t break through!”
Ma Hao smiled slightly, these people are the bodyguards he has raised for a long time!
Several of them are very powerful!
All of his fighting is still taught by them.
Ma Hao didn’t believe it. Chuck’s strength could be improved in the past few days.
In front of twenty masters, a little improvement, that is trivial! !
Twenty men in black all around!
Chuck looked at them and shook his head, “I don’t want to die and leave!”
“I see you dead! Go! This guy actually dared to beat the young master, we caught him and let the young master dispose!”
Twenty people besieged! !
Chuck’s eyes are chilled. Since these people are looking for death, they can’t blame themselves! !

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