My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 845

This is a pinnacle! !
On the bridge like ruins!
Two people are killing!
Long Yi smiled slightly, and his fist had already hit Karen li’s broken arm!
What she just posted, tear!
Stagger the broken arm! I have seen broken bones!
Arms down again! !
People feel pain at first sight!
“Your fighting is very good. It is the strongest person I have ever met in my life. If you keep fighting, can I win you? It is an unknown number that I don’t even know. Unfortunately, I can’t help but listen to the lady’s instructions. Let you die unexpectedly, then only hurt you!!!
Fortunately, it just made me enjoyable!” Long Yi told the truth, she had a sense of excitement!
This is Karen li for her!
Karen li’s fighting, let her meet the same opponent! !
Karen li looked down at her broken arm. She remained silent for three seconds, and put her broken arm behind her without pain!
One-handed against Long Yi! !
Long Yi smiled slightly, his smile chilled!
“Give you three seconds to wipe the blood on your head! It’s ugly!” Long Yi was very kind!
Karen li reached out and wiped the blood from his forehead!
This bright red blood has stained her sleeves!
However, it does not give people a sense of embarrassment!
Because she is always standing upright, expressionless!
No discoloration due to blood!
There is no pain because of injury!
Like a sculpture!
Don’t be afraid of imminent danger, giving a sense of heroic perseverance! !
She is Karen li!
“Three seconds have passed, then continue!” Long Yi smiled slightly.
Karen li has only one hand against her!
Long Yi is getting more and more excited!
This is a feeling that no one else has!
She thought it was ridiculous, she even found this feeling of fighting on a middle-aged aunt in her forties!
Long Yi’s fist is coming!
Karen li is not afraid of imminent danger, but also fists with his fists!
These are the hands of two women!
At this moment, however, fists are against fists!
Long Yi frowned, she withdrew her fists, and there was such a pain!
Her fist, the stone can be broken!
However, when he encountered Karen li, he felt pain.
Karen li is expressionless!
Chase with one hand!
Long Yi took a step back and was beaten back? !
Long Yi’s face suddenly looked ugly, “It seems that you are not hurt your head, your hands are constant, it is very difficult to deal with you! However, you also have no chance to make me difficult!”
She fists against each other!
As a master at the top of the fight, attack with all your strength!
One-handed Karen li stepped back blankly!
Long Yi kicked a kick! !
Karen li fists to resist!
“You are too little to see me this trick! Give me down!”
Long Yi smiled slightly and already kicked Karen li’s fist!
Karen li narrowed his eyes and retreated to the edge of the pier!
She stood firm, however!
“Go on!!”
Long Yi makes up another foot!
Karen li is on the verge of going down anytime!
One foot is hanging!
Even a gust of wind can blow her down!
Below is the Taotao River!
Fast and scary!
People go down, but this is 20 meters high, people who fall on the water will be smashed!
Not to mention! A wave will stun people!
So go on and die! !
“Still struggling to die? Useless!” Long Yi sneered to the extreme!
Karen li has no retreat!
Dragon is pressing step by step!
She can’t retreat!
The only retreat is to jump down!
“Please, I can let you live for a while! Please, me!” Long Yi laughed abnormally!
This, now the first fighting master!
So embarrassed in front of myself!
She has an abnormally comfortable feeling!
Karen li remained expressionless. She glanced at the turbulent river under her, fearing no danger!
“I’m not asking for people. I have only asked for two people in my life. Of these two people, you are not there!
“Oh, then you still have a bit of guts! What other last words? Give you thirty seconds!” Long Yi smiled slightly!
Fearful to the extreme! !
“I…” Karen li fell silent!
“If it wasn’t for the young lady’s orders, I can ask you to call your son! Tell him that you are going to die! But, if you want to let you die by accident, then this must not be the case!” Long Yi said abnormally.
She wanted to see what Karen li said to Chuck’s last words!
It must be fun! !
“I don’t know what your son Chuck is doing now, should be playing? That’s more interesting!
Well, thirty seconds is up! Go on!”
Long Yi smiled and kicked!
The moment she kicked out, Li Qing closed her eyes and backed away!
The body fell from the bridge pier!
As if a sculpture fell! !
Karen li fell from a height and hit the water!
The rivers around are stained red!
A huge wave drowned Karen li!
It can be seen that Karen li’s body didn’t move, and seemed to be smashed, sinking quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it was gone, only the blood that quickly dispersed!
Long Yi smiled unbearably, and had been watching for a long time, and Karen li never looked up again!
Sinking into the water!
Was washed away!
She pushed Karen li’s car down the bridge with force!
This accident still has to continue! !
The car fell into the water!
Also sink into the water!
“At such a high height, you have a head injury and a broken hand, then you will definitely die! It can be regarded as a place to die! Rest in peace! This matter, your son Chuck will never know!
Long Yi called Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard.
“Hey, Karen li is dead! The mission is complete!!!”

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