My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 842

“Homeowner, I know you! Don’t drive me away!” The handsome dark-haired guy is hard to accept!
Why does the home owner of the wanderer show no interest in himself? ?
I’m so crazy when I’m outside. I go to bars, night shows, and even walk on the streets to talk to someone!
However, in front of the owner, his charming charm is gone? ?
“What do you know me?” You Shiwen was indifferent.
“I, I understand you, me, I want you to conceive your child tonight, me, me…” The handsome black-haired guy has seen too many beauties.
I didn’t expect that this tour of Shiwen is so beautiful, so many scars on his body!
This is a disgusting feeling for a woman who pursues perfection to the extreme!
Changed to other women, he had already got angry.
It is also possible to slap ten articles in a slap!
Only he dares?
This is a hidden family! !
Even if he ate the ambitious leopard gall, he didn’t dare to put a finger on You Shiwen! !
“Homeowner, I like you. I am willing to serve you tonight. Every day in the future, I will be willing to serve you!”
Said the handsome black-haired guy.
No matter how disgusting You Shiwen is in front of him, in his eyes, You Shiwen is a golden mountain that cannot be hollowed out!
This is a big backer!
He is willing to do anything for this!
“Did I let you hear?” You Shiwen froze coldly, her eyes were not even a touch of emotion!
Indifferent is scary!
“Homeowner, don’t, I have a task. I will make you pregnant tonight. If it’s not me, then you will also find other men. Homeowner, you give me a chance, I will make you satisfied!! ”
Will you find other men?
This sentence penetrated into You Shiwen’s heart.
She was suddenly bitter!
This is the rule of the past generations, and you have to have children within a year.
This is the meaning of inheritance of metaphor!
Yourself, even the owner!
But why do you fail to obey the rules passed down by dozens of generations? ?
Not him, but also other men!
There is no one else at all!
This is something that a family owner must go through!
You Shiwen couldn’t resist.
“Homeowner, you can rest assured, I will make you satisfied,” the handsome dark-haired man was pleased.
You Shiwen hesitated!
This is an opportunity!
He took advantage of the situation to control the situation. When You Shiwen fell silent, he put his hand on the fragrance shoulder of You Shiwen!
“Homeowner,” the handsome dark-haired man’s voice magnetized.
This sound has a magical power!
Switching to a normal woman will not resist.
You Shiwen was unmoved, her pair of beautiful eyes shot a terrifying light!
This is a kind of majesty!
A gas field!
Handsome dark-haired guy almost scared to pee.
He shivered, “Homeowner!”
“I’ll say it again, get out!” You Shiwen said coldly.
The handsome guy with dark hair was already scared, “Okay, but how can I explain to them?”
You Shiwen was indifferent, she thought of this problem, if she didn’t continue, how did she get pregnant?
“Homeowner, are you looking for someone else? It doesn’t matter, I can accept it.” The handsome black-haired man finally asked.
“I’m not looking for anyone else! Get out!”
The dark-haired handsome guy ran out, this is escape!
The wanderers, but wait outside!
Waiting for good news!
However, the handsome dark-haired guy accompanying Shiwen suddenly ran out, and they were stunned.
“what happened??”
“You shouldn’t be with the owner? Why did you come out?”
A few of their faces are not so good!
Could it be that this man has physical problems?
It’s impossible!
Have been tested!
There is absolutely no problem!
“The owner doesn’t let me touch it, and I can’t help it!” the handsome dark-haired man complained.
He had never seen such a woman, as cold as ice!
“Do not let you touch!”
“Homeowner, don’t you think he is not pleasing?”
The homeless people are speechless and haven’t touched. How to give birth to a child next year and complete the meaning of inheritance? ?
“It’s possible! I wonder if the owner of the house already has someone he likes?”
“Did the owner just say that, didn’t he?”
“Did you look so angry when the head of the house answered this question? What hurt you?”
“According to you, it’s really possible! Then why doesn’t the owner directly say there are people you like?”
“How do I know this! But if there is, some of our old things still have to find a way to find out this person! See if he is qualified! Genetically, IQ-wise, are there any defects!”
“This, the owner didn’t mention it, do you know? Or should I go and talk to the owner first,”
The white-haired old man who first proposed was only looking for You Shiwen, which is not enough.
How to get pregnant if you don’t let others touch? ?
This may involve, the tradition of traveling home, can not go wrong.
Out, then the moral is not good.
“Homeowner!” The white-haired old man stood at the door!
There was no answer in the room!
“Homeowner, why don’t I come in for someone else!”
“No! Give me a month!” This is You Shiwen’s voice!
“A month? What are you doing, the owner? Want to find your favorite?” The white-haired old man sighed with relief, which was acceptable.
He was most afraid that You Shiwen would resist this matter, so it would be troublesome!
“Well, since the family is mainly mentally prepared, that’s okay, but this month is the deadline, and I hope the family owner will be cautious! If the rules of the tens of generations are broken, my old bones can’t look down to see the ancestors. !”
“…Got it, within a month, I will let people touch me!” This is You Shiwen’s answer! !

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